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Essential Trading Books – Pit Bull, Learn From the Best

Many traders simply buy e-books from people with no trading experience however for just 20 bucks you can learn from a trader who has walked the walk and made millions – Pit Bull by Marty Shwartz is simply essential reading…

This book is one that will inspire you and its been one of my favorites for many years.

It always amuses me when novice traders buy over priced e-books from traders who have never made money yet for a lot less, they can pick up investment classics like this and were talking a trader who has walked the walk and made Millions.

It’s worth it For This Alone!

One of the best bits of the book is the “The Pit Bull’s Guide to Successful Trading” in 30 pages, for those seeking a quick insight into Schwartz’ success on the markets these pages are great. Schwartz outlines the tools and market analysis services he uses and some of his techniques.

An Insight from a True Pro

In Pit Bull, you get an idea of how Marty Schwartz became a champion trader.

He outlines how he struggled before getting some breaks that have now made him into the millionaire trader. Schwartz tries, to teach the reader how to apply some of his formula to make them successful.

It’s Amusing To!

If you enjoy books on trading that are interwoven with the story of someone’s life you will love this book. The book makes you sometimes laugh out loud, his language is crude and he constantly brags about his gains, so what you get is Buzzy Shwartz as he is – totally honest and talking straight.

The story of Buzzy Schwartz is fun to read and will motivate you to become a trader.

Schwartz provides advice for those who hope to become successful traders and some of ideas rubbed off on me and some will influence you to. Whether you believe all the author has to say or not, (and many won’t) this book is hard to put down and you will soon race through its 320 pages.

In all a great book, from a true champion trader and one that anyone serious about making money in the markets should read.

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