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Staying Focused and Finding a Good Mentor is Your Path to Success – Affiliate Marketing

If you are just starting out in the Internet Marketing business things may be a bit confusing at first. Listening with one ear about how to load up a website and with the other ear trying to learn how to code with HTML is scary to most beginners. When you toss in words like website optimization it can get you to the point of pulling out your hair.

Perhaps at the same time when you are trying to do all this, you are told that you need to put up multiple blogs and write articles to get free traffic to your site. Then you are told you need to learn how to plug into your autoresponder and make opt-in boxes that will fit and look right on that site, load multiple pages, and do not forget about learning how to use a FTP Client and your HTML editor.

Wow, that is a lot to take in when you are first starting out. Oh yea, do not forget that at every turn someone is showing you and e mailing you a new and wonderful way of doing things or another great product. Remembering back, it is surprising to most marketers how they were able to stick with it and stay focused long enough to learn anything.

If you are switching careers to get into the Internet business you have got to stay focused. You are going to have to have a plan. Your niche should be something you like and you need to stay on top of that niche.

Whether your niche focus is about golf or gardening, babies or bicycle, make a decision and focus on that niche. You should not be marketing cars and cellulite cream when that is not the niche you chose. Marketing multiple niche sites is hard to do. When you are more experienced and you have started to make money you will be able to branch out a bit. Right now you should be focused on learning the right things so you can grow and make money.

If you think starting out in this business is easy and you have never done anything like this before in your previous career, do not kid yourself into thinking this is a piece of cake. You are going to spend many hours learning by doing and learning by listening to your mentors.

When you have an Affiliate Program that is as much concerned about your success as you are, you will find this to be a very important aspect of finding success in this business. If you are joining affiliate programs because they pay high taxes and you are clueless how to get traffic to your site without mortgaging the house with pay-per-click ads, then things are going to get pretty tough.

High responsibilities are good, but if you want success you are going to want to set the foundation and learn to walk before you attempt to climb the cliffs. So learn to stay focused and find a good affiliate program that will take you in and teach you to market their product.

You can not put a dollar amount on a good training program, but do not be fooled into thinking you have to pay thousands of dollars for a good mentorship. Yes, there are some mentorships that are better than others, but you would be surprised how far you can go on a hundred bucks.

Remember, if they have a good product and they can teach you how to sell it then it is a “win-win” situation and they know it. That is why some Mentors only charge a small fee for their training. If their product is all that they know they will make more money by making you successful than by charging you huge up-front fees. Ask any smart webmaster and they will tell you this is a true statement.

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