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Do Follow Blogs – Which Ones Really Do Follow?

If you are looking to post on Do Follow Blog directories it is most likely because you would like to get a link back to your site and have it recognized by the search engines. Did you know that most so-called do follow blogs do not actually have the "nofollow tag" disabled? In other words, when a search engine gets to the site it will not follow the link posted in the comments and those sites will not be recognized.

Why would people promote having a Do Follow Blog and not really have one? Some may tout that they have a do-follow just to get people to visit (a shady tactic). Some may be unaware that there site does not actually follow but have no way to be certain. Some sites have a setting to automatically disable the nofollow tag after you have posted a number of times (usually 5 to 10 posts) on their site, thus cutting down on comment spam.

Before I get to the tool that is going to change the way you look at websites I want to lay down some ground rules for posting comments. If you are looking for links back to your site by posting comments on blogs then you need to do it the right way:

1. Do Not Spam – The most important rule of them all. If you are spamming comments all over the place to get your links out there then you are going about this the complete wrong way. Most sites moderate there comment posts and your comment will most likely be taken down.

2. Be informative and genuine when leaving a post. For more info on this see rule # 1

3. If you are asking a question, have it be relevant to the article or site that you are posting on.

4. Do not make your comment all about you and your site. If you post something that answers a persons question or is just interesting then you may get people to click on your link just because of that.

Now that you understand the rules for posting, you just need to find those actual "Do Follow Blogs". Good news is that if you are using firefox for your browser then you have access to a free tool to help with finding them. Any successful online marketer will tell you that firefox is far superior to internet explorer, so if you are still using the latter then it is time to switch.

In Firefox go to "tools", "addons" and search for "nodofollow" install and restart firefox. Next, If you go up to "tools" you will see a new link called "NoDoFollow", click on this to enable. You can also right-click on the screen and see it in your menu. You should see all links on any webpage that you visit highlighted in either pink or purple. The pink links do not follow and the purple links do follow You will be looking for links in purple to show you where your comment posts will be the most effective.

Leave a comment on this article with the address to your "Do Follow Blog" and we can help each other find those actual Do-Follow-Blogs.

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