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Direct Mail Marketing for the Market Place

Do you own a small business and you have a limited advertising budget? Perhaps you have no budget at all and you are worried that you can not do the advertising you think you need to ensure that there will be people coming to your store to buy something?

After all if you do not pay the rent they will throw you out on your ears. If you do not pay the state for the withholding taxes they will throw you in jail. Let's just say being a small businessperson is not easy with all the rules and regulations and it gets tougher each year.

So what kind of advertising are you currently doing or have you been neglecting your advertising? May I suggest a simple form of advertising, which does not cost that much but does normally yield fairly good results? I am speaking of direct-mail marketing advertising in those little coupon bookslets that you often get in the mail. They work quite well and they do not cost a lot.

Better yet you can target those ZIP codes, which are within a 10-mile radius of your store so you can target the customers you wish to extremely well. If you offer some sort of discount to get these customers to come into your store then you have a pretty good chance with good customer service of keeping these customers as regulars.

I want your business to succeed in I do not want you to become another statistic. You are going to have to use some sort of advertising to get the customers in and then get them to tell all their friends through word-of-mouth advertising to spread the word. Please consider all this in 2006.

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