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Email Marketing – How to Get More People to Open Your Email

Do you want to increase the open rate of your email marketing campaign? The secret to increase the open rate is to write a good subject title for your email. A good title captures people attention, just like the headlines of newspapers and magazines. When you read a newspaper, you first read the headline and only read more in the columns if the title catches your attention. If you are not interesting in the headline of a particular magazine, you will not buy it.

So if you want to achieve success with your email marketing campaign, you need to write better subject title. Your emails get read only if the subject title catches your recipients’ attention. Writing better subject title is not hard – you just need to have the right information and enough practice. Now, let me share with you a step by step strategy to write better subject title:

1. Open a new email account and subscribe to the mailing lists of all the internet marketers and copywriters you can find online. By using a new email account, you do not need to worry about subscribing to spam. Take a close look on how those people write their subject titles, especially the professional copywriters. Learn from them.

2. You only check this email account not more than once a day. When you log in to the new email account, only read the titles of the emails.

3. When your attention gets caught by a particular email subject title, stop what you are doing and copy the title into a word document.

4. Repeat the process and continue to collect great subject titles.

Always remember that when a particular email subject title captures your attention, stop reading it and copy the title into your word document. The purpose of this exercise is to improve your skills to write great subject titles, not to make you spend more time reading emails.

The next time you create an email marketing campaign, open the word document and browse through the list of subject titles that you have collected. If you do the steps correctly, your list should contain all the excellent titles by marketers and copywriters. Choose a few titles and replace keywords with your own. Then, set up different campaigns with different subject titles to test the open rate. By doing this, you will increase the open rate of your email campaign in a surprising way.

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