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Email Marketing – How to Write Persuasive Email Letters

If you struggle with writing persuasive email letters, then the following tips will not only make it easier for you, it will create a bond between you and your readers. How cool is that?

Here’s the tip that an author of over 100 ‘how-to’ books gave me over ten years ago…

Tip 1: Write Like You Talk!

There are actually two parts to this terrific tip.

First, if you imagine that you are sitting across from a very good friend at a coffee shop (or the local British-style pub) sipping a nice beverage, your ‘style’ will be much more loose and flowing. Won’t it?

Second, you’ll talk ‘normal’! You’ll be clear, direct and to-the-point. Which is easier to write and it’s easier for the reader to understand. And that’s what you want, isn’t it?

Tip 2: Write Fast!

Spend a few moments thinking about the points you want to cover in your message. Jot the points down if you need to.

Then, imagine your buddy sitting across from you and start ‘talking’ on your keyboard. But there’s a catch. You’ve got to do it FAST. Write like you speak and write it fast.

See, when you write fast, you write much more clearly. If you find that you’re struggling, it means that you don’t have the thoughts clear in your head or, you are trying too hard. And in either case, what you produce won’t be great.

Best part of all of this? You’ll not only be much more productive, you’ll be clearer and your readers will swear that you were writing directly to them.

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