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Easy List Building

Who said building and email list is easy? Well, many of the internet marketing guru’s claim that building the list is the easy part.

For the rest of us, we struggle to get people to sign up to our lists. And then converting our list to warm buying customers just seems to hard to do.

Well, there are many systems and educational materials out there for you to learn from. The fundamentals of building an email list are actually quite easy. You just have to wade through all the hype out there and get down to the nuts and bolts of how to build the list.

So, if we think about this maybe we get a hundred visitors a day to our website, and we want these people to sign up to our email list so we can communicate with them in the future. Yet they all just seem to pass by our sign up and we get a very low conversion or sign up rate.

Well, that can all be changed. By implementing just a few easy changes to your site, you can sky rocket your sign ups to your email list.

It isn’t rocket science, it is just a few key elements that can really impact your sign up rate. Placement of your sign up box is key…. Did you know there is a “best place” for your sign up box? One that will convert better than any other? Well, I didn’t know this and by implementing this one minor change of moving my sign up box to this one spot, I personally increased my sign up rate by over 400%.

I went from seeing 1 sign up a day to 4 or 5!

Just one little change, and a big impact on my results. So where is this little secret place? Well, I will share it with you. It isn’t at the bottom of your page, it isn’t after all your testimonials, it is right at the top, under a line or two of anchor text that intrigues the reader.

Quite simple really, while you have the reader at their most heightened interest, place that box. For most of us, this is literally after a line or two of text.

Many of us don’t read past the first paragraph or two, never mind to the bottom of the page!

So try it, I think you will be amazed at the results.

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