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Email Marketing Revealed – 4 Email Marketing Tips That No One Told You About!

In today's networked world, a lot of the communication, on both professional and personal fronts, takes place over email. Marketers therefore look at email as an excellent medium to promote their products and services. But wrong ways of promoting your offerings could in fact get you in trouble. So, follow the email marketing tips mentioned below, and not only steer clear of trouble but also successfully sell your products, services, ideas, thoughts or even yourself!

Tip 1: Start With Knowing What You Want

What is it that you want your Email marketing campaign to achieve? Increased sales? Awareness about you and your products and services? Discount schemes that you have launched? An event that you are organizing? Whatever the case maybe, be clear in your mind about the objective, even before you start drafting out your emails.

Tip 2: Get Your Contact List Right

For any email marketing campaign to succeed, it would be imperative that you have an accurate contact list. Check if all the email addresses are correct; especially check for spellings, as incorrectly spelled email addresses will only bounce back. Also, check for current validity of the email addresses; ie do those addresses still hold good? Perhaps, the person you are targeting has moved on from the company in question.

Tip 3: Double-check the Relevance of Your Contact List

The addresses maybe correct, the spellings maybe all fine, even the person you're targeting continues to hold the same position in the same company with the same email address, but is he or she the right person you are targeting? Be very, very sure of this as it could make or break your entire campaign. You could literally end up wasting thousands of dollars without a dime of sales. I personally know instances where sales pitch emails for sanitary napkins, baby's diapers, etc. have been sent to single men!

Tip 4: Get Permission

Before you send out your email, and before you even start drafting it, get the requisite permissions for sending emails. This could be done by either offering FREE white papers against which you would like to send out pieces of information on your products and services or at the end of the registration form on your website. This could also prove beneficial in case of any subsequent legal ramifications.

So, as you can see, following the email marketing tips mentioned above could well ensure the success of your entire email marketing campaign!

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