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Do You Really Want to Through Your Money Away?

Picture yourself standing in the middle of a concert hall. Now you start talking to the people around you and with as loud as you can speak fifteen people here you clearly. The rest of the mass can not here you clearly enough to understand anything you are saying. Yet you want to attract the attention of all the people. The fact is that about three out of every ten people will be interested in what you might have to say so out of the fifteen people around you possibly three will want to hear what you have to say.

With the area being so big your voice will dissipate quickly before it even gets twenty feet away, so by the time it would be even close to the outside there is no way anyone will hear you. Some people may have heard about this product, but the area is so large they will not hear you. The result of doing this would be that a very little amount of the possible clientele will benefit from anything you have to say and your results will be minimal unless you use some type of system to magnify your voice to get it out there for all to hear .

Now you see a specific niche that someone would like and you narrow down to the specific group or persons that will benefit from your information or product. You end up using less power for your system to target them and because of this you will use up less time and effort. From your research the people in that section will be interested in learning about your product. Because of the smaller area, they will also be able to hear you more clearly and understand what you are saying. Also because of the research that you have done you know that they are already looking for this type of information. This is niche marketing or targeted marketing.

Whether it is a concert hall, the internet or the printed media the results are the same. It's much easier to attract the attention of people interested in what you have to offer and that is the proven FACT. Before you advertise … Plan the system and format that you will use. Why advertise to ten million when only two million wish to learn about the product. You want to target a smaller segment of the area because it's more effective, costs less and will produce better results. However, before you start putting your time and effort into your marketing efforts you need to plan your marketing strategy. The first thing that should be in your mission statement is the type and size of the niche you want to market.

There are three Steps to you need to do to find your niche. When using # 1 logic, # 2 planning and # 3 the right execution you will succeed in a positive affect that will bring your customers into your chosen niche. You will also be rewarded with more traffic to your product and be both financially and emotionally rewarded for your efforts. It's a very difficult to develop your own niche. It's better to identify and plan on an existing product that has good potential for use when advertising.

Look at yourself and determine what areas you are most interested in and how it will interface with your product.Then look at the potential market and determine if there is an area that your services can help. Talk to the people in your targeted community. And join groups of people who have the same interests like sports, crafts, health clubs or fishing. Now that you found your niche determine if you can be comfortable with advertising it.

If you decide to target health and fitness, consider the local gyms or sports teams. Try to advertise at community sporting events. Remember that samples should be available for your product's promotion whether it be information or bonuses. Say your main interest is rock climbing, Start sponsoring for one then finally three different places that provide it. Then start talking to the people you meet, and finally start promoting your product or information to them. It's recommend developing several niches rather than depending on one. Aside from the rock climbing maybe you can focus on several other types of physical activities, For example, kayaking, or cross country running as these are also in the area of ​​being outdoors and in the area of ​​health and fitness, and are still a specific group.

Do not randomly choose the area's of interest, If you have no understanding in that area it will show and you will not increase the traffic to your information or product. Assess your interests, that is first on your list. With the right research, tools, and system you will be able to bring the people to your product and as your traffic increases you will see that if you work with logic, planning and the right execution you will bring the targeted traffic to your products. Happy promoting!

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