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Effective Marketing Techniques From An SEO and Internet Marketing Company – Email Marketing

With the internet the main place to market you and your company these days, it’s no wonder that most marketing campaign are virtually completely online or internet based. One of the components of an internet marketing campaign is email marketing, which has replaced the leaflet and mail sent by post.

There are many reasons why companies use email marketing over leaflet distribution. For one it lowers the costs; emails can be sent to many at once, lowering the time spent on the campaign and the feedback of interest or not can be easily measured by use of software. Not to mention, you can add links to your page, making it easy for customers to get to the web page.

An email marketing campaign is far the fastest way to keep loyal customers by bestowing offers in emails for them, as well as gaining a new customer base. You can regularly update your customers with ease about product reviews, services, offers and articles. It will help keep your current and potential customers engaged.

So How Do I Create an Email Marketing Campaign?

First of all you need to identify how you will acquire the contacts needed. Most businesses gain their subscriber base by adding a subscription button or form to their website or blog, which allows the viewer to sign up for the emailed newsletter. Viewers will expect the email to be free, so make it so, but also add in some offers to make your newsletter stand out from other competitor’s businesses.

So now you have a way to reach your audience -all you need to do now is writing and design you emails. Decide exactly what type of document you want, for instance, a brochure of offers or a newsletter with reviews and offers. You could do both, but be warned many people don’t like too many marketing emails blocking up their account – it is for most considered to be highly off-putting! So decide how often you are going to distribute emails. Generally, around every 2 weeks or once a month is enough to engage with your customers.

Moreover, take time over content and design. It has to be persuasive and inviting, in order to gain interest. Bear in mind that you are proving informative and persuasive content, so avoid over selling in your email. After designing your email, think of how you are going to sign off. Most marketing emails use a signature to give a name to the writer, making it feel far more personal.

An email campaign is useful when incorporated as part of a bigger internet market campaign. Other tactics, such as SEO should also be used in order to reach your customer base.

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