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E-mail Marketing – A Friend Or a Foe?

E-mail Marketing is one of the most incredibly efficient ways of marketing in the Internet today that is abused by many companies because it is a kind of marketing that uses E-mail as a method to connect a vast majority of clients in a second. The main reason why it stays on top is because it is free. Investors would not choose to waste their money on some expensive and inefficient marketing tools. The companies could certainly save a large amount of money if they will embrace E-mail Marketing. Adverting one's products and services through emails popularizes companies' products and services among the customers. This form of marketing is also less time consuming. A marketer only needs to send the mails at a single click of button.

What makes this kind of marketing more interesting is that E-mail advertisements are not to any further significant the ordinary sort of e-mails which are being presented in a tedious black text. With the idea of ​​advertising to the e-mail receivers their particular products, they now possess an assortment of animations, audios, videos, colors, and pictures. These mails which frequently fill up our inbox, definitely occupy a valuable space to those email providers.

Like other form of marketing, E-mail marketing also has its complexities that now come up with a major problem and that is, what we call "Spamming". What is e-mail spamming anyway? This kind of itch basically does a sending of nuisance advertising messages to those who really does not care or does not want such annoying nonsense messages. It is commonly known as "unsolicited bulk e-mail", "junk mail" or "spam messages" which are delivered online to a large crowd. The worst is there is billions of it that covers a large portion of all the e-mails in the World Wide Web. Even though some actions to stop these immoral activities have been doing well, still some were able to break out from the authority. And so, spammers can still send all the messages that they wanted to send as long as they are not caught. Another problem is that most of the junk mails have viruses attached with it that came from networks that are purposely infected to spy or get some personal information from their competitor or even from the public. Contrary to popular belief, it is said that Spam is on the decline because the marketer now sees that e-mail is the marketing choice for the pros.

As a solution to this irritating problem, companies, businesses and marketers must send e-mail advertisements to customers who permit them to do so which is commonly known as "permission-based E-mail". By this process, they are confident that the E-mail is not a spam and this also assures the customers receive legitimate E-mails. However, companies and businesses must not cross the line and abuse the consent that was given to them. They will lose the consent if they do so.

Like a fire, E-mail Marketing is a very good way to distribute important information to the public but it also a big threat to all.

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