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Christian Sex and Intimacy Ideas

Here are a list of ideas for Christian couples to engage in for sexual intimacy:

1. Playing a game. Pick a fun game and create a twist on it so it becomes a bit more erotic. An obvious example is something like strip poker, but I'm sure any game can be created with a similar twist!

A Christian guideline of course, is for this to be a private game and no other couples or friends are obviously allowed.

2. Pick out together or surprise each other with a Christian sex toy! There are many sanctioned Christian sex toys available for couples, everything from erotic lotions and creams to Christian pleasure pillows and so forth. A little research and the two of you can have a fun time bringing Christian accepted toys into the relationship.

A Christian guideline is that the tool or toy should not resemble, be branded, or have anything to do with another individual, for instant a celebrity, model, and so forth.

3. An uplifting dinner followed by an uplifting film. For something relatively simple, there is still a right way and a wrong way to have a romantic evening. Dinner should not be overbearing and heavy, rather focus on taste as opposed to volume.

Afterwards, watching a film can be very romantic and an excellent way to pave the way towards intimacy with one another. But choose your film wisely and again, aim for something light and uplifting, as opposed to heavy action, thriller, and so forth.

4. When intimacy does arrive, try practicing a new technique, game, or tip you've learned. Massage or kiss an erotic area like the small of the back or underneath the knee's to give an extra boost to your intimate experience.

There are Christian guides available for many ideas on Christian accepted sexual practice, tips, techniques, and games which can create excitement to any special evening.

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