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Email Marketing – How to Sell to Your List Without Losing Subscribers

Building a good relationship with your email marketing list is something that takes time and diligence; and it's certainly not something a good marketer wants to take a chance on jeopardizing. That is why selling to your email list takes finesse. No one wants to be bombarded with sales pitches day after day, with little or no real content coming from the source of the pitch; which is why it is so important to offer value first, and ask for sales later. In this article I want to talk to you about the fine art of selling via email marketing, including how to position your sales pitch so as to retain as many of your subscribers as possible.

Remember … Finesse NOT Force

Bombard a list every single day with nothing but thinly veiled sales pitches for your latest product or affiliate promotion, and your unsubscribe rates will soar. It takes a fine touch to sell to a list without losing half of your subscribers. Keeping in mind the fact that there will always be those freebie seekers who refuse to be sold to online in any fashion, you can position your sales pitches in such a way that customers will not feel they are being sold to – but that will create instead a sense of urgency for the product you will be pitching.

The first step in positioning yourself to sell to an email list is to offer them a few emails containing nothing but 100% pure content. This content can be as personal or as professional as you like (ie the difference between telling them a story and sending them an article you've written); but it should address one or two specific problems your customers may be looking for a solution to. Giving away value is a great way to build trust amongst your readers, and puts you in a better position to ask them for money down the road.

Though some marketers can get away with emailing their list every single day of the week, if you are just starting out it is recommended that you wait at least three days in between emails. You do not want your list to get tired of hearing from you before you get a chance to pitch your product to them again. You should make certain that your initial autoresponder email is set to be sent immediately upon their double optin; but after that, no less than three days apart.

As you continue to send more quality content through to your list in your emails, gradually begin to work in soft sales pitches. For example, if you are telling them a story about a woman who had "x" problem, you can tell them that she solved it using one of the techniques contained within the pages of your e-book. Be sure to work soft sales pitches throughout at least four or five emails in your autoresponder series, interspersed with nothing but pure content (you can contain a link, but try to refrain from selling).

By this point in your email marketing funnel, you should have offered enough quality and value to your new list to hit them with a more blatant sales pitch. Be sure to work as many of the benefits of owning your product as possible into your email copy, including an appeal to their emotions. Remember, people buy on emotion, and justify with logic; so you need to push all their emotional "hot buttons" throughout your sales pitch, and then make sure your product can justify itself by doing exactly what you say it will.

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