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Top Three Ways To Make Money On The Web!

There's a new gold rush, the rush for internet wealth! People today are becoming aware of the wealth that can be made online and the good part about internet money, it keeps growing!

I have so many friends who ask me about ecommerce because my college friends want two things, money and beer. "Nick, how do you make money online?" I really do not know what to tell them when they ask because I was self taught and I am a horrible teacher. I usually point them to some big affiliate network suck as Clickbank or CJ. But enough about me and my friends, back to the point! I think people need to know the best ways to make money online, forget about the hype online! Do not get scammed!

I put this stuff together so I can just point my buddies in the right direction and let them self educate themselves. First a few rules that you need to follow.

1. Money is hard to get, Period!

2. Your going to work your butt off.

3. Never get discouraged

Now that you know what the rules are let get into the list.

1. What is the first thing you think about when you think "make money online"? EBAY! eBay is still one of the top ways to make some green online. Do you have a closet full of junk? Well that junk could turn into some spending money. I love the concept of eBay and it's the easiest place to start. People make hundreds of thousands of dollars each year working on Ebay. Now do not go into this thinking your going to be the next Bill Gates, but hey! It can be fun!

2. Another route that you can take is affiliate marketing; It's a lot easier than eBay in a few ways. You do not have to have any product or physical object that you sell. You promote someone else's product and get paid a percentage when one is sold. Pretty simple! This by far my favorite method.

3. Create your own way! The one cool thing about the net is people have come up with some pretty interesting ways to make money. You would be surprised.

I've heard that only 10% who try to make money online actually succeed; well I do not think this is actually true. Making money online is pretty easy; however, making a lot of money online is hard. When you take the dive into the online marketplace just do not ever do it unprepared, always seek some sort of advice because you could lose money. There are quite a few online programs and offline resources to help you meet your goals.

I know people who have gone in to the market with guns blazing and be shot down in weeks. So, keep your chin up and head in the right place and you should be fine. Never risk more then you can afford. Look at the internet as a slightly more controllable version of the stock market. Its simply an entity to make you money, now go exploit it!

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3 Essential Tips For Making More Money Online With Article Marketing

Article marketing is a great way to get started with earning money online. It does not cost a dime to write an article and to submit it to dozens of online article directories. The system behind article marketing is easy to comprehend and the necessary steps are obvious.

Neverheless, most people make no money at all with article marketing.

Make sure that you are not one of them. Here are three tips for improving your success rate in article marketing.

1 – Get more people to view your articles

Before people read your article, they first have to click on the title of your article. The title is shown in the search result lists here at EzineArticles but also in search engines like Google. To make sure that people click your article link and not the others, write headlines that spark interest and curiosity. Clearly name a pain or a strong desire to stir up emotions. Also mention what the reader can expect in your article.

For example, the title of the article you are reading right now allegations making money – a strong desire that most people share – and promises to provide help for making this desire come true.

2 – Get more people to click your links

Here, it is important to provide value in your article. If the reader gets the feeling that reading the article was a waste of time, he or she will most likely not click the links in the resource box. Therefore, make sure that you deliver what you promised in the title.

In this article, I provide three tips that can help you make more money with article marketing. That's exactly what I promised in the title.

Also, make sure that the resource box is interesting as well. Remind the reader of his or her pain or desire and mention the benefits that they will get when following the link. If you delivered on your promises in the article and your information was valuable, chances are high that the reader will click through to your website to find more interesting stuff.

3 – Get your articles ranked in search engines like Google and Yahoo

Backlinks to your article are the key to get ranked quickly and to stay in front positions in Google and Yahoo for a long time. If you can dominate the search results for a popular keyword, if your title sounds interesting, and if you provide valuable information, then you will make more money online with article marketing.

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Make Money at Home Online

With gas prices rising to unbelievable prices over the past few years, many people are trying to make the transition from work at their office and the long commute to work everyday to stay in and make money at home. There are obviously many benefits of doing this, such as saving a lot of money on various things, but there are plenty more opportunities to make money at home online now than there ever have been.

A popular way people make money at home online is by using online marketplaces such as eBay. It requires some work to get started, but even then it is not that bad. You just have to find out what people are demanding a lot of. Clothes, electronics, shoes and jewelry are proven things that sell.

After you've decided what you want to sell, get a trusty supplier of the products you need. Wholesalers are all over the place, so finding one should not be too difficult. A good place to inquire is the local or state Chamber of Commerce, which will have listings of wholesalers and businesses in your area.

Once you get your product, you can now use eBay or another online selling site to make money with your products. If you get really ambitious you can even create your own website and sell the products there to make money at home.

If you want to try something else, there are obviously a lot more options. Look for services for which you can telecommute. If you are not much of a sales person, maybe you would be a good virtual assistant, writing for online publications or sometimes online consulting.

Also, many people write reviews, blogs, and articles for companies or individuals. With the rise of social networking sites like MySpace dominating the internet, there are plenty of services you can provide for people using them, such as creating graphics and designing web pages. There are great sites for finding leads, like,, and

If you're not even fully ready to give up your current job, you can use your current business or position to get more clients. If you work as an electrician or a mortgage broker, you can do side jobs. Look for clients that can use your services. You can post on places like, and

The best thing about this is that you will not need any training for this since you are already an expert at it. The most important thing is that you find something you enjoy doing, which many people have, and are able to make money at home online doing so.

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5 Simple Home Business Ideas That Make Money Online

The web is full of thousands of legitimate home business ideas and opportunities where normal people like yourself can make money online. If you have money to start a business up or not, there are so many options to consider. Here are our 5 home business ideas for you to explore and investigate.

1. Freelance work – If you have already developed a skill or gained experience in a particular field there is a great opportunity to do freelance work. This allows you to save time learning the job and get down to business. Some of the areas you can freelance in include freelance writing, copy writing and graphic designing.

2. Affiliate marketing – Affiliate marketing involves you making money selling another company's products. After signing up with the program, you are then given marketing material to promote the company. Every time someone goes to their business through your link and makes a purchase, you make a certain commission from the company. There are so many affiliate programs that it is very important to take time to research them before you choose.

3. eBay – eBay has become a great way for entrepreneurs to make money online over the last few years. One of the best ways to make money off of eBay is purchasing a limited item and selling it for more than you paid for it. Prime examples of this are sports memorabilia, PS3, and cartoon figurines.

4. Rising programs – As the internet continues to evolve, more and more programs continue to arise as well. While there are hundreds of programs to choose from, the key is deciphering the scams from the legitimate home business opportunities. A couple of the top programs on the Internet right now are Success University and Abunza.

5. Create a Web site – A great approach is to create your own web site and allow this to provide multiple products or income streams that could earn you money. By having your own web site you have the ability to promote programs like Abunza and Success University. Having your own web site also gives you the chance to promote affiliate programs. While it is far more time consuming, building your own web site is by far the most gratifying and presents the best opportunity.

This is just a sample of the many opportunities that you could use to make money online. As mentioned above, you are going to find scams along the way. You should always take time to careful research anything you embark on before you spend your money to ensure you avoid any scams. If you can do this, you will be able to find the rising programs and create a successful home business idea.

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Merits and Demerits – Make Money Online at Home

With advances in science and technology, we are not only benefited with their blessings but the demand of money has also greatly increased with the passing of time. Now, everyone wants to earn more while working comfortably, or to say, work while staying at home.

Types of making money online and working at home

There are many ways to make money online and work at home. Some sound and most popular methods of making money online are:

o You can make money by typing ads on web sites.
o You can do jobs like article writing, blog posting, etc.
o You can earn online by doing data entry for any web site or company.
o You can make money by doing paid surveys.
o You can do a job of putting the advertisements of a web site on other sites to promote it.


There are thousands of benefits and benefits of working at home. Some of the greatest are:

o You do not have to leave your home or are not required to go anywhere which minimizes your transport expenses.
o You do not have to dress up formally; many people feel it a tension to tidy up them and go to an office. So online job at home suits them the best.
o You do not have pressure of any boss or college confusing you, so you can work with full concentration.
o Some companies benefits their employees by giving allowances including rental, health, retirement, etc. and giving them bonuses for extra or over-time work.


Everything in this world has both merits and demerits. Some demerits of making money online and working at home are:

o You can have experience and learning while doing a job but as the job is done while staying at your home, you are not able to learn and experience new things.
o Making money online and working at home sometimes, reduced you of your daily routines like morning or evening walk, shopping, etc.

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How to Make Money Starting a House Clearance Business

The old adage ‘killing two birds with one stone’ never rang truer than when it came to the house clearance business. Not only are you being paid to dispose of your clients unwanted possessions, you can keep whatever you take and sell it on. In this article I’m going to tell you how to make the most of this brilliant opportunity.

There are various reasons a person may require a house clearance business; be it rented properties abandoned by previous tenants, deceased estates, clients emigrating or even commercial businesses such as shops, restaurants or offices going bust. The list could go on, meaning your day-to-day jobs may vary greatly. Regardless of where you are needed, the service you are providing is one that is always in demand.

Most house clearance businesses charge a variable fee (although some do it for free with the incentive of selling on the acquired items.) Get a few quotes from your competition for an idea of the prices charged in the area you wish to cover. Then breakdown a rough estimate of your overhead expenses and work out how to make a fair profit. Before giving your customer a price, have a look around the area they are wishing to have cleared and take into account the size and the amount of items you will be able to sell on.

Getting started, the three following things are a must. Firstly, access to transport, such as a large van or trailer is essential. You can hire these out on a day-to-day basis, remembering to ring around and get the best quote.

Next you are going to need help from another able-bodied person when moving the heavier items. A good idea here is to look into people who advertise their services, such as ‘man with a van’ ads, so as you are getting the help and transport for the one price. Alternatively, see if you can enlist the help of friends or family, perhaps for a small fee.

Lastly, once you have acquired your items you are going to need somewhere to store them whilst waiting on them being sold. See what rates your local self-storage units are offering, or ask about using or renting a friend’s garage, if you haven’t one of your own.

Once this is organised you now need to spread the word of your business. The internet is a powerful tool, and one of the first things you should use to advertise your company. Check out local selling sites such as ‘ Gumtree ‘ or ‘ Craigslist ‘, where it’s free to post an ad. State what you are doing clearly, along with your contact details. Try and put a spin on things to make your ad stand out and to entice customers, such as being an alternative to skip hire.

Print leaflets and post them in the areas you wish to cover. A good idea is to call into local estate agents and ask them to display some leaflets for prospective customers who are in the midst of selling their home, and thus wishing to have it cleared.

Putting an ad in the newspaper is another sure-fire way to generate attention. Don’t just limit yourself to newspapers. The Yellow Pages and advertising magazines is somewhere potential customers may look.

Last but not least – as with any business, building up a good reputation is invaluable. Do this by making sure you are always punctual – when arranging a date and time, always stick to it. Remember to be tactful, as there is a possibility your customer may have recently lost somebody close to them. Be careful not to damage the house itself & remember to leave everything clean and tidy – this means hoovering and mopping, as well as giving bathrooms and kitchens a going over.

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How to Make Money With Mobile Home Parks

We see all types of deals out there. Small parks. Large parks. RV parks. But the deals that make money all seem to share the same DNA. Here's a short course in the basics of making money with mobile home parks – just in time for the New Year.

To make money, buy only parks that will not lose money

I know it sounds elementary, but the first rule of making money is to make sure you buy a park that will not lose money. What this means is that the park in question already has a positive cash flow sufficient to cover the note payment and provide a return on capital. What does this eliminate? You got it – parks that sell at a price higher than a 10% cap rate, and parks that are vacant. If you buy a park at a 4% cap rate, then how are you going to make any money? Never buy into the concept of land appreciation. While that might sell well in California and Florida, that's not the mobile home park business – that's land speculation. We are in the income property business, and the only way values ​​rise is when income arises. If you are starting out at a 4% cap rate, then it will take you a lifetime just to get the park in a position where it is worth what you paid for it. Do not be a sucker.

Focus on parks that have upside that you can control

A good mobile home park will have upside in raising rents and cutting costs. These are variables that you can control. RVs and mobile homes moving in are things you can not. Raising your rents is one of the best ways to make money – every dollar you bring in goes straight to the bottom line with no time, effort or risk on your part. Sub-metering water and billing it back to the customer is another great strategy. It costs money up front, but it is a fast pay back. Cutting costs, such as replacing the manager with a less expensive alternative or appealing property taxes, are another great way to increase the net income, without a lot of effort and capital investment.

Buying a park at a 10% cap rate is great – but you need some additional upside, even if it's only raising the rent annually.

Do terrific due diligence

If you do lousy due diligence – or none at all – you will probably never make any money with a mobile home park, unless it is through sheer luck. Due diligence is what allows you to confirm that the park is a good buy, and to detect a clunker and ditch it early on. When you do great due diligence, the odds that you will make money are huge, and that you will fail slow. When we talk to people who have done well with their park, they all share a propensity to do great diligence. When people call us who have parks that do not work and will not sell, you find that they have done no basic research at all prior to buying the park.

And be a decent operator

You do not have to be a great manager to have a successful park. But you can not be terrible. You have to know how to collect rent and stay on top of rules violations, and hold expenses down. You would be shocked at some of the income and expense statements we see on parks we do due diligence on. And the property condition is even worse. Even if you buy the greatest deal in the world, it's not going anywhere if you do not know how to run it.


The mobile home park industry is being fueled by the decline of the US economy – and this is a huge market shift, not just a fad. There is plenty of money to be made in mobile home parks. But you have to go about it the right way.

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Best Way To Make Money Online – Paid Survey

Everywhere you look these days, it looks that everyone is seeking the best way to make money online. Most online businesses can make money. How much you want to make? How much time you want to set aside for your home business? Making money online is not new and everyone seems to be doing just that. Why? This is because it's easy to make money through Internet Marketing.

Everything you do has a starting point. Begin with making a list of what you are good at. Let us say you are good in writing. Then you would want to become a freelance writer and cash in big money.

Every work you want to do, some effort from your part is absolutely vital. You are in a world where competition is in every corner. So, you want to prove that you are the best. How? You need to do some research. See what people in similar job of your interest are doing. It really is a huge time saver. Like anything else, there is trial and error. You must not give up when you fail the first time. Find ways to improve yourself.

Many different types of niches are available sometimes it can be tough to narrow down your interest. When you get in the world of internet marketing, business opportunities will come to you. You will be looking at maybe ten or fifteen ways to make money online. You need to make a short list. Try to select four or five jobs that you think you can master. Pick the one that you have more experience on and start working on it.

From that point you want to look into means to develop how to make money on your chosen niche. You need to find the resources available. Let's say you want to make quick cash with little effort. You might want to take survey job. This could be a good start for the best home business. It's easy and you can do it in the comfort of your home.

Have you heard of "Paid Surveys Authority"?

If you are interested in making serious money while working at home just by taking surveys, then you found what you were looking for.

Did you know?

Big companies spend billions of dollars on market research by paying people like you to give your opinion on online paid surveys, but surprisingly these companies actually struggle to find people to fill the tens of thousands vacant surveys positions available each year. In fact they are still desperate of what you have to say. Not only will they pay you for answering some simple questions but a lot of the time the will send you free product to review in the comfort of your own home.

Did you know that every day there are over 100,000 new job opportunities to make money online with simple tasks that anyone can do?

How Much Can You Make?

That will depend entirely on your own dedication, motivation and willingness.

You may have searched for different opportunities online but are still unsure who to trust, I know the feeling and you have come to the right place. I have been in your shoes too and have spent time and money on useless resources. Now I have made a small selection of niches to work with and willing to share with you.

You are starting something new and as such, you will face stumbling block. Like meeting people online who seem totally honest and look like they really want to help you but they are not. They are opportunist and only after one thing, making themselves rich. So, you end up wasting your time and money and even worse you self-esteem. Like anything else you need to be confident on what you are doing. Yet, you must never give up.

Best way to make money online can be easy as long you get a good and trust worthy helping hand. I like to think to hold the torch and lead the way out of the darkness. There are many Internet Marketing products out there and will try to show you ways to make money online. I have unfortunately tried many of them the good and the bad. I have basically gone through the rough path and now in a position to only recommend the ones that i think will work for you. I want you to be successful online and build a great business and make your dreams come true.

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How to Make Money Online – No Sales Pitch!

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make a living because you are your own boss and can decide how you spend your time as well as money, but at the same time affiliate marketing enables you to promote anything that you want because there are affiliate programs and offers which are related to really any niche that you can think of.

This article is going to explain how to make money online with affiliate marketing with no sales pitch, refreshing isn’t it?

The first thing you need in how to make money online in affiliate marketing is a website. I like to use WordPress which is a free blogging software which makes setting up and managing a website a breeze, even if you’ve never done it before and or consider yourself to be technologically impaired. I’m going to link to a resource at the end of this article to show you exactly how to set up an attractive website for free using WordPress in under 10 minutes.

You can choose from thousands of free themes which are basically different designs for your website which get set up as quickly as with one click of your mouse.

After your website is set up, you need to sign up for some affiliate networks with products and other offers which you can promote on your website which are related to the focus or subject matter of your website. You can do a simple Google search plus the phrase “affiliate” to find offers and things which you can promote or you can use a free service like Offervault which gives you a listing of affiliate products and offers which relate to your keyword of choice and this enables you to search across multiple affiliate networks at once to find the one with the best offer for you to promote so you can sign up just for that one network specifically knowing that it has what you want to promote.

Now you just need to write about whatever it is that you are promoting on your website. You can create a review of that product on your website and then send the traffic of anyone who comes to your website to the actual product’s web page via your affiliate link.

After you’ve done all of this, it’s really just a matter of bringing in traffic towards your webpage. You can write articles on article directories like right here on EzineArticles, you can purchase traffic on major advertising networks online like Google or Facebook, or you can tap any number of the hundreds of other traffic sources which are out there waiting for you.

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Make Money From Home Ideas for the Mature Woman Over 50 – And The Beat Goes On!

Running your own home business or making money on the internet is not just for the younger generation. As a woman of a certain age, you have a wealth of life experience to share and interesting stories to tell. You can use your knowledge and experience to create a profitable home business by using any of these make money from home ideas.

The number one advantage you have is that you belong to one of the highest spending groups for online shopping. You know what women of your age group are looking to buy when they shop online, so you are perfectly placed to profit from this information.

Affiliate Marketing

When you recommend products to others and they go on to buy them, you get paid a commission. This is called affiliate marketing. Many large retailers of fashion, cosmetics, health and home products belong to one or several of the affiliate networks such as Commission Junction, which is one of the largest. When you become a member of these networks you can recommend and market any of the products available from any of the retailers that partner with them. You can also be an affiliate of Amazon, who sell practically everything, and even eBay.

Of course to market products online you are going to need some kind of website or blog. This can be daunting to the more mature woman as it can involve learning some new technical skills. However there are ways around this and sites that enable affiliate marketing and other make money from home ideas to be set up easily and with very little technical skill required.

One of the places where you can easily make your own web pages and sell affiliate products is a site called Squidoo. This is also completely free to do. It is even possible to sell from your Squidoo pages, called lenses, without having any affiliate accounts of your own as they provide revenue sharing modules for Amazon, eBay, CafePress and others. Squidoo lenses are simple to make and an easy way to get started making money from home. There are other similar sites such as HubPages and Wizzley who also operate a revenue sharing system.

Writing for Cash

If making your own websites for affiliate marketing purposes does not appeal to you, another option could be freelance writing. Your wealth of life experience can provide you with the ability to write articles on all kinds of topics. There are many sites online where site owners and bloggers advertise for writers to write articles for them to post on their websites. As a beginner you may have to write for a fairly low rate to start off with, but once you have built up a portfolio and a good reputation as a writer you can set your own prices.

Other Online Make Money from Home Ideas

There are numerous other ways to make an income online:

If you are good at photography you could sell your photos on stock photo sites or make them into products to sell on Zazzle. If you make crafts at home you could sell them on Etsy.

These are just a few ideas for running a home business and making money online. There are a wealth of different methods for you to explore that are perfectly suited to a woman with your talents and experience.

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