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Essentials Of Leadership PLANNING: The Mnemonic Approach

I feel so strongly about the essential need for leaders to become quality planners, and understand why effective planning is so necessary, my company name indicates it! It’s not enough to merely have good intentions and/ or ideas, but one must have a method and/ or approach, to accomplish any worthwhile task. Most have heard the adage, People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan, yet in my four decades of qualifying, identifying, developing, training and consulting to thousands of actual and/ or potential leaders, I’ve come to realize, unfortunately, there is still far too little quality, meaningful planning, and/ or considering objectives, goals, service, and ramifications. Let’s use the mnemonic approach, to briefly consider, the essentials of real leadership PLANNING.

1. Priorities: How can you even begin to plan, unless you first, identify, and then, understand, your principal goals and priorities? Far too many end up wasting their time, energy and resources, sweating the petty stuff! The priority – based approach, is not only effective, it is smart, efficient, and properly focused, and by its relevance, motivates far more people, to become more involved, and to care more deeply!

2. Listen; learn; lessons: Your first lesson to learn and follow, is to listen far more often than you speak! Why do you think you were given two ears, but only one mouth? When you pay attention to what others say, care about, and are concerned about, as well as their perceptions, doesn’t it make sense, you are in a far better position to serve them, and plan accordingly?

3. Attitude; aptitude; attention: Proceed consistently with a can – do, positive attitude, and always avoid blaming and/ or complaining! Develop your skill – set, so your aptitude is honed sufficiently, to enhance your knowledge, and hopefully, provide you, with greater wisdom! Pay attention to everything you hear, observe and/ or experience!

4. Needs: Great leaders are needs – oriented, and always aim to prioritize actions, which will benefit the organization and its stakeholders! One must realize, also, one can’t fully achieve this, without focusing on becoming a better leadership planner!

5. Nuances: Do you understand what makes your organization different from others? Do you know how you might be different from others? True leadership is not one – size – fits – all, but rather involves customizing your plan, to address these nuances!

6. Integrity; intensity; ideals; ideas: Will you continue to fight – the – good – fight, even when most others give up? How might you maintain this high level of intensity? Are you able to proceed with absolute integrity, even when taking a short – cut, might be easier and/ or more popular/ expedient? Are your ideals aligned with those of your group? Are you an ideas – oriented leader?

7. Never (say never): Do you have a never – say – never attitude, and will you maintain your persistence, despite obstacles, etc?

8. Goals; generate goodwill; growth: Your goals (not personal, but for your group) must be an essential component of your priorities! When you focus on service to others, and addressing their perceived concerns, etc, you will generate goodwill, When you combine this mindset, with effective, professional planning, you optimize your organization’s growth potential!

Remember the adage, Good things come to those who wait! If you plan effectively, and are persistent and patient, you will be using the most important essential of leadership PLANNING!

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