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Email Secrets – How to Generate More Opens and Click Throughs For Your Emails Effortlessly!

Making more money from email marketing really comes down to one thing – generating more response from your emails. When you get more opens and click throughs, you will have more people seeing your offer, and that can only be a good thing.

The more people who click on your links in your emails, the more sales you will make. So this should always be one of your major goals in email marketing – to get more response from your emails! Spend time crafting your emails – it will be well worth your while.

Here are some ways to generate more opens and click throughs for your emails effortlessly:

1. Write Killer Subject Lines

The subject line, being the first thing your subscribers see, is highly important. You need to make it count! Creating curiosity and implying a major benefit is a surefire formula for writing a killer subject line. Here's a strategy: subscribe to many mailing lists, and create a 'swipe file' of subject lines that you like.

2. Use A Call-To-Action In Your Email

It's very important that you ask your readers to take action! Being specific in your call-to-action also helps. If you're offering a free report, tell them to download the free report now. If you're offering a paid product, tell them to secure their copy immediately.

3. Use A PS

A PS is perhaps the most read part of the email after your subject line. Here, you can remind prospects about your offer. Generally it's a good idea to reiterate the main benefit here, and again, add in another call-to-action before inserting another link.

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