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Email Marketing – Grab Your Readers’ Attention With an Enticing Email Subject Line

The attention span of someone who receives your email messages today is the same as a one year old… 1,2,3 zilch!

Yes, we get too many messages today and can’t handle them anymore in a timely manner. So, your email subject line better be short and to the point and eye-catching. You have about “40 characters” to get your readers’ attention and get them to open up your email message.

If you send weekly email messages you may get a little tired and stop writing enticing subject lines because you think your reader knows you and will open up your message. Not true! I noticed that only 32% of email messages sent by one of my client’s are opened. Even though these messages are sent to members of an organization who expect the bi-monthly notices. We have been working to improve that percent and are getting better results. The subject line is important.

The biggest challenge you have is to get your reader to open up your email message, and that can happen when you have an attention getting, enticing subject line that subliminally says, “Open me. Open me.”

Here are some tips to get your reader to open up your email marketing messages.

1. Create curiosity. Make your reader want to open up the message.

2. “Free” – Use the word if you really mean it. There are pros and cons about using the word “Free” in your subject line. The concern is that maybe spam filters might pick it up. However, I receive more and more subject lines with the word “Free” in them and they didn’t go to my spam filter. Use it sparingly or your reader will get tired of seeing you use it.

3. A sense of “Urgency.” Give them a time sensitive message. Examples are: “3 days left to get the formula to attract more clients”

4. Benefits Sell. Instead of announcing a feature, give them a benefit in your subject line.

5. Using your automatic responder, and use their name in the subject line. It’s always nice to see your name there.

6. Broadcast some exciting news. It could save them time, money, or effort. It could be a new fantastic product or service.

For group messages and if you don’t have time to do your own research studies, I recommend you sign up for an Email Marketing Service because you can get statistics on how many of your messages are opened up each time you send one. This will tell you if your subject lines are working or not. Do an Internet search for “email marketing service” and you will find a list of services you can use.

Another way is to send your messages to a smaller group and use a different subject title for each group — test what subject titles work better than others. If you get more response from Group Mailing 1 than Group Mailing 2 then you know what works better.

People who like to do their own research use Google AdWords to test their words and analyze their click through rates.

Here are some of my favorite titles:

Are you ready to _____?

Can you help me?

Claim your free ____. It’s yours to keep.

Live more confidently with our XYZ Training program

Never worry again with our XYZ products

Could you use an extra $1000 a month?

Come with us March 17 to …….

Join us March 17 for …….

Invest in your future… Join us on March 17

You can have the greatest product or service in the world that you know your prospects will want to buy, but the first step is to get them to open up the email to read about it.

There is so much demand for our time today that organizations must make their email messages inviting and exciting to get their members and guests come to the next meeting – the subject line must entice them to open up your message and then your message motivates them to come.

You can get many great ideas from the book most copywriters use, “Words That Sell.” It takes practice, practice, practice. The more you write and create subject lines the better you will get. Start today writing better email subject lines for your successful email marketing campaigns.

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