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Email Marketing Tip – The Subject Line

Does the subject line of your email matter to those who will receive it? On any given day, you probably have a wealth of emails come to your own inbox. Many of them are spam and they may even head right for the spam folder. Those that have survived that step still need to give you enough of a tease to open them. As you construct your email marketing campaign, think of how you currently read emails you receive. Do you position the mouse cursor over the delete button as you work through them? If so, you know just what your emails have to stand up to in order for people to read.

Here are some tips for writing effective emails that will not end up deleted.

1. Do not oversell or over promise in a subject line. The last thing you want is for people to think you are a scammer.

2. Do offer something: “4 Products Every Affiliate Marketer Needs” for example is a good subject line. If they see this, they will open it.

3. Do not do all caps. All capitalization in the subject line is like screaming a message to your readers. People will not read it.

Most importantly, do not say you will do something in your subject line you will not do. If you do not have a free offer, do not include that in the subject line. These simple items can greatly increase your email marketing campaign’s success. They help to encourage others to open and read those emails.

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