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Email Marketing Design Templates

When building your online business, few jobs will be more important than your email marketing design.

This will be the representation of your business that is delivered to your subscribers week in and week out and if it reflects poorly on you, your subscribers will unsubscribe and will no longer be potential customers!

However, if your email marketing design is good and innovative and hold the customer interest then your subscriber numbers are going to grow and grow.

There are lots of fantastic template providers, freely or at inexpensive rates available on the Internet. Graphic Mail, Mail Chimp, Vertical Response and Constant Contact are some of the most popular. We suggest you browse bought to find a provider that suits you.

Once you have chosen your provider and template, you can start to personalize your design.

Here are some things to keep in mind while designing:

Be short and sweet. Subject headings should be less than 65 characters, emails should be less than 500 words and newsletters should be less than 2 A4 printed pages. Anymore than that and you will start to lose readers. Online attention spans are proven to be shorter than in print. So we want to keep our messages honest and simple.

Make your links stand out and they should be clean and clear. Double test your links before you send, there is nothing more annoying to a customer than taking a leap of faith, clicking a link and hitting 'Error 404 Page Not Found'.

Include a call to action of some sort, (either an offer ending soon, or more free information or a poll on a topic related to your niche) in your first paragraph and reinforce it in your last paragraph. Although this is not code to write into a template, you should write it into your strategy template as it is the best way to get engaged in dialogue with your customer.

Set up your best links to be included in your first paragraph of your newsletter or email. This is where the major of link clicks happens.

When deciding on image quality, opt for a smaller version where possible as larger high resolution images take a long time to load and lead to customer email fatigue. Tag the images you include so that servers that do not auto load pictures such as Outlook at least show what the image is called and the customer can open it if they like.

Go for web friendly images, text and fonts. Double test these to make sure they appear the way you want. For example, I love the Samarkan font, but it is downloaded to my desktop and if I sent my emails in Samarkan, it would probably not arrive in my customer's inbox or arrive as wingdings. Not professional. Even some Windows provided fonts change on Mobile devices so it is essential that you send tests.

Do not use CSS spreadsheets for your design. Most email servers just do not like them and the emails that arrive could end up looking like pages of web code.

If you are using a web based host like Dot Mailer, upload the images to their site, the emails will send and load faster than if every photo is being uploaded from your desktop.

Choose templates without flash player or gif. Apple supported platforms do not make it easy to play flash so your video is lost and gif can not open on Blackberry devices without add ons. We want to always provide emails and newsletters that are Easy and Enjoyable for the customer to read and not ones that require extra downloads.

Try and spend half of the time you have for your email campaign on the design and half on the content. The design, once formatted to your specification will represent you online every time you email, so it needs to be perfect from the very first mail out.

If you have the time, when you are working on your design template, take 2 weeks to write 52 articles for your newsletter or email content.

That works out at just over 5 a day. Choosehaps 7-10 subjects within your niche and create a mini course or essay on each one. Then line them up against your email template and your email email marketing strategy is ready to run itself for a year! And you can work on the rest of your business knowing you have a fantastic email marketing system in place.

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