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Clever Way to Make Money From a Small List

Do you need a humongous list to make a living from your online marketing activities? Not necessarily, if you are focused and determined in your goal.

It’s a known fact that there are people who make good money online from small lists. The secret is in the unique relationship some marketers establish with their lists.

Can you find proof that this can be done?

To illustrate, a newbie to list building, John R Meese, bought a WordPress theme. The theme he purchased was enjoying a lot of popularity, but it had a few unwieldy quirks. But he figured out ways to resolve them.

John was frequenting WordPress forums, and was soon answering questions as to how to best resolve the problems in using this popular theme.

As he continued to provide solutions for this theme, he began to build a list of satisfied contacts.

After answering so many questions, resolving so many issues with the theme, he compiled his answers into a course that would solve just about any question anyone could have when using that popular WordPress theme.

The Moment of Truth

The day came when he put his list into action, and on a mere 250 subscribers and an 8 email sequence, John hit $10,000 dollars in his first 7 days.

Another case in point is that of Cathryn Lavery, who had long been writing about self-improvement advice.

She went on to build a modest list of some 2,000 subscribers, and developed a kick-starter product to generate the money she needed to finance the publication and distribution of her self-development journal.

Another Winner

Cathryn converted that modest list into $40,000 in a mere 4 days by introducing her kick-starter product. She is reported to have generated $322,000 in revenue from that 2,000 member list in just 90 days!

As a relative newcomer to Internet marketing, Jason Van Orden out-performed long-established Internet marketing pros in an affiliate contest with his list of 10,000 subscribers. The pros he left behind had lists of 90,000, and some 100,000 and more subscribers.

Why Do Newbies Often Fail?

The sad fact is that newbies are often aware of the value of building a list, but will not internalize this knowledge for their benefit.

Therefore, they neglect assembling even a small list, and cultivating a close relationship with their subscribers, which can produce amazing results.

If you build even a small list, and you go the extra mile, trying to figure out ways of over delivering valuable content, you will succeed.

It’s so obvious, yet we so often fail to keep in mind that the people in our lists are real people, with similar aspirations and problems to ours… not just an email address.

Show Empathy

You need to show empathy. You need to find out what they want, and what pressing problems they have. Then give them the solution. If you keep thinking of them as human beings, it will be easy to relate to them and build a special relationship with them.

Use your emails to get them to know, like and trust you… and send promotional emails only after 3 or 4 personal emails. Find ways to offer helpful content, whether it be marketing tips, or other useful information.

Most experienced marketers emphasize the need for consistency in your emails. Set up a schedule and stick to it. Human beings love order and consistency.

They want to know they can expect you to deliver valuable, interesting content on a predictable schedule. Don’t let your list grow ‘cold’ by failing to stick to your mailing schedule.

How to Make Money Fast Online

If you neglect your list, you will be destroying your chance to learn how to make money fast online. You will be destroying an incredibly valuable asset as you saw in the examples above.

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