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Exhibition Booths Advice: Must Read Tips On Attending Trade Shows And Exhibitions

Most of us find attending exhibition stands to be frustrating and extremely tiring. The bright lights hurt my eyes, the concrete floors and the excessive walking make my feet ache and of-course, my stomach hurts because of all the free candy I end up eating. However, to gain maximum advantage from this opportunity, try and do most of the following:

1. Get a detailed floor plan of the trade show venue that provides information about each of the exhibition stands and its inhabitant company. Choose the ones you must see and start with these as soon as you reach the conference center.

2. Do not grab every brochure handed to you. Instead leave your business card and ask for the marketing literature to be delivered to you. Most businesses will be happy to do this for you and you will save yourself the trouble of walking around all day with an ever-increasing load.

3. Attend seminars and some group meals, because both of these activities attract industry leaders and contacts that are important for you to meet. Spending some time every day of the trade show circulating and socializing.

4. When you meet someone you want to discuss a business proposition with, ask them to walk to a quarterer section of the exhibition hall. If this person is an important industry leader, you have only a few minutes to create an impression before they are led away or distracted by something else.

5. You can even use the time spent in a bathroom or at a buffet line to speak to as many people as you possibly can because anyone could turn out to be a good contact.

6. If a news producer or reporter approaches you, be gracious and give them a good quote for their article or story.

7. Instead of carrying your brochures with you, ask all serious prospects for their business cards. Tell them that you've already given all of your brochures away and you will gladly mail them one as soon as you get back to your office.

8. Distribute postcards instead of brochures, because unlike the usual heavy brochures, postcards are easy to carry as they are very light. Postcards are also very economic to print.

9. Make an estimate of the number of cards you expect to distribute and bring three times the number.

10. Instead of wearing something fancy, always wear comfortable shoes and clothes, sometimes a jacket with pockets that you can use to carry business cards and to keep the ones you receive.

11. If nothing in your wardrobe looks comfortable and stylish, shop for something suitable as making a good impression is extremely important.

12. If you are short of money to pay the entrance fee, meet the organizers and volunteer services in exchange for free entry.

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