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Facebook Tips For Beginners

Using Facebook for marketing purposes is something that all individuals and businesses should consider. Initially, many people ignored Facebook in order to concentrate their efforts on other social networking sites. Now, with Facebook becoming available to more people with restrictions bands, businesses, and individuals are hurrying to create free accounts on Facebook and using these accounts to help market their product, service, or organization.

If you are ready to try and use Facebook as a promotional tool the first thing you need to do is create a profile. Without having a profile it is impossible to use the site in order to promote anyone or anything. Facebook is designed to not allow non-account holders to do complete member searches or even look at member profiles. Once a profile has been set up on Facebook a business can now use the site to find users to contact and befriend.

After the new profile has been set up and a few friends have been added Facebook marketing can now begin in earnest. The note posting system is a great way to keep new friends informed and interested in an organizations profile and what they are promoting. Sponsoring a contest or hosting an event can help promote a product, service, or organization while simultaneously giving new Facebook friends something interesting to read about.

Posting pictures is another great way to get attention and feedback on facebook. Pictures help new friends put a face to the person or organization they have befriended. Great pictures to share on Facebook are photographs of any events, pictures of products (especially if they are being used) and any photograph that would interest friends and casual Facebook browsers.

While posting pictures is a good way to create a little Facebook buzz posting videos is even better. Most digital cameras and camera phones will let anyone make a short video and many computers include free video editing software. All of this can be used to create short videos that can be used to spread a message. Keeping these videos short and sweet is usually the best course of action and will increase the chances of the video being shared.

Do not be afraid to share any news articles or reviews that are related to the product or service being promoted on facebook. Search the internet regularly for articles or reviews that have been created by credible third parties, and post links to the articles in notes. It is also possible to share the entire article, just be sure to include a link to the original authors web site so that interested parties can verify that the article came from a third party source.

One of the greatest things about Facebook is that each time any action is completed it is added to the news feed. This means that all people that befriend an organizations Facebook profile are notified whenever a new picture, video, or post is added on facebook. Even if friends do not visit the main profile they are still notified of the activities of each profile they have befriended. When they are notified they are able to go directly to the new item which keeps them from having to go through a profile looking for the content that has caught their interest.

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