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Effective Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Event Marketing

There are many ways to effectively market an event, especially now when there are a variety of D.I.Y. and low-cost marketing options to choose from. Between effective technology like text message marketing and free online tools like Eventbrite, there are a host of tools that can be used to create an effective advertisement at a very low cost. One example would be through various social media platforms. Second would be using a free press release site, and the last example would be perhaps by an article submission.

To give you some ideas on how you can effectively market your upcoming event, we’re going to get into a list of free and low-cost options which can ignite your marketing plan and increase awareness of the event within your target audience. The goal with your event marketing is to spark interest in target audience’s and/or client’s mind.

1. Give out Brochures and Flyers

This is one of the traditional means of promoting your event. To maximize the effectiveness with your flyers, consider hiring a person who can give out flyers. This person should also be capable of verbally and orally promoting the event. The point here is to hire someone knowledgeable about your event and effective in promotion, not just anyone who will mechanically do the act. Needless to say, he or she must epitomize the event he/she is trying to promote; doing this would elicit the public’s interests.

2. Spreading the news via Facebook or Other Similar Social Networking Sites

Millions of people can now be reached by utilizing Facebook and other similar sites. Use this trend to your advantage. On Facebook, for example, when an event is created, your list of friends are notified that you have just created the event. To get more interest from your Facebook connections, remember to post updates on your profile and/or page about the event *first*, as opposed to immediately inviting your whole list of friends. When you do invite your friends on Facebook, include a brief, clear message about what the event is, the date, and why you would like them to attend.

3. Poster Distribution

Another traditional method of marketing your event is through posters posted within the niche of your target market. Make sure that your posters are clear and direct, only half-revealing some of the surprises of the event, so as to build excitement and suspense, as well as the viewers’ anticipation. Giveaways or special guests should be mentioned on the poster, but also include a special surprised to be announced at the event itself.

4. Writing Press Releases

These days, people tend to browse more in order to get the information they need. For example, one might be interested in buying an electronic device which has just been sold in the market; a cautious buyer may find himself searching the net for some reviews on the product. The same principle applies in marketing an event. Good reviews certainly matter and so does press. Doing 2-4 press releases on different angles of the event and distributing them online can increase your target market’s awareness about your event. You can dovetail this into announcing the press releases on your social media outlets and gain additional exposure.

5. Send Personal Emails

Friends are likely to open and respond to emails from friends. One of the best ways to advertise your event is via email messages. Make sure though that your messages do not sound spammy, but professional. Include a personal greeting and a statement about something recent going on in the person’s life. Make it personal by addressing the recipients by their names. This would reflect the exerted time and effort and people will be more likely to read and respond to your message.

6. Sending Direct Invitations

One of the timeless ways to market your event is via direct invitations. Sending direct invites to your target market is both professional and a personal way of marketing your event. The key here is creativity and a clear call to action, so make sure your event date, time, and location are easily visible and that any ticket pricing is clearly seen as well. Adding an option like, “respond on Facebook for reserved seating,” can also help in aiming a positive response as well.

7. Inviting Renowned or Celebrity Guests

This strategy is great, but might be costly. Hence, it would depend on your budget on who would you possibly invite to attract event goers and other guests. Your options may include models, celebrities, athletes, professional business coach, et al. One way to lessen the cost is to consider your network. Do you know a celebrity who would be willing to serve as a guest? Perhaps you know someone who knows someone? Brainstorm this idea and see how you can have a special celebrity guest without it being costly.

These are just some of the ideas that can be used to drive more buzz about your information within your target market. Effectively implementing even one of these can yield excellent results and help your event be the success you are hoping for!

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