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Dating Tips For Short Guys – The Key to Your Success With Women

The dating world can be brutal. It’s even more so if you don’t fall within the standards set by society. If you’re a guy who is a little heavier, shorter or balder than the average fellow you may feel as though you’ve got an uphill battle on your hands when it comes to getting women to notice you. There are many dating tips for men in general, and some that are specific to men who feel they are lacking something that will make women notice them. An example is dating tips for short guys that can really give a man an advantage when it comes to meeting a great woman.

Many men who are short believe that they don’t stand a chance next to a tall guy. That’s not the case at all. Although some women are naturally attracted to taller men, many women don’t give a lick about height at all. One of the best dating tips for short men is what you lack in height you need to make up for in self confidence. Women love a man who is confident. This is very different than being arrogant though. Hold your head up high and never apologize for your height. Own it and celebrate it. Make it a non-issue in your own life and it won’t be an issue in the lives of the women you date.

It’s also extremely important when you approach a woman that you are engaged in everything she’s saying. One mistake that many men make is that they’ll dart their eyes around the room looking for other prospects while talking to a woman. Nothing turns a woman off more than this. Instead focus on the woman you chose and listen carefully to what she says. Ask her questions and be friendly and cordial. She’ll appreciate the fact that you are acting like a gentleman and your height will quickly take a backseat in her mind.

Be funny. This is one of the best dating tips for short guys. It’s not a myth that women enjoy funny men. They really do and if you are comical without being self deprecating, the woman will be instantly charmed. When a man is humorous it suggests so many things about his character. A woman instantly picks up on how fun he is and how outgoing he is if he’s able to be witty. This doesn’t mean extolling a long list of jokes but it does mean using subtle humor to your advantage.

Never let your height get in the way of meeting a woman you find attractive. Don’t make the assumption that she only likes tall guys before you talk to her. If you use the dating tips for short guys you’ll be surprised by how many women don’t even notice your height because they are so completely focused on your charm.

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