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How To Become An Info Product Affiliate Marketer?

At anytime, you can just become an affiliate to a website to start making a decent income through the benefit of helping a website owner to sell their product to millions of hungry customers. Some websites do offer free affiliate programs to anyone who are interested to sell their products. The affiliate then sells the product in return for a percentage of commission sale. You can expect to receive the commission payout from 5% to 50% (and some may even pay, as much as 70% or more) as an affiliate. Most of the percentage of the commission schemes are vary from different sites.

Another specific requirement in some affiliate programs is that you may be required to purchase the product or join their paid program in order to have the rights to promote it as an affiliate. This is a perfect terms with it’s legality and always stay higher up the board. Usually, the only reason for the website owner setting this requirement is that the owner wants to make sure that the salesmen are familiar with the product to ease down confusion in future if there is any. (As a matter of fact, in the world of sales, they generally say that people who utilize their own products would have been getting much higher sales volume.)

There are a plenty of websites on the internet that listed the different types of affiliate programs available on the market nowdays. To search for an affiliate program related to what you are looking for, please fire up your browser and browse to Google, yahoo or MSN search engine then type in “Affiliate Program Directory” and see what I mean, you will get plenty of the result appeared on your screen. To make things much simpler and easy, you can also go straight to this 7 popular affiliate directories as stated below:

  1. associateprograms
  2. affiliate-programs-directory
  3. affiliateseeking
  4. affiliatetip
  5. affiliatescout
  6. affiliateguide
  7. affiliateprograms

When you join an affiliate program, you will receive an affiliate ID or a link that is exclusively created for you which you can locate it from your affiliate profile (sometimes you can even select your preferred ID). This ID is usually embedded with a special URL that you will need to use to market the product. The URL is used to track all the sales and credits you generated when you promote the product as the seller. Always make sure that you keep a list of any affiliate URLs you may have, so that you can easily refer back to it in at anytime.

Actually, starting on affiliate marketing is not that difficult. However, indeed it is consuming plenty of times and promotional efforts. Why not spend your efforts in a direction that would actually maximize your profit potentially? That is, choose the best product for programs and group them up with your own products to effectively add multiple streams of income through the power of affiliate marketing. If like to proceed with this way, then you can simply look for products that have an affiliate program on the market that fit your chosen topic.

In conclusion, if you are interested to learn more about how to market your products with affiliate programs, please do a search on “affiliate training program” in Google search engine. There are literally thousands of sites available that can teach you how to market your products using affiliate programs.

If you decide to go with further with the affiliate route, then there are a ton of resources out there there ready to show you how to become an info product affiliate marketer.

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How Can One Become a Lazy Affiliate and Still Earn With Affiliate Sales Videos?

Can you remember when last you saw a door to door salesman? There was a time when it was the most common way of selling products along with advertisements in newspapers, magazines coupled with hoardings etc.

Then came internet; and people started using it more and more. It’s easier also you see; instead of going to a thousand people personally, one can send mails over the internet to not a thousand but millions of people. The market got widened. From one city or state, the whole world became potential market. The enormous size of the market made it difficult for companies to handle it on their own, no matter how big the company might be. So they sought alternate ways of tapping the market.

Thus originated the idea of affiliate marketing. Recruit affiliates, pay them a percentage of profit and they will do the internet marketing on behalf of the company. No salary to pay either. Sale and earn, can’t sale, no earning. A new breed of salesmen came into being, affiliate marketers.

The affiliates relentlessly keep on trying to sell the products. They promote the products through their web sites or blogs, through bulk e-mail marketing, physical efforts to friends and relatives, advertising over the internet and such other ways.

This advertising took another leap with the introduction of online sale video. Instead of sending a mail, one now sends a video mail. This type of mail has tremendous effects on the potential buyers. A few words or texts were what the affiliate marketers have so far been using to promote their products. But emotions can hardly be conveyed trough words or letters alone. When one gets video mails instead, in addition to the words spoken, he is attracted to the person also through his physical and oratory powers because now he is actually seeing the person talking to him.

But then, each one of us is not that proficient in talking. After all each and every person is not endowed by the lord with good oratory power. Creating videos is expensive also and at the same time demands technical skill which a commoner might not be able to execute. Here comes the importance of ready made affiliate sale videos.

As you know, videos tend to attract traffic to a great extent. Think of YouTube or the like video sites. See the amount of traffic such sites enjoy each and every day. So what if we could get our hands to some videos produced by technically sound experts and use it to promote our products?

Affiliate sale videos, as told above, are designed and produced by experts and are encoded with the affiliate links of the purchasers. These videos do an excellent work for preselling the products.

Some of the sellers also provide some bonuses along with the videos like sales letters. These letters are generally for clickbank products and encoded with the purchaser’s clickbank affiliate id. These need to be only plugged in to autoresponders and has the ability of catching leads as well as selling the product.

I feel this is a good option for the affiliates to try. Affiliates send a lot of mails anyway to increase sales. Why not send video mails i,e, affiliate sale videos? If one has the ability to produce the video mails, well and good. But those who do not have the ability or can not afford the cost; the alternative of buying low priced sale videos is an excellent idea to convert. The difference in sales will be visible within a few weeks.

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How And When To Use Por, Para and Porque in Spanish

Some beginner students (and advanced) usually have some problems with when they should use POR, PARA or PORQUE and it can be one of the most frustrating topics to learn in all of Spanish. In this lesson we are going to review some rules to recognize when we should use one or another.

We use POR when we want to speak about the reason behind something. In this case you have to use a noun after POR.

POR + Noun: “Me gusta Buenos Aires por el clima.” (I like Buenos Aires because of the weather.)

“Como pollo por las proteínas que tiene.” (I eat chicken because it has protein.)

In Spanish you should use PARA when you are speaking about the objective of an action or the objective of an object. In this case you will use the verb in the infinitive form. PARA + Infinitive Verb: “Ahorro dinero para viajar a otro pais”. (I save money to travel to another country.)/ “El lapiz sirve para escribir.” (The pencil is used to write.).

Finally, we use Porque when you are speaking about the reason of something, but instead of using just the infinitive of the verb, we use the conjugation of the verb.

PORQUE + Conjugated Verb: “Voy a comprarme ropa nueva porque quiero estar elegante esta noche”.

(I am going to buy new clothes because I want to be elegant tonight.)

So, when someone asks you: “Por que estudias espanol?”

(Why do you study Spanish?), you can answer in different ways:

Por mi trabajo. (Because of my job.)

Por el crecimiento del mercado latino. (Because of the growth of the Latin market.)

Para poder comunicarme con personas que hablan espanol. (To be able to communicate with people who speak Spanish.)

Para viajar por Sudamerica. (For travelling around South America.)

Porque me gusta. (Because I like it.)

Porque quiero conseguir un trabajo mejor. (Because I want to find a better job.)

This little lesson doesn’t cover all aspects of when to use POR, PARA and PORQUE, but it should give you a good start at understanding some important differences of when they are used. Be on the lookout for more lessons about POR, PARA Y PORQUE in the future.

I will end this lesson by mentioning a couple of learning Spanish tools that you can use to increase your knowledge about this topic. The Practice Makes Perfect books are among the best for learning Spanish. There are currently about a dozen books in the Practice Makes Perfect series, covering various topic from vocabulary to grammar. Another one that I have recommended to my students is the Learning Spanish Like Crazy audio course which teaches informal or familiar Spanish, but not slang.

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Rare PEZ Dispensers – Is Yours Worth Anything?

Did you know that there are actually rare PEZ dispensers that are worth a lot of money? There are hundreds of PEZ dispensers that have been produced, including ones for popular cartoons and even movies. Take into account the vast number of PEZ candy dispensers out there, with the different variations of each one, and you can easily see how finding out which ones are valuable may be a tough task. If you want to know if your PEZ dispenser is worth anything, here are a few tips to help you figure it out. Of course, you could also use these tips to find rare PEZ dispensers worth investing in. Lots of people are actually avid collectors!

1. Does it have feet? One of the ways you can tell if you have one of the rare PEZ dispensers is to look and see if there are “feet”. At the bottom of your dispenser, is there a part that helps it stand up right? If not, it was probably made before 1987. Rare dispensers that are older like that are worth more.

2. How it is packaged (if at all) will also play a role in how valuable it is. MOMC stands for Mint on Mint Card. This is the most valuable, as it has the card and has not been scratched, bent or damaged in any way. Next valuable is MOC, which stands for Mint on Card. This means it’s on cardboard and is covered with a plastic blister. After that is MIB, which means Mint in Bag. MIB means your PEZ

dispenser is in a cellophane bag. The least valuable is a one that is not packaged at all.

3. The older ones are usually more valuable. Check the patent number on your PEZ dispenser. There will be a lot of numbers, but just go by the first two. For example 2,604,331 would be shortened to just 2.6 There are five different “groups” it could fall in:

• 2.6 – If it falls in this group, then it is from 1952

• 3.4 – If it falls in this group, then it is from 1968

• 3.9 – If it falls in this group, then it is from 1976

• 4.9 – If it falls in this group, then it is from 1990

Of course, if you’re serious about finding the most valuable ones you could invest in a price guide. They are very helpful, because it can be a challenge to figure out if your dispenser is worth a lot of money. There are different variations of dispensers. For instance, a Batman dispenser could sell for over $175… but not just any Batman one. It has to be the right one. The one that sells for that has a gray base and a soft head. It is also one of those ones with no feet like we talked about earlier. So if your Batman PEZ dispenser has feet, a black base and head and is MOC – you’re actually only going to get a few bucks for it. PEZ dispenser price guides will be able to help you identify each one’s worth much easier.

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Were the Distributors of Melaleuca Or the Company at Fault in the Lawsuit?

Fourteen distributors sued their uplines and the company because they stated that they inflated, and misrepresenting the distributor retention rate. Now, a lot of people in the MLM industry look at the companies retention rate as a way to measure growth and success. I will say that, to lie about known facts is wrong and to tell people it it is better than what it is to entice people into the company is wrong. Now, I will say that the burden of any company can not control the retention rate, unless it is because they deliver a sub-par product, or they do not compensate the individuals for what they earn. Now, I also find it interesting, because the upline can not control the retention of people, because if your people are not building the business, and not working, of course you will have a low retention rate.

I will say that the information from the company has to be accurate, because they are the ones sharing the information, and sometimes, inaccurate information is worse than giving the real information. Now, this is where I believe the company was more at fault, because in a 1979 lawsuit, Amway said they had a 50% retention rate. Well Melaleuca decided, they wanted the numbers to look better, so they said it was like 94%. Now, the fact on the number being reported and someone could have misunderstood, was that the company posts that 95% of the customers that order this month will likely reorder next month. This is not retention, this is reorder rate. Now, anyone can skew the number because a lot of the Melaleuca clients are put on an automatic shipment and the customer sometimes does not know it due to distributors not disclosing it, and the fact that you must have an order to be paid as a distributor. Therefore, sure distributors will be setting up and having orders.

But, here is what I want to say about Melaleuca and all other network marketing companies or multi-level marketing companies. If you truly want to have high retention numbers, face the facts. Facts, man, just the facts. We know people are looking to make money, and they are tired of being taken advantage of. Now, because they are tired with the corporate structures out there and do not want to work more hours and be paid less, they look for options and yes network marketing is attractive, but it also has killed many peoples belief, due to the fact of unethical practices. This is where I want to encourage Melaleuca distributors to make a change in the industry.

I know that you are bringing people into your business from all walks of life and educational experiences. A 20 year old young lady, a gentleman that worked in technology, and a housekeeper, may decide they want to work with your company. Now, this is great, but who are you and what is your experience to help someone? Now, maybe you have had a business in auto sales, insurance or real estate, and you learned to market and you are very successful. You need to teach those people coming to you how to market. That is the key word in the industry, it is network MARKETING, or multi-level MARKETING. No you do not need to be a sales person, their is a difference. If you attack it from sales, you will be very unhappy. In sales, you are trying to convince someone to do something they really do not want to do and part with something they do not want to part with. In most cases, it is money. In marketing, you need to help someone that has a need, want or desire find what will take away that need, want or desire. Now, what would happen if you lived in a dessert and someone came up to you and was thirsty. You have a business where you sell sand. You have a big supply, are you going to give that person a glass of sand once he gives you the money? I hope not. That is someone in sales. Now, the marketer on the other hand, may not have water, but maybe has a soda, or tells the person, I am sorry, I can not assist you, but my neighbor, John, has a well that has the freshest water on the face of the earth. This is where even because you did not get a sale, you still helped the person. Now, that person will remember and when he decides to build a home and needs sand for the cement may come back to you.

Now, this is what you need to do in your company and in the industry. Help provide the solutions to those that need your products. So that is where I tell you get help on the marketing side. Now, just because you learned to market back in the 70’s, does not mean you know everything in marketing. You need to learn new ways with new tools that have come out since then, so you can help your people find the right group that wants what you have. Now, here is why I say take ownership for your downline. Do not teach the old school methods, make sure you invest in you and then you can help them better.

Network Marketing is very much about helping others and finding the people you can help. If you can teach people how to find those people who want your product and you help your team duplicate this, people will be growing their businesses. No one will care about some number, the only number they should care about is their business growing, and if it is growing, are you helping people on your team! If you are, you are retaining your team.

Most people do not get this. Find someone like myself who is willing to help you learn what you do not know. There is a saying “you don’t know what you don’t know, and you won’t know until you do’. What is it about your business that you don’t know? Be honest with yourself on struggles you are having.

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The Purpose of Digressions in Beowulf

Few other features are more characteristic of Beowulf than the use of numerous digressions and distinct episodes. While some scholars have made attempts to show that the digressions, or some of them at least, have something in them which is inappropriate to the main narrative and are detrimental to the poetic value of Beowulf, this essay will argue that the digressions and episodes provide a conscious balance and unity and, in fact, contribute to the artistic value of the poem. Beowulf scholar Adrien Bonjour divides the digressions and episodes into four categories: the Scyld episode; digressions concerning Beowulf and the Geats; historical or legendary digressions not connected with Beowulf and the Geats; and Biblical digressions. It is within this structure where we will explore specific digressions and determine their role in the poem.

Before we inspect specific digressions, it is important to provide a brief justification for their presence in general. As Bonjour observes, the poet adeptly uses digressions to add to the coloring of the poem, to serve as a foil to a given situation, to contribute to the historical interest and significance, to provide symbolic value which contributes to the effect and understanding of the poem, and to heighten artistic effect. In addition, the digressions contain welcome information about the hero’s life. It is through digressing that the poet presents the values and perspectives that are to be understood. Action is, after all, only action.

In his division of the digressions and episodes, Bonjour gives the Scyld episode its own category, probably because it is the longest digression from the main narrative in the poem, and possibly because it raises so many questions. At first glance, the opening of the poem with Scyld and the genealogy of the Danish kings seems strangely out of place in a poem about Beowulf, a Geatish hero. But upon further study, a significant parallelism can be found between Scyld and Beowulf. First, both Scyld and Beowulf came miraculously to liberate the Danes. Scyld, being the first liberator in the poem, foreshadows Beowulf who comes later. A second touch of parallelism between the two kings can be found in their inglorious youth. Scyld was found a wretched and abandoned child and Beowulf is conspicuous for his inglorious youth. The striking reversal in their fortunes is clearly stressed by the poet.

Bonjour points out that another artistic purpose in this episode is the glorification of the Scyldings. Had the distressing condition at Heorot served as the only introduction to Beowulf’s mission, this may have created an impression of weakness on the part of the Danes. As we will see later, if the Danes had not been glorified at the beginning of the poem, the greatness of Beowulf may have been diminished.

Finally, the striking contrast of the funeral scenes are endowed with a “symbolic value which heightens the artistic value” and the unity of the entire poem. The beautiful description of Scyld’s funeral suggests a beginning and is the symbol of a glorious future. In contrast, Beowulf’s funeral symbolizes the end of a glorious past while the future is fraught with foreboding.

The Scyld episode allows the poet the use of two of his favorite devices: parallelism and contrast. The contrast between Scyld and Beowulf is perhaps one of the finest artistic achievements in the poem, and the parallelism between the two kings may well be summed up in the legendary epitaph of a cowboy as indicated by J.D.A. Ogilvy and Donald Baker: “Here lies Bronco Bill. He always done his damnedest”.

The next of Bonjour’s categorical divisions regards the digressions concerning Beowulf and the Geats. The first of this group that we will examine is Beowulf’s fight against giants. This digression serves a twofold purpose: it allows the hero his convention of boasting, and it also, however subtly, allies the hero with God. The immediate purpose of this mention of a glorious feat in Beowulf’s early life is to give us an illustration of his uncommon strength, and to give at the same time a justification for his arrival at the Danish court. It also sets Beowulf up as a specialist in fighting monsters: “I came from the fight where I had bound five, destroyed a family of giants…”. The art of boasting is important in an epic hero as it showcases his accomplishments and glorifies his name. As Victor Bromberg denotes, a man’s name is very important in epic poetry because it becomes equal to the sum of his accomplishments.

The second function of this digression is to surreptitiously ally Beowulf with God. When Beowulf pits his strength against the giants, he is unwittingly allying himself with the true God of Christianity. This lends dignity to the heathen hero who, without knowing it, is fighting on the right side after all.

In the Ecgtheow digression we learn that Beowulf’s father has killed Heatholaf, a member of the powerful Wilfing tribe, and has begun a feud from whose consequences the Geats cannot protect him, and he has fled to the court of Hrothgar. Hrothgar, consequently, pays his wergild to the Wilfings. Bonjour asserts that this digression serves two purposes: first, it creates one more bond between Beowulf and the Danes; second, it counterbalances the fact that the Danes are accepting help from Beowulf.

The Unferth episode serves primarily as a foil to emphasize Beowulf’s greatness. In spite of the sinister overtones of Unferth’s reputation, the poet also shows him as a distinguished thane. Had Unferth been reduced to a mere swashbuckler, Beowulf’s superiority over him would not have meant so much as it actually does. In his essay “Beowulf: The monsters and the Critics”, Professor J.R.R. Tolkien suggests that Beowulf’s conquest of the nicors in his youth are referred to [in this digression] as a presage to the kind of hero we are dealing with. Beowulf’s answer to Unferth’s criticism also establishes him as a man to reckon with in words as well as with his sword. So, from this digression we learn Beowulf’s qualifications for cleansing Heorot, and also that the hero is not only a great warrior, but a man capable of delivering a coup de grâce in a battle of wits.

Bonjour notes that the first allusion in the poem to the fall of Hygelac gives us a fine instance of a particular use of contrast characteristic of Beowulf. It is ironic that the first hint of Hygelac’s fall should be called up by the description of the treasures given to Beowulf by Queen Wealtheow after Beowulf’s victory over Grendel. It looks as if there are already some implications of the same nature as those to be met with in the Dragon story where, as Bonjour remarks, the beauty of the treasure of the Dragon’s hoard stands out in contrast to the curse attached to it. Here, the necklace is among “[the finest] under the heavens”, yet Hygelac had it when he was slain.

Next, we will look at the digression on Beowulf’s inglorious youth and Heremod’s tragedy in conjuntion with one another. Heremod’s tragedy actually falls outside the structure proposed by Adrien Bonjour as it has nothing to do with Beowulf and the Geats directly. However, we will bring the Heremod digression out of the proposed structure since it provides such an important contrast to Beowulf’s inglorious youth.

The short digression on Beowulf’s inglorious youth is but another touch that contributes to the glorification of the hero. The inglorious youth heightens the effect of his later glorious deeds and makes them all the more remarkable by way of contrast. But this digression reaches its full effect when contrasted with the tragedy of Heremod. In Hrothgar’s speech to Beowulf, we learn that Heremod was a strong, valiant hero whose career showed great promise, but that he subsequently proved to be a bad ruler. Beowulf, on the other hand, is first despised but he has now grown into a glorious hero. Heremod’s tragedy redefines, though negatively, what a good king should be. Thus we have a poor beginning (by Beowulf) followed by a prodigious ascent contrasted with a brilliant promise (by Heremod) ending in a miserable downfall.

The next digression to be examined concerns Hygelac’s death in Friesland and Beowulf’s return by swimming and his subsequent guardianship of Heardred. The poet tells us how Beowulf escapes from Friesland, where Hygelac is slain, by swimming back to his country with thirty to panoplies of armour on his arm. Obviously, this part of the digression serves to further glorify Beowulf’s extraordinary abilities. Later, we learn that Beowulf turns down Queen Hygd’s offer of the Geatish throne in favor of acting as counsel to Heardred, the rightful heir. Beowulf’s refusal of the crown illustrates his moral greatness. Here, the Geats present a striking contrast to the Danes. Ogilvy and Baker suggest that unlike Wealtheow, who is obsessed with securing the succession of her sons to the throne, Hygd asks Beowulf to take the throne in favor of her own son for the good of the people. This contrast is made even greater when compared to the situation at the Danish court where Hrothulf seizes his uncle’s throne. The story of the Danish succession serves as a foil: on the one side we have a treacherous usurpation, and on the other, a refusal to accept the crown out of sheer loyalty. Along with the glorification of Beowulf, this digression brings the theme of loyalty to the forefront.

In seeking the Dragon’s den, Beowulf makes a long speech in which he looks back over his life from the time when, at the age of seven, he came to the court of his grandfather, King Hrethel. The immediate purpose of Beowulf’s long speech appears to be a pause so that the hero can gather strength and resolution by looking back over a life of valiant deeds. But this digression goes much deeper when we read into King Hrethel’s angst over his eldest son, Herebeald, who is accidentally slain by his brother Hæthcyn. The accidental killing suggests the inexorability of wyrd (fate), and on the other hand, the poignant lament of Hrethel prepares the dominant mood of the end of the poem (Bonjour 34). This thematic “Christian” acceptance of earthly woes anticipates the rationale of Beowulf’s actions. He, too, will accept his fate. Bonjour states that the appearance of wyrd here is of great importance as it gives us the keynote of not only the digression, but of the whole ending of the poem.

The Last Survivor’s Speech is an elegy cut from the same cloth: “Baleful death has sent away many races of men”. Tolkien states that here, the poet is handling an ancient theme: that man, each man and all men, and all their works shall die.

In the short digression on Weohstan (Wiglaf’s father) and his slaying of Eanmund, we learn of the history of Wiglaf’s sword. The primary purpose of this digression is to give us something of Wiglaf’s pedigree, and to establish that Wiglaf is not ordinary, he is of the same blood as Beowulf. The establishing of Wiglaf’s history is important, because if this part were played by any other Geat, Beowulf’s heroic courage would appear to have been matched by an ordinary human. Also, there is a definite parallel between Wiglaf’s loyalty to Beowulf, and Beowulf’s loyalty to Hygelac.

The last digression that we will look at in this division deals again with Hygelac’s fall and the battle at Ravenswood. Since Hygelac’s raid, the enmity between Franks and Geats has remained. The Swedes are not to be trusted either since Beowulf’s death is likely to rekindle their memory of the feud between them and the Geats. With the opening of this last digression, Bonjour observes that the poet allows us to catch a glimpse of what the future has in store for the Geats. Plainly, the author is using Wiglaf’s messenger as a means to foreshadow the fate that awaits the Geatish nation.

The third category of digressions concerns historical or legendary digressions not directly connected with Beowulf and the Geats. The first digression in this category concerns the fate of Heorot. No sooner has the poet described the glorious building of Heorot than he concludes, “it would wait for the fierce flames of vengeful fire”. The allusion is to the feud between Ingeld and Hrothgar. This illustrates another example of the poet telling his story with a kind of structural irony which alternates prosperous with tragic events. Here, William Alfred remarks that Hrothgar is set up as the heroic king of a loyal comitatus, but suddenly, what begins as a description of the impressive halls of Heorot breaks down into an account of its destruction by fire in a feud. On this point, Bonjour mentions that the contrast inherent between a harmonious situation and a brief intimation of disaster adds to the impression of melancholy in which so much of the poem is steeped.

After Beowulf has killed Grendel, a scop improvises a lay in honor of Beowulf and compares him to Sigemund and Heremod. Sigemund was a great slayer of monsters and the greatest adventurer since the unfortunate Heremod. Beowulf, they say, is comparable to Sigemund. Sigemund and Heremod are inroduced to give us a standard of comparison for Beowulf. Bonjour surmises that this whole digression is certainly intended to praise the hero.

The next digression we will examine begins abruptly as Beowulf is returning home from Hrothgar’s court. We are given a description of Hygelac’s court before Beowulf’s arrival, and here begins the digression. The passage is devoted to a comparison between Hygd, Hygelac’s queen, and Modthryth, queen of Offa, king of the Angles before their migration to England. At first glance, Modthryth may seem, like Heremod, to be merely a bad character introduced to heighten the virtues of a good one (Hygd) by contrast. Modthryth, however, is more complex than that. She begins as a cruel and tyrannous princess, but redeems herself once on the Anglican throne at Offa’s side. This opposition provides a connecting link between this episode and Heremod’s tragedy. However, the respective careers of Heremod and Modthryth run exactly opposite courses. This digression serves several purposes: Modthryth serves as a foil to Hygd; the connection to Heremod again stresses the “abuse of power” theme, and Modthryth’s beginning could also be viewed as a parallel to Beowulf’s inglorious youth; an unsavory beginning which blossoms into a glorious end.

We will examine the Finn and Ingeld episodes together since the parallelism between the two is unmistakable. The Finn episode is an account of a blood-feud between the Danes and the Frisians. Hnæf’s sister, Hildeburh is a Danish princess who was married to King Finn of the Frisians in order to bring an end to the feud. The peace, however, is short-lived and the Finn episode points directly to the theme of the precarious truce between the two peoples. The prophetic telling of the tale of Ingeld by Beowulf suggests that the martial alliance between the Danish princess, Freawaru, and Ingeld, prince of the Heathobards will yield similar results. Bonjour claims that the central theme of the two episodes is exactly the same, that tribal enmity sooner or later sweeps away all attempts at human compromise. Indeed, this also proves to be a central theme of the entire poem.

The final category in which to make note is the digressions of Biblical character. Owing to their Christian element, the Song of Creation as well as the allusion to the Giants’ war against God and the allusions to Cain all take a front row seat.

The Song of Creation appears almost simultaneously with the introduction of Grendel, “There he spoke who could relate the beginning of men far back in time, said that the Almighty made earth…”. The Song of Creation goes back to the Biblical account in Genesis. Its immediate purpose is clear enough-it is a matter of contrast. The rare note of joy in the beauty of nature contrasts deeply with the melancholy inspired by the dreary abode of Grendel.

We will now look at the allusions to Cain and the Giants, and in doing so, it is important to note that the monsters are presented from two points of view. To the pagan characters, these creatures are eotenas [giants], and scuccan [evil spirits]-all terms from Germanic demonology. But the poet in his own voice tells us of the true genealogy of the Grendelkin: they are the monstrous descendents of Cain. This two-leveled portrayal of the monsters places them on one level like the dragon that Sigemund slew, and on another level it has connotations of Satanic evil which the Bible invests in them. At this point, new Scripture and old tradition unite.

The destruction of the Giants is said to be carved on the hilt of the magic sword which allows Beowulf to slay Grendel’s mother. Beowulf’s fight is now felt to partake of the struggle between the powers of good and evil. We were told earlier that both monsters were of the same kind as the Giants, but as Bonjour shows, we now know that God himself actually helps the hero by directing his attention to the magic sword which depicted God’s own action against the accursed race. Now, it is almost as if Beowulf has been raised to the rank of God’s own champion. Beowulf, for all that he moves in the world of the primitive Heroic Age, nevertheless is [for a moment] almost a Christian knight.

Bonjour concludes that Beowulf, once in the position of a king actually transcends the picure of an ideal king by sacrificing his life for his people, the significance of which is stressed by the very contrast with Hrothgar’s own attitude towards Grendel. But Hrothgar is already the figure of an ideal king, so now it becomes easier to compare Beowulf to the Savior, the self-sacrificing king, the prototype of supreme perfection.

Scholar B.J. Timmer sees the form of the poem as a failure because of the poet’s compromise in an attempt to glorify both pagan and Christian elements. John Leyerle echos this view when he describes the theme of the poem as “the fatal contradiction at the core of heroic society” in which the impelling code demands for the hero individual achievement and glory, whereas society demands a king who achieves for the common good. But why should there be a necessary separation here? Would it not require a heroic individual to achieve for the common good? The Beowulf poet, rightly, does not perform this separation.

In conclusion, it should be stated that whether or not we admire the digressions, we should recognize that they are part of the poet’s method, not the results of ineptitude. Here, I agree with Bonjour that the links of the digressions and episodes to the main story are extremely varied but, as we have seen, they are all links of relevance that weave the main theme and its background into an elaborate tapestry. Theodore M. Anderson sums up the significance of the digressions when he writes:

The poet drew his settings from the scenic repertory of the older heroic

lay, but he strung the traditional scenes together with a moralizing

commentary in the form of digressions, flashbacks, boasts, reflective

speeches, and a persistent emphasis on unexpected reversals-all tending

to underscore the peaks and valleys of human experience.

A good dose of common sense should expel any lingering beliefs, on the part of skeptics, that the poet’s digressions are reckless or that they diminish the value of the poem. As we have seen in this essay, there are simply too many instances of foreshadowing, careful contrast, and parallelism for the digressions to have been carelessly thrown into the mix. So, we shall draw the conclusion that behind all the digressions is found a definite artistic design clear enough to allow us to agree with Bonjour that each one plays a useful part in the poem. In other words, we have found that all of the digressions, in varying degrees, are artistically justified.

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Work From Home Business

Everyone dreams of having a better life where they do not have to work pay check to pay check. Seems Like you pay so much for a college education. Taking courses that you do not even need for your career, and once it is all said and done, you have to work your butt off to make a decent income. I know you heard of this before, get good grades and an education. But the simple fact of the matter is an education can not guarantee you freedom and money. Seems like having a 9 to 5 job hurts you. You end up working yourself to death. Trying to please a boss you do not even like or even cares about you.

In a Book called, Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, he talked about his rich dad and his poor daddy when growing up. His poor dad told him go to school, get good grades and get a high paying job. His rich dad told him chances of getting rich doing it the poor dad way is very slim to none.

So what makes an online business perfect for a person who wants their freedom?

1. There is no limit to the amount to money you can make.

2. Making money online is simple if you learn the techniques and values ​​of marketing.

3. Having an Online Business will give you the freedom to work when you want, do what you want.

Making Money is possible, if you are dedicated to learn and to grow, and take massive action. Financial freedom is in the plum of your hand, if there was a better time, then the time is now.

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Make Money Online Completing Micro Tasks

Freelancing becoming more popular everyday.

The young generating is getting seriously into freelancing, making it their first priority. Everybody wants to become their own boss, to really enjoy the life and live without stress. Thanks to technology and specifically the Internet, freelancing has become way much simpler compared to 10 years ago. It’s actually becoming a huge business, where people use their skills to help others at a lower rate.

Short tasks or micro tasks.

Several college students, for example, are working from home. Same for homemakers and stay home mothers. All this is thanks to online platforms that allow anyone to join an accept online jobs from companies. Housewives, for instance, perform micro jobs in their spare time. The good thing is that these jobs require maximum one hour per day to complete. In case you have kids at home, you know how hard it’s to get things done, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work from home. Short tasks or micro tasks are perfect for busy moms. They can earn some good money this way and take care of their kids at the same time. Here is a good list of the tasks you can perform if you’re in that group of people:

Take surveys: you can easily make up to $100 per month just by taking online surveys. All you need to do is perform a Google search for “paid survey sites”. Join several of these sites to increase the income. When you register, use your main email address to receive regular invitations to make new surveys.

  • Most of these surveys pay up to $3 and take up to 45 minutes to complete.
  • You get paid in cash, gift cards, free products, or free entries to sweepstakes.
  • You don’t need to pay to participate in surveys, so if anyone asks you for money to join a survey site, don’t pay them.
  • Check the privacy policy of the website to verify they won’t sell your personal information.

Test websites: participate in something called “remote usability testing”, this means getting paid to navigate a website and provide feedback. Most of these tests take 15 minutes to do, and you get paid up tp $10 per test. One of these tests is about performing a scenario in the client’s website and while recording yourself. An example: go through the process of buying a product on a retailer’s website. You’ll need: a computer, a microphone, fast internet connection.

Tutor students: you can certainly help students by being what is known as online tutors. Nowadays several families really like this option to teach their kids. You can help a kid with his homework or help a college student studying for an exam. It depends on the level of education you have. All you need is your own computer and fast internet. Online companies assign students to you depending on your profile. You get paid from $9 to $30 per hour, it depends on your educational background and the subject you’ll teach.

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Top 5 Online Data Entry Companies That Pay Good Cash

Online data entry jobs are ideal for anyone who wants some extra cash at the comfort of their home. Big companies outsource data entry work through data management service providers. These firms appoint workers to work from their home. Once the registration is over they provide data to enter online into their websites. This job pays very lucrative income for you. Irrespective of country, you can join these companies and make money from home.

Let me suggest few top companies that pay good cash for your work. These companies work for multinational corporate giants to complete the process of data management.

Click and work

Click and work is one of the good companies which provide various freelance data entry jobs. This company was started in year 2000 and has been providing jobs for qualified persons worldwide. They provide data entry typist jobs, analyst, web searchers, team leaders, writer jobs and many more. Thousands of people work for them from home and collect payments by check or PayPal.

Dion data solutions

This is a USA based data management company with high standards. They provide different kinds of data entry jobs and trainings with no cost to individuals and families. They accept application through emails. No phone calls can be made to them, because of the increased submission of applications. You should have a minimum type speed of 60 words per minute and a computer with internet connection to apply for positions.


This company offers various data typing jobs for experienced people. You should have minimum type speed and accuracy in assignment. They do not provide any jobs for learners and new people. However, if you have 65 words per minute typing speed you can apply for any data typist job. You can expect lucrative income from them.

Key for cash

Key for cash provides online typing works for everyone who needs extra income. They offer data which has to be typed on their website using log in password they provide. You do not need to pay a dime for joining them. You need no commitment either. You can earn as much as you want working as much as or as little as you wish. If you are 18 years old or more you can apply for online typist jobs.

Mulberry studio

Mulberry studio offers data entry transcription jobs in medical and general field. If you have a typing speed of 75 words per minute, you can give it a try to work for them. You should also have good command over English. Minimum experience in transcription and word processing would be desired by them. They pay you good working environment and lucrative income. They provide domestic and international data entry jobs which you can do from your home and make good money.

The above five companies are top data entry management companies with nice payment options. There are plenty of such companies which provide these online data entry work for you. You need to select at least 10 to 20 companies and apply for work. You can earn very nice income working at the comfort of your home. You should join a website which has tie up with many such companies and provide you assignments to complete from home. This is the easiest and fastest way to make money online. You may try one such website

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Engaging in Money Making Home Business

Have you ever dream of engaging in a money making home business instead of working in the office form 8 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon? Making money from home is very convenient. When you are engaged in money making home business, you own your time and you can work whenever you want. You really do not have to wake up very early in the morning and start your day by battling off the traffic. You can start your working day by simply propping your computer on a pillow and work while wearing your pajamas.

When you are engaged in money making home business, you are not directly accountable to anyone else but yourself. Unlike when you work in the office where you boss would continuously pester you about work and how you are not giving you best effort to make the company richer, you only work for yourself when you are engaged in money making home business. This means that if you are lazy and do not work enough, then you will not have much income but if you work hard and put in some extra hours of work, then you could earn extra income.

Another advantage when you are engaged in money making home business is that you get to spend more time with your kids. Working from home is great for young parents with kids since this would mean that parents will have more time to spend with their kids than battling off traffic in going to and fro the work place. Beside, when the children are still very young, it is always advisable for one of the parent to stay at home and take care of them. Working at home will enable a parent to supervise the activities of their children instead of simply leaving their care to some stranger who may not really feel the way a parent.

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