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Email Marketing – How to Structure Your Email Campaign

Because every email campaign is different, and will be structured differently according to the goals you have for it, I am going to share with you some ideas for some elements of the structure of your email campaign, and also share with you my email campaign structure.

First, some background.

One of the theories that I read a lot about when I first got started online proposes the need to build rapport with your email subscribers before you sell them anything. This theory proposes that you send out lots of great content emails at the beginning of your email campaign and then add in sales emails as time goes by.

I subscribed to this idea at first, but then I noticed that after about 5 or 6 emails – about the same time as I was about to start sending out sales letters, that my readership went down. After the introductory, rapport building emails, my readership was going down – right at the point where I wanted to start making money with them.

After some research and study, I discovered that people go through a period of buyer intensity. This is a period of time when they are most likely to buy something.

Here is an example. Assume that you are going to visit your long-time cousin in Florida. You and your cousin used to fish together. You have since moved to the Midwest, and no longer fish, and you also have no fishing equipment, and you are not familiar with the latest fishing equipment and terminology.

Now, let’s assume that you start looking for fishing information online. You go to my fishing niche web site. You also go to someone else’s fishing niche web site. For the sake of this example, let’s assume that my email campaign is a rapport builder, while the other person’s is a salesy campaign.

Now, you need this information now! You trip begins in two weeks. What happens? You buy from the other website; by the time I begin to promote anything to you, you have already bought from the other web site.

Now, you may think that this is just a remote example, but I do not believe that to be the case. I think that most people search for information online when they need it, when they are most interested in buying something.

So in response to this information, I changed my email campaigns so that they contained a mixture of content, free gifts, and sales letters – and my sales went up dramatically!

Now, keep in mind that the bulk of my subscribers are generated from articles. This means that my typical subscriber has a stronger level of rapport with me than they would if they would if they were recruited from a pay per click ad.

Perhaps if I were generating the bulk of my customers from other, more impersonal means, this would not work. But for me, it has been extremely effective.

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