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Driving Traffic to your Website or Building a List – Which is Better? Part II

However, all this misses the point that you need traffic to your website to build your list in the first place. It is not possible to have a list without traffic. We will then have to look at the question another way. Is it better to spend your efforts driving traffic to your website, and selling from there, or in building a list and using email campaigns as your main sales strategy. That makes more sense and is arguable.

You can attract traffic to your website in a number of ways. You can use search engine optimization to get high search engine listings, and your web pages will be found by net surfers and people seeking specific information. You can use article marketing to persuade targeted readers to click on a link to your web page. You can use forums and blogs to indirectly advertise your site, or pay per click advertising to generate highly targeted traffic to specific web pages on your site.

All of these are focused on your niche, but will they buy anything. I would say not. Just think on how and why they got to the web page in question. If via an article, they likely want to read more on the topic, or get more information. They don’t want a sales pitch. If they find themselves on a sales page they will likely navigate away.

If they reached your page organically, through an internet search, they might or might not make a purchase, but I would say not. They will probably read your information, check out your product, then click away to see what else is available on other websites. The same two arguments will apply irrespective of how the visitors reached your website. Statistical analysis has demonstrated that a prospect has to be exposed to a product seven or eight times before making the decision to buy.

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