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Focus and Concentrate

I think there's a massive overload that happens when first starting out with an online business. This comes from all of the "opportunities" that are constantly being thrown at us and our desire to succeed quickly. Internet marketing is definitely a psychological business as I guess all selling is. But the access to instant downloads, constant bombardment of sales pitches and daily mega launches makes it very hard to focus. I know I'm having a hard time of it.

On that note, I think it's better to stay the course with only a few projects at a time. Otherwise, you can easily lose your focus and fall behind. I find that because I'm taking the John Thornhill's Masterclass, where new material is required to be completed weekly to keep up, I'm having to forgo some of the newsletters and reports that normally take up a lot of reading time. This is absolutely a good thing as valuable time can be eat up when you're subscribed to many of these. Sure, there's some good info in there and it's absolutely all about learning. But give yourself a little break sometimes.

My advice is to not get too bogged down with the emails and product launches. There will always be a million more so there's really no time limit as many would have you believe. That's just part of a good sales technique. So, I personally have unsubscribed from quite a few though I still receive some, but it has allowed me to concentrate more on the project at hand, of which costs money.

Try to give yourself some quiet time every day, so you can tune into what you're doing and actually retain the info. With all of the stimulation of TV, phone, texting, radio, emails, videos, internet sites, etc. etc., it's getting harder to have a little time out to study. So if you want to train your mind to do more for you, you will need to give it your quality time. That means turn off everything else and get quiet. That will help you in the long run tremendously.

So have a moment or two, clear your work space and your mind, and try to give yourself the tranquility you need to effectively learn without the distractions. Take care and as always, feel free to leave a comment. Have a great day and talk to you again soon.

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