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Dare to Be an Entrepreneur – Home Business Opportunities Are on the Rise

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

What is the definition of an Entrepreneur anyway? According to Webster's Dictionary it is: "A person who takes initiative to create and organize an enterprise: a business". I see an Entrepreneur as someone who is courageous, daring, and optimistic, a leader, enthusiastic, passionate, and a self-promoter. This is a new era. Forbes Magazine states, "79 million people plan to start a home business within the next 5 years." More and more of us want the independence and freedom a home based business can bring us and the internet is a great vehicle to assist new entrepreneurs in getting started and finding success. Both Trump and Kiyosaki recommend Network Marketing in their latest book "Why We Want You to be Rich."

So why do so many of us hesitate to start a new endeavor such as a home based business? Because doing something different is scary. It means learning and stretching beyond our current thought patterns. We get comfortable in our present work and our life do not we? Once we know the process of our day to day schedules we slack off. It's easier, even if it is not working, for us to remain in this comfortable lifestyle and forget we are beings of unlimited potential. When something comes along to challenge us further often we are afraid to take that first step. Yet there are those chosen few that will reach beyond what they already know to start a home business and attain a level of success in this industry.

Most of us wish our lives were different. We wish for more money, more time, better relationships, better homes, and better cars. However, we are tied up and blindfolded unable to move or see beyond our current reality. We are in a precarious position fearing anyway we move will result in failure. We need to use our imagination to create our future. If we want "more and better" we have to plant the seed of change and nurture it. Some ways we can bring about the changes we desire are:

. Be grateful and focus on the good in your life
. Know what you want
. Believe in your success
. Set your goals
. Take Action
. Align yourself with like minded people
. Commit and Persist
. Make small changes one step at a time

We can choose to be less than we have the capacity to be or we can choose to become all that we can be.

Moving into the unknown usually meets with a great deal of emotional resistance. We may doubt our self and the path to clarity and understanding is a challenging one. Often we worry we are not smart enough or do not have enough education to learn what it takes to be an Entrepreneur. In many cases we are skeptical of every opportunity presented and often our avoidance to take action or make a decision is simply due to the fear of loss.

There are many business opportunities online. My mailbox is jammed full of them every day. When we have confused and mixed feeling about a business it is wise to take a step back and view our situation from a different perspective and with a calm logic. With patience you will find the clarity you seek in choosing the right path.

Many of us have tried online marketing in the past. We were in MLN, network marketing, or the newest get rich quick program. Some of us failed miserably or results were so slow we just got up. The key here is to learn from life's experiences. Every experience in life helps prepare us for some future event. Recognize what did not work and focus on success for the next time. Do not give up. Becoming an entrepreneur is not a sprint but more like a marathon. Any new enterprise requires learning and learning is how we grow. We should never stop learning until we stop living.

One thing I've learned is success comes to us when we let go of the material aspect of our business. Looking from a more objective view our main focus should be how we can serve and benefit others. How we can make a difference. Holding this attitude in our business will obtain greater results. The more we serve and give people what they want the more productive we will be. This also holds true if you are an independent consultant with a company.

In choosing a business, we want to get all the facts. Do our due diligence. Weigh the pros and cons. We want to choose a legitimate and honest company to work with. Above all be sure it is something that fits with our dreams and our natural talents and abilities. We want to incorporate what we love and what resonates with our higher purpose with what we choose. This is not just about making money. It is about making ourselves happy and serving others in the process.

Most of us can not see that with a little self-confidence, inner strength, and action we can secure a solid financial foundation. There are good companies out there that offer knowledge and experience from top marketers that assist us through the beginning stages of a new business. There will be set backs and disappointments, but with the right team of experts we receive advice, motivation and a positive mind set to get us through the rough spots.

Our best hope as new entrepreneurs is to maintain a balance and follow the lead of our mentors. We can not expect overnight success making thousands on opening day but on the other hand we do not want to be so pessimistic we do not expect any results at all. With a little research we have access to a lot of excellent business opportunities, teachers and guidance to become successful online entrepreneurs.

The best advice I ever received is to let go of worry. Do not stress and fret about how our business will progress or how we will get from step one to step ten. In my experience, most of what we worry about never comes to pass anyway. Once we have set our goal and determined our why let the Universe do the rest. Transitioning into a new career or lifestyle and leaving the old one behind is a challenging process. It can be downright scary. Nothing says we have to do it all at once. We can be an entrepreneur part time while still working our job. Simply following our intuition and the signs the Universe provides will lead us on the right path.

We all know what is right for us and sometimes we may need to break the conventional mold to get out of our rut, regardless of what our family and friends say. When considering a lifestyle change such as a business opportunity we should take time to gather and review our thoughts in quite solitude. Take some time to decide what it is you really want for your life and then set goals to achieve it. Meditating on the opportunity and its benefits will help us make a wise and informed decision for our self and our family.

We all have dreams and desires. With clear vision of our goals, belief in an abundant universe, focus and action we have the unlimited potential as Home Business Entrepreneurs to live the life we ​​dream of.

Unleash your greatness and dare to be an entrepreneur in the fastest growing industry of today.

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