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Differences in a Newsletter and an E-Book

What is the difference in a newsletter and an e-book? With a newsletter, you will be able to continue communicating with the subscribers you have. If you want to keep in touch this is a continuation of touching base with your people. A newsletter written once will continue to reach new people as they subscribe to your auto-responder.

This is another tool to help you build your list. When they subscribe to your newsletter, they will be added to your auto-responder. When you have valuable information about a new program you can include it in the newsletter. Build a great rapport with people giving them great input that will help them excel.

E-books are great but it is a one time offer that people will get, and it is concluded. When you start marketing online you will find value in both forms. If you have a good e-book that will deliver to give it to the people that you already have on your list. When you help others succeed, they will remember that you were there. Do not waste their time make sure it is something that will be of value to building their promotion on line.

Just keep in mind what form of communication will work best for you. Everyone has heard the adage of the list being the center of your business. You will need to do this to be successful on line. Give a newsletter that is quality with information they will not find elsewhere. People are challenged to find excellent material in the mirage that is the internet. Become a source of stability and they will continue to receive your information.

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