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Diet And Exercise Tips

Before you develop a workout plan, they are certain tips about exercise you need to know.

Common misconceptions that can really hurt or even completely stop your workout plan from being effective.

1) Running will not make you lose weight, you need to figure out your target rate rate. Jogging at this pace for as long as possible will help you burn the fat.

2) Every pound of muscle you have burns about 100 calories a day, do you see the cycle now? Gain muscle, lose fat, it all goes hand in hand.

3) The stronger you get, the longer your muscles need to rest. Many of my friends get used to the pain working out brings, and so they think they can workout every day.

4) Lift weights slowly, applying twitchy maneuvers injures your muscles, and completely stunts their growth. It is better to keep good form than it is to lift more.

5) Train to failure, it is the only way to make sure you have worked your muscles enough. Always have a spotter!

6) Certain exercises are able to influence your muscle mass, muscle shape, and muscle size. Be sure to be picking the right exercises.

When I started working out, I spent a week doing research first. I put together a full plan, which incorporated diet, cardio exercise, and day-to-day workouts.

My original plan was horrible, I had very little results and I used the plan for eight months!

Well I learned more tips like the ones you just read, and put together better workout plans.

If your still reading, your probably interested in the workout plan I developed after 3-4 years of research.

Well I'm not going to share it with you. Why not, because it took me a lot of work and I would never just give it away online.

Here is an alternative, their are some good certified personal trainers who have put together books online.

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