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Dani Johnson: A Truly Inspiring Story

Even though the keys to financial security and success are at the fingertips of us all, this reality is easy to miss. We fall into patterns, get comfortable with the routine, or simply listen to our own inner voices and the voices of others when they say we will never be successful. After reading a story like that of Dani Johnson, though, we realize that these reasons are merely excuses we make out of discouragement. She can inspire us to move forward in many ways.

Anyone who needs inspiration to take on a project, specifically seeming to be far too busy, should look at what measures Dani had to take to become successful. Her only support system as a child and teenager, her mom and dad, were not a support system at all. In fact, they were verbally, physically, and sexually abusive, and as a result, she was a wayward teen who became pregnant and was forced to live out of her car. These factors did not deter her, though.

Despite the odds, she knew she had to make a living. She started selling health supplements out of the trunk of her car with a payphone as her only form of contacting agents. Although this is certainly no one's dream job, it helped dig her out of the financial hole into which she had fallen. In fact, she did more than that – she had made over a million dollars in just two years by the time she was 23. If this is not inspiration for those who think the feat is impossible, what is?

The way she went about achieving such a goal is inspiring in itself. She believes that the power to believe is the power to overcome. In spite of having a lack of support and a seemingly foolish situation, she found her positive inner voice that told her she could accomplish anything. In addition, her faith in a higher power helped to push her forward. Now, she encourages those in poor situations to use these spiritual resources for their success.

She also knows that much of her fortune is attributed to the fact that she had such a great mentor. She can inspire others to look to the more experienced for assistance in blazing a trail and even serves as an aspirating mentor herself. Dani has her own radio show where those who want to listen to her word can tune in and let her put them in the right state of mind. She gives great advice, especially since she has been through tough times herself.

It goes without saying that just hearing the story of Dani Johnson should be inspiring enough for anyone who is looking for something more in life. However, it is not just the fact that she went from rags to riches that is inspiring. She was able to teach herself to be an entrepreneur, seeking the motivation she had within and in her spirituality, and make ample use of the mentor she was lucky to have. Now, she can teach others, no matter their situations, to do the same.

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