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Email Marketing 101: How To Make Your Emails Seem Personal

One of the biggest reasons why people make next to zero profits from their email marketing campaigns is this:

They don’t make their emails personal.

Yet on the face of it, it sounds quite the challenge. After all, you’re sending the same email to potentially thousands of people (depending on the size of your email list). So surely it’s impossible to make your emails personal? Or, at least, seem personal.

Isn’t it?

Well, actually, it’s not impossible in the slightest.

In fact, it’s not just “possible”.

It’s actually very easy.

“How so?” I hear you ask.

Well, why don’t you have a guess?

“Okay, errrr… Oh! I’ve got it! You “personalize” your emails by including each prospect’s name in it.”

Good guess, my friend.

But nope.

I don’t recommend doing that.

Why? Just because it’s far too “common”. I mean every business seems to do that these days. And people are becoming resistant to it. They’re no longer surprised when they see their own name.

Heck, they’re probably more surprised when you don’t use their name in your emails.

(Though using their name just once a month or so can “shock” them in a good way. In other words, if you’re going to use people’s names, only use them very sparingly.)

So, with that being said, just how do you make your emails seem personal?

Quite simply, you write your email as though you’re talking to ONE person – NOT to your whole email list. This really is an “email marketing 101”.

What an example?

Okay then…

Instead of saying “Hi guys”, you’d say “Hi, my friend.”

Instead of saying “What do you all want?”, you’d say “What do you want?”

Anyway, they’re just a couple of examples.

But you get the idea.

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