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Email Marketing – The Four Crucial Things You Need to Do to Build Your List

It seems everyone is into online marketing and it's obvious from the plethora of mailing lists available. Every day, there are thousands more web sites and blogs and email marketing campaigns coming online. So how do you develop the skills and techniques to take advantage of the surge and stand out above the crowd?

Every day, new marketing strategies are being developed and discovered to keep up with the changing face of the business world online. Permission marketing, known as opt-in marketing is one of the best ways to help your sales in a low cost way.

Opt-in mailing lists require your website visitor to agree to receiving your marketing materials and have confirmed their email address. Once you have your potential customers email, treat it like gold, because it can potentially be very valuable to you. Treat your opt-in subscribers with respect.

Your list is a group of highly targeted potential customers. They have already shown an interest in you and what you do. They have willingly given you their email address to prove it. Once you have your subscribers, you need to get your message in front of them regularly. The more they see your message, your marketing materials and promotions, the more likely they are to buy from you.

Keep your message light and friendly and offer good quality information in order to keep your subscribers on your lists. Many will tell you that building a list can be very slow and take a lot of time and effort, yet this is not necessarily so. If you have a little patience, plan and implement some sound strategies, your list can become quite large in a small amount of time.

Step 1

Add a web form on your site everywhere. Place it immediately below the content of every page on your site. The only exceptions are your sales pages. You must not use your form on your sales pages as their only purpose is to make the sale.

One of the easiest ways to add an opt-in form to your site is to join an autoresponder company such as AWeber or GetResponse. Both of these are good mailing list companies. They provide the form code for you and manage your subscriber lists, then provide email marketing templates for you to write your newsletters. As you list grows, you will find the mailing list management of these companies is a must.

Step 2

Take the time to make your homepage make a positive first impression. You need quality articles and good descriptions. You need to capture the interest of your website visitors. Keep your site easy to use as not everyone is comfortable surfing the net. If you need to, use a web designer to create your site, but do not overdo the graphics. Keep your website small enough to load quickly.

Step 3

Provide good products or services. Not only do you need to sell to potential new customers, you need to provide products for repeat customers. Repeat customers can bring you a lot of business. They can bring in a lot of extra money through word of mouth too.

Step 4

Look after your mailing list. Keep your list private and never, ever sell or rent it out. Your reputation can be very hard, if not impossible to rebuild. Trust is the one thing you must strive to build with your opt-in subscribers and it will pay you back richly. Ensure you keep your list clean and remove any repeated bounces or inactive email accounts if you are not using email list management services.

And a bonus tip: Never spam or flood your subscribers inbox with offers. Send no more than one email per day. Take good care of your mailing list and they will reward you in return.

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