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Estimating Your Blogging Income

Another question I am asked (and even think about myself) is how much can I earn from my blog. While each blog is different, has different traffic patterns, click through ratios and payment per click, I’d like to walk you through an exercise that might help you better estimate your own blogging income.

For this example, we will assume that you can earn 50 cents for each time someone clicks on an advertisement you have on your website. I know for some of you who look at your AdSense payments are thinking I am high. Some of you are thinking that is low. Use your number when you do your own calculations, but if you don’t have a number, use the 50 cents I just shared with you.

What I will be going over is what it will take to earn 50 cents and then we can work backwards from that to make any amount you wish. So, what will it take to earn 50 cents?

Well, if you have an average site, you might expect a 4% click through ratio. That means that for every 100 visitors, you might get 4 of them to click on an ad. That’s 1 click for every 25 visitors. Remember, one click is 50 cents so that is about 50 cents for every 25 visitors.

So, if you wanted to earn $10 per day from a website you run, you might need 500 visitors per day to that website if they maintain the assumptions I outlined above. Is that possible? Yes, very possible.

What if you could reasonably expect to get 5 visitors per day to an article that you wrote? Well, then you would need 100 articles each bringing in 5 visitors to reach the 500 visitors per day that you need to earn $10. Can you see how I am calculating this?

I recorded a video today of me writing a blog post. I did the entire thing in well under 10 minutes. How do I know? Because YouTube would not have let me post it if it was over 10 minutes. So, if I worked for an hour a day and wrote 6 articles per day, then I could get to my 100 articles in just under 17 hours.

What? 17 hours to write 100 articles that will be bringing in a measly $10 per day? Realize that you are doing the work up front and that you get paid over and over again. It is the cumulative effect over time that has the biggest impact. What holds many people back is the 17 days of putting in an hour for pennies. The more you do though, the more momentum you gain.

So, will you do it? I hope you will.

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