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Earn Money Online – Make Great Money Writing Articles

There’s never been a better time to be a writer; publications and businesses of all kinds are hungry for words. If you can produce words in the form of articles, you’ve got it made. Unfortunately however while some writers are making great incomes writing articles, others are not.

Let’s look at ways you can increase your income from your articles.

1. Become a Specialist Writer

If you specialize in a topic, you can charge more. For example, if you specialize in health, business or technology articles, you can charge $1 a word and more. Start by building up a background in the topic. Publishing magazine articles on the topic makes you a quasi expert; so does developing a popular blog on the topic.

Big tip: think long term. Don’t just get writing jobs; build a career.

2. Sell Articles As Packages

Don’t be a writer who waits around to be hired. At those times you’re not writing under commission (or just for fun) write a series of articles. Then write another one. You can sell packages of ten to 20 articles on popular topics (beauty, health, dating) from your website all day long.

3. Sell Article Add-Ons

The people who buy your articles have a purpose in mind. Often that purpose is to build content on a website. Perhaps they’re setting up an autoresponder sequence. When you get an article commission, or sell a package, ask what the buyer is using them for. (This is called market research: start at once, if you haven’t been doing it.)

If you can think strategically: “My buyers want to… (fill in the blank)” you’re adding value to the articles you write.

For example:

* “My buyers want to sell affiliate products”. In this case, review some popular affiliate products in the niche in which you’re writing articles, add them to packages;

* “My buyers want to sell their own product”. In this case, learn as much as you can about their customers, and answer their questions in your articles;

* “My buyers want traffic from the search engines”. In this case, keyword research is essential. Research and target specific keywords, and give the lists to your customers.

4. Build Small Web Sites and Squidoo Lenses from Your Articles and Sell Those

Write five articles, build a five-page site, and sell the site. Or write five and build two Squidoo lenses and sell the lenses.

You can make a great income online writing articles: get creative.

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