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The Truth Behind What It Really Takes To Learn How To Sell With Email

Selling with email has been made far more complicated than what it should be. If you have been online for any length of time, you'll notice that there are a lot of promotions that have quite a bit of hype and many of them contain lies about get rich quick schemes that only hurt people instead of helping them get to where they want to be.

However, it does not have to be that way. There is a way that you can learn how to write effective emails that sell.

In this article, I'm going to reveal one tip that can help you it will pave the way for you to truly understand what it actually takes to make a living online just by sending simple emails.

Selling with email, at its lowest level, is simply you talking to your audience.

However, what people do not understand, is how often and what they should say when they email their list. What this really boils down to is, they do not know how to effectively communicate with their audience when they're "forced" to.

When I say, "Force", think about it like this.

If I told you that you had to send an email to your list every day for the rest of your life, would you know what to say?

Most people's answer to this question is, "No" and that's okay, but you can learn the right things to say, when to say them, and how to order them.

There's nothing wrong with selling online. As a matter fact, if you plan on having an online business, then learning the art of communication and selling with email is the only way to make money online.

So, what does it take to really learn how to sell with email?

The first step is learning that it's okay to be yourself. It's okay to talk to your audience and level with them about why you are emailing them, what you want to teach them, and how you can help them get to where they want to be.

But, that's just one email. What do you say in the rest of your emails? If you're an expert on your service can break down little by little and give them content chunk by chunk.

As you do this, you will get better and better and you will write faster and faster.

This, my friend, is the foundation for selling with email.

Yes, there are other tips and tricks that you can learn, but, it's more important to learn how to communicate with your audience and be yourself and be honest rather than trying to be someone else.

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The Pitfalls Of Building A List

You are a new in the business of multi-level marketing. As a greenhorn, you do not have a list of clients on your own. Since this is the most important asset in this business, you need to build a list of your own to earn revenues. In order to do so, you need to avoid these common pitfalls in building lists for marketing purposes.

1) Hand me downs

Many old experienced multi-level marketers would offer clients to you to start you off in your business. The common pitfall to this is that you're quite too much on these referrals. You must wonder first why are the leads are being given away in the first place. Cash cows or prized leads are not easily let go so do not expect much from hand me downs.

2) Patience

Rome was not built in single day and even the temple needed three days to be rebuilt. So do money making lists take time to build. This takes time and patience that would serve as investment for the list building that would be done. So one needs to stock up on this particular virtue to be able to gather enough leads for your business.

3) Existing clients

Since you are new in the business, you would encounter individuals who are already on the list of other multi-level marketer. You obviously will not be able to make sales here or if you do, then you would receive the ire of the previous listing owner. So be prepared to apologize for the repetitive calling and take note of their marketer for your data base purposes.

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Email Marketing Strategies – Tips How to Use Autoresponders

There is a lot of buzz about web 2.0 and "social media" but I believe that email is the original "social media." Facebook became more popular than MySpace and Twitter is more favored by some than Facebook, but email has stayed the same. One person can keep in touch with many people using email. This is great for a business because it is a means to communicate to many potential customers. To produce maximum results one must learn the art of email marketing. You have to carefully introduce products to your list. Here is some advice to think about when creating your campaigns!

So you hear all this talk about "building relationships" and offering value first; instead of trying to sell to your subscribers immediately. I know some people are not interested in building relationships because it is a time consuming process, but I do believe that there is a lot of value in doing so. Using email autoresponders is a great way to build relationships and market via email. There lies a thin line between a call to buy and a personal touch. To get the best results your emails should be in the middle of the two. Special touches such as traditionally sending an email thanking new and old subscribers for reading make a significant impact. This small gesture reassures your subscribers that you are human and not an advertising machine.

Your goal should be to provide your readers with good content so that you gain their trust. They will value your word when you keep sending them value. So, when you do offer a product they will be more prone to purchase because you have provided them with so much free content that they trust the product you are offering will benefit them very much. Your subscribers should feel like you have their best interest at heart. They can tell when you are using them to make a quick sale. Something to keep in mind is that "people do not care about what you know, they want to know that you care." With that said, keep your subscribers interests in mind to increase your sales. Think about them when you write. Ask yourself what they are doing on your website and in your emails; what were they looking for when they signed up. Relevance is a very important factor.

Another overlooked tip is the "Welcome" email, which is designed to remind people that they signed up in the first place. The welcome email is also a good place to point out extra benefits and features that the subscriber may not have known about when joining your list. Also provide other ways for your subscribers to connect with you; via facebook, twitter, etc. You should also have useful links to other sites such as your blog or website. Your welcome email should peak their interest and have your readers pleasantly waiting to receive your emails to follow!

Here are some common mistakes that marketers make when using auto responders:

1. Providing a link that either does not work or links to a place you did not intend: This tiny mistake can cause readers to unsubscribe from your list or ignore future links because they had a bad experience with a link before. I know that sounds silly, but that is how finicky readers can be.

2. Spamming: This is useless because the person did not ask for the email and were not expecting it. So the chances that they read it are pretty slim. Spam is anything a reader does not want in their inbox.

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E Marketing Tips

Online marketing / e marketing is something that has me completely intrigued. Imagine my happy little face when my boss booked me in on a two-day course! 48 hours of training on my beloved courtesy of Dolphin Consultants really resembled my cuppa tea with chocolate donuts on the side.

The training had its introductory day one bits which I found a bit boring because I knew it all 😉 but for the sake of the rest of the class I understood that this was necessary.

Day two however, I completely found relevant and mind-blowing. Not only did I learn the fundamentals of SA AS and Cloud Computing, but I felt like I was welcomed into the hallowed halls of knowledge on all things SEO.

The best part I will offer to you for free because it was given to me as such too. Check out these websites that offer free e-mail marketing sending as well as free links. This should definitely assist you in getting your website, blog, social networking page up there!

If you have a campaign that you need to advertise via an email format Pommo may be for you. A versatile mass mailing software. It can be used to add a mailing list to your web site or to organize stand alone mailings. Unique features such as the ability to mail subsets of your subscribers set it apart from alternatives.

This provides a free service that attempts to reduce the likelihood that your mail will end up in your targets junk mail. Submit your planned newsletter / ad / etc. (via SpamCheck Form or via e-mail). In seconds, they will return a Spam Score and recommendations on how to reduce the likelihood of your e-mail being filtered.

This allows you to create free toolbars that your goals can download, to have on their PC. It will allow you to keep them updated with regular updates and it does wonders for brand re-call.

Getting your brand presence increased online in three easy and best of all FREE steps never looked so better!

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Email Marketing Software Keeps Taxi and Limo Services Ahead of the Competition

Email marketing software will help your taxi and limo service stay ahead of the competition in a very competitive industry. By using email marketing software you will be taking advantage of a cost-efficient and effective method of targeting frequent customers, weekend party goers and vacationers. By signing up frequent users of your company and occasional users to your email marketing software newsletters and promotions, you will attract more consistent business to your limo or taxi service, and therefore increase cash flow. The more clients that you sign up for your email marketing newsletter or promotions, the higher the potential will be for greater revenue, and the more your brand name will gain strength within your target market.

There are three key audiences you should be targeting when aiming to grow your contact list. First, and most important, are the "frequent flyers" and business taxi service users. These people should be addressed as preferred clients, which means giving them frequent user discounts. You can easily offer them discounts through email marketing software. Therefore, you need to collect these customers' email addresses. These valuable clients really appreciate this type of promotion, and it does not cost you much to do so.

Email marketing costs as little as $ 10 for sending one thousand emails. Also, the "frequent flyer" portion of your clientele is constantly networking with people in the business sector, so you can imagine that word of a good deal will get around. Top-notch email marketing software companies will offer a free "forward to friends" option. This will allow you to garner greater business and frequent flyer business with a preferred client email marketing software promotion.

The second group to target is weekend party-goers. These people are probably in your taxi or limo on their way to or from a fun event. This means it's not a good idea to bug them by asking them to write down their email addresses. However, there's a really easy way to get around this and quickly collect new readers for your email marketing software promotions: next time you have a group of party-goers in your taxi or limo, ask these customers to give you their business cards, and let them know you'll send them coupons for future discounts. For customers, there are so many options when it comes to choosing a taxi or limousine company. By using email marketing software to stay in touch with your clients, and by offering them incentives to use your services in the future, you will generate unparallel customer loyalty for an incredibly low cost!

Another way to grow your mailing list is through your website. The best email marketing software providers will support your email endeavors with a free web sign-up box. These sign up boxes will encourage your website visitors to sign up for promotions. In this case, you can target vacationers looking for a taxi to the airport by offering discounts for arriving travelers.

Remember: when sending out your email marketing campaigns, you do not want to send them once a week, or twice a week. That's too frequent, and would simply annoy your customers, provoking them to "unsubscribe" from your mailing list – and that's the last thing you want. Instead, you should spread out your email marketing software campaigns to once every two weeks, or once a month. This will keep your brand awareness up-to-date and there before keep you one step ahead of the competition.

The more people you are able to sign up for email marketing software newsletters and promotions, the higher the percentage of your returning customers will b, and the higher your sales will be. Frequent flyers, business travelers, party goers and frequent vacationers compose a lucrative market that will keep your sales and brand recognition ahead of the competition. Using web sign up boxes and collecting business cards can facilitate this advantage that email marketing software will provide you as a taxi or limousine service owner or operator. Drive away the competition, and chauffer in the revenues with email marketing software!

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How to Discover Your Market’s Pain Points

Let’s determine what pain points we can market to. Once I share with you how to determine what those pains are, we can talk about how we bridge the gap between those pains and the solution.

The first thing that we’re going to do is start with a blank slate here – we’ll assume we’re starting out from “square zero.” That means that we don’t know any of the problems, pains, or solutions for this market.

If you’ve been in business for a while and you already know what some of these are, jump to whatever level you’re at in the process. You don’t have to begin at this beginner stage, but I’m covering in case you’re new, or breaking into a new niche where you don’t have experience.

Let’s say that you’re starting out and you know that there’s a pain and a problem in your niche, but you don’t know really how to describe that pain or problem. Initially you begin with some generic marketing that identifies what you think the problem might be. Choose a generic problem in your particular niche.

You’re going to create a squeeze page that is centered around that problem, then you’re going to present a solution to that particular problem on the page.

For example, the squeeze page might say “Discover the 7 Steps to Overcoming” and then name the problem.

Remember, you’re being pretty generic. You don’t know the real problem yet, or the nuances of the real problems.

I did this when I started my business; my first squeeze page was very generic.

Over time they became much more targeted as I discovered exactly what the real problems were.

Next, you’re going to have generic bullet points:

  • You’re going to learn how to do this
  • You’re going to learn how to do this
  • You’re going to learn how to do this.

Then you’ll have a call to action “Download the Training.” Whether it’s a PDF, an MP3, a video, it doesn’t make any difference what you’ve got right now, just tell them to download it.

Now this tweak is important for your initial squeeze page / opt-in page:

Instead of just asking for name and email address, you’re going to ask for name, email address, and you’re going to create a custom question that says “What is your biggest challenge with… ” and then whatever the problem is. Or you can phrase it “What is the biggest problem you’re experiencing with… ” whatever the problem is.

There are two ways to do this. One way is to force people to put something in that box in order to get your free information (usually through your autoresponder’s form). I don’t like doing that because you don’t get as many subscribers. If you generate 100 subscribers, and you ask this question in your first or second email, you’ll get maybe 20 or 30 people giving you answers anyway. And you would still get 100 subscribers – not just the ones willing to reply.

If you force people to answer something on the form, you may only get 50 subscribers. Each of those subscribers has answered something, but it’s likely that only 20-30 are giving you their true reason and their true problem. The other 20 or 30 are just typing something into that box to get you to give them the free gift.

So, in my opinion, we shouldn’t require that they answer that box in order to get the free gift. We know that after 100 to 200 subscribers we’ll have between 20 and 40, maybe even 50, answers. We take all of those answers, we study those answers, and we will discover what people’s true needs are. We’ll know what they need with this particular problem. Then we can begin to accurately target what those problems and needs are.

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A Retail Marketing Strategy That Works – Email Marketing!

As a retailer, you should always be looking for new ways to attract buyers to your store. Here's one way to do that: Invite your previous buyers back to buy from you again and again. This is called direct marketing. You contact your previous customers, and make them a new offer so they'll come back and buy from you again.

How do you do that? There are several ways. You could take their phone numbers and call them. This tele-marketing can work, but it's inefficient. Still, if your sales associates are standing around, it's a better use of their time than texting their friends or checking their Facebook accounts.

You could send out some letters. Direct mail campaigns can work really well, but it can also be pricey, after you buy stamps, paper and envelopes. Plus, you have to pay someone to write the letters, print them out, put them in envelopes, address the envelopes, and mail them. This can cost you a lot of money very quickly.

If you want to keep your costs down while you're experimenting with direct marketing, you can try email marketing. Email marketing is, of course, virtual, so you do not have to buy paper, envelopes or stamps. You also do not have to pay someone to print, stuff, address, and send the emails. Email marketing services will do all this for you for a lot less money.

Of course, email marketing will only work if you have email addresses. How can you get your customers to give you their email addresses? Just ask them. While they're paying, ask if they want to join your email list. Say they'll receive email-only specials.

This is the best way to build your email list. But you should also mention your email list on your receipt and on signs in your store. You should also put a sign-up form on your website.

After you've collected some emails, start sending them a newsletter or at least a special once a month. You can contact them more than once a month, but at least email them once a month.

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Email Marketing Tips – Giving Away Freebies

7 email marketing tips about setting up and giving away freebies. If you're prepared you can set up your business to attract visitors who learn to respect you, like you and prepare to buy from you. All as part of your personal email marketing tips setup!

1. Presence.

Giving a gift shows off your Internet presence. Your first impression is positive. In fact, you start off being seen as part of the group of people who really know what they are doing. Your visitor starts from a position of respect.

2. Leadership.

Leaders take action. Your simple act of giving freebies of value gives the feeling that you are a leader who can help. Relevant content that helps people take the next step in solving a problem gives a positive perception of your leadership. Leaders are valued and respected.

3. Relationship.

When you are giving away freebies, your visitor must act to get your free gift. At the very least, your visitor needs to click to request the free gift. That click is an action requesting a relationship. Indeed, that action opens a conversation. Starting a relationship in this way changes the dynamic. First impressions linger, right? Use that!

4. Expert.

The dynamic of a relationship you ask for sets you up as the seeker. Your seekers set you in mind as an expert. You start out in a good way because experts are respected. You are pursued as an expert. That's a totally different mindset than you as a salesperson that someone may feel is chasing them. Some people refer to this as being "the hunted" rather than "the hunter" to emphasize the importance of this different dynamic.

5. Sample.

Just as bakeries and coffee shops give away freebies, you give an idea of ​​who you are and what you "taste" like.

6. Like.

People like free gifts. When you're giving away freebies, people start out with a feeling of liking you.

7. Asset.

Relevant free gifts that get people closer to solving problems leave good feelings. Being remembered, liked and respected in this way is an asset you can even list as an asset on your business' balance sheet.

Email marketing tips include showing off you presence and leadership to attract people to you who know what you do and want to know more. People who already see you as an expert! People buy from people they like, trust and respect. Giving away freebies helps people take their next step in solving a problem and prepares the way to buy from you through your email marketing efforts.

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Email Marketing Tips You Need To Know

Emails are one of the least intrusive forms of marketing. Customers can opt-in or out of them whenever they want. They have the freedom on whether they want to entertain your sales pitch by opening your email, or ignore it and send it straight to the trash bin.

The fact that it’s not intrusive makes it one of the most effective. But also because it’s not as intrusive, you have to make each message worth reading.

So how can you make sure that your email marketing campaign works? Here are some guide points:

1. Create an Email Marketing Strategy

Yes, emails are very good as marketing tools. But like any form of marketing, you’ll need to create a concrete strategy to turn passive readers into customers. Create a detailed marketing funnel that has a clear goal in every step.

2. Get Personal

It’s alright to create a completely formal email. It makes you sound authoritative. But it can also bore your customers even before they reach half of your message. Keeping a professional tone is fine, but you also need to consider your readers. If they get an email from a total stranger, they better not get an almost-robotic text. It’s boring, can be intimidating, and increases the chances of being sent to the trash.

3. Keep It Short

Do not write anything that’s as long as a magazine or newspaper article. Your customer doesn’t need to know about the history of your company or the ingredients in your product. Not yet, at least. Save that for later. Make each letter in your email count. Keep them brief and straight to the point.

4. Don’t Send Too Many

“How much is too much?”

If you’re asking this, then you’re probably sending way too many emails. Don’t send more than one email every day. Don’t even bother if you’re not creating an email series. Thrice a week at the most is enough.

5. Make Them Worth Reading

Unless your customers deliberately went to your website with the sole purpose of signing up to your newsletter or to get marketing emails from you, they’d probably consider your email as another typical email from a random company.

If they click on your email and decide to read it, make sure that they’ll keep opening your messages by offering something worth their while. You can offer a discount, freebies or provide them with exclusive information that would be useful for them. Make the emails catchy or entertaining. Make them enjoyable and for your customers to read.

6. Make Them Comfortable

Send updates about your company. Provide information that can be useful for your audience. Establish trust between your brand and the recipients of your emails. You can give discounts, which is one of the best ways to sell your products. Avoid hard selling, if you can.

Like social media, SEO and other forms of marketing, there is no one-size-fits-all email strategy that guarantees success. At the end of the day, it’s all about knowing your customers and appropriating to their needs. You can do it on your own, or you can work with a company who provides email marketing campaign services to help you out.

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Email Autoresponder Review – The Top Three in the Game

Choosing the right email autoresponder could drastically change the future of your online business. Pick the best service for your business and you could be watching as your email marketing strategy takes off like a rocket. Pick the wrong one and you could watch it explode on the launch pad.

Depending on your business and your email marketing strategy, your email autoresponder needs could be very different from mine, so I'll lay out the top three services in my opinion and tell you WHY I think they rock – to aid you in your quest.

My personal favorite right now is iContact. While it can be quite pricey depending on the size of your list and your overall mail volume, iContact has proven to be worth the investment in three areas that I look for in an email autoresponder service:

a) Deliverability. With deliverability rates in the range of 91% – 98% I know that my messages are getting through. That's VITAL.

b) Ease of Use. I've used some services that felt more like a math quiz than a mass email sender. I'm not a programmer, nor do I play one on TV, so the intuitive interface at iContact has been a godsend.It's quick to send out an email, which means less stress and less wasted time.

c) They have an API, which means that you can seamlessly integrate iContact with other Internet services like CRM, your fulfillment house, your shopping cart – heck, even your iPhone!

2) Now, do not overlook Ninjaresponder. If you've never come across this nifty little email autoresponder then Google it right now. They offer a very inexpensive alternative to iContact and the other major players, but boast killer deliverability, seamless integrations with a number of other business solutions like ClickBank, WordPress, Twitter, and more. If you're just getting started implementing your email marketing strategy and have not built a list yet, they're probably the best email autoresponder to start with.

Notice I said "Probably" …

3) Lest we forget MailChimp – which I'll be honest I've never thoroughly vetted. (But I still love it thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii much). MailChimp is an email autoresponder that actually sports a free level – so if email marketing is completely new to you and you have nothing to invest, it's a way you can get started quickly, for free. All three of these services offer fancy templates, great customer service, and overall a lot of "hidden benefits" that you'll just have to experiment with to fully appreciate. But do not get too sucked into the "cool" features of your email autoresponder without asking the most important question first:

"How can this email autoresponder advance my email marketing strategy?"

Email marketing should not be about doo-dads and widgets. It should be about hard numbers, solid facts, and a scientific email marketing strategy designed to literally allow you to make money with a push of the send button.

No matter what your niche, no matter what email autoresponder you choose, do not rob your own future by going into things half-cocked. Watch this free video to see what's really possible with email marketing.

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