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Discover the Home Made Water Purifier

After doing some research on home made water purifiers, I discovered they can be made very easily and inexpensively, in most cases, from some very basic products. You need a couple of containers; this can be 2-liter soda bottles, buckets, or other containers that can be stacked. Then you will need to filter the water through napkins, coffee filters or paper towels, gravel, sand, charcoal, and cotton balls. The water comes out clearer from this process. You can run the water through more than one time to obtain clearer water.

Since the water is filtered and clearer does this mean that the water is “purified” or that all the contaminates are removed? Can you tell when this filter system stops removing the impurities? Do you know when you change the filter? What about Chlorine in your home made water purifier? If your water supply has Chlorine in it does this filtered system remove the chlorine?

I found it interesting that in all of the articles that I read, “dirty water” was used to put into the system. If the water was not dirty, you were to asked to make it dirty. Now why would you have to find “dirty water” to use unless this system was to be used for camping or on an exotic island, maybe for a basic survival rain water filter system or for some other reason besides home use. I can’t imagine why else would you use “dirty water” to put into your home made water purifier?

I believe there are too many unknowns on this home made water purifier, and I believe that improperly filtered water can be a health hazard. Sure, sometimes we like to save money by making our own home made items. But sometimes it becomes more costly and time consuming than you had planned and you are also taking a chance of putting your family at risk. Is it all worth it?

I believe the best way to have pure, tasty, great quality drinking water is to have a glass of water from a quality water filter, not from a home made water filter. Remember, this water is going into your body as its primary nutrient and can make a huge difference in your overall health.

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