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Communicating With Your Customers

It has never been easier for brands to communicate with their customers as it is now. From traditional approaches such as outdoor advertising campaigns, radio and television, to focus groups, email marketing and every social channel available on the internet, not reaching out to your customers and asking them critical information about their needs and wants would just be silly.

It’s amazing though, how many leading brands are doing precisely that. They’ve got the channels, they’ve got the followers, but all they are doing is talking about themselves. Moreover, when their fans do ask them questions or express concern about their products and services, sometimes they don’t even bother answering. Yikes. Social media is set up for two-way conversations, which is what makes it unique from every other marketing platform (which are structured as one-way conversations), yet brands are still using them as they would any other communications outlet. As a result, they are not only missing out on the amazing opportunities social media can offer them, but they are also coming off as arrogant, which is usually how people and companies are perceived if all they do is talk about themselves and ignore the people who are trying to engage them.

Creating engaging content and making your customers feel like you value their opinions and genuinely want to communicate with them, doesn’t have to be difficult. Some pointers are:

1. Answer people when they talk to you.

Social media is a full time responsibility. If sufficient time isn’t dedicated to managing it, valuable customer feedback with get lost in the mix, and customers will start feeling ignored. If you’re lucky enough to have tons of fans and followers, you must ensure that at least one person from your team is sifting through all of the comments daily and ensuring that people are answered. This is of course in addition to doing regular updates and contributing fresh, valuable content on a daily basis.

2. Recognizing and thanking people for mentioning your brand.

This doesn’t mean that every time someone retweets something you wrote, you need to send them a personal message, but it does mean that you should acknowledge bloggers, magazines etc that mention you and thank them for it. Wish your followers Merry Christmases, give a shout out to a local company if they just achieved something major- basically make people feel like you care about them.

3. Contributing to people’s content.

Guest blogging is a great way to collaborate with other influential members of your industry and get your name out there. Blogging in general is a great way to share value and write about something that you love, but taking the time to write a piece for someone else’s blog, shows that you’re interested in working with them, to make their blog more exciting for their audience.

There are of course many ways to engage your audience, those were just a few to get you started. But remember, being able to dialogue with your audience is a privilege so take advantage of it.

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