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Two Methods of List Building – Pros and Cons

If you're reading this article you must have some idea of ​​the importance of building a list.

There's two methods you can use. Both are effective but require different resources.

The first way is to invest is advertising using pay per click on Google or one of the other search engines. There's also ezine advertising where you run an ad in an ezine that is sent out to the subscribers. While these methods require an investment in dollars they do not require a lot of time.

The second way of building a list is to find low-cost methods that really work. Although these methods require little or no investment in dollars they do require an investment of a fair amount of time.

So which way is better.

The answer depends on whether you have the time or the money.

If you have the means to finance an advertising campaign you'll want to consider paying for advertising with Google, Yahoo or MSN. You will need to spend some time doing keyword research, writing your ads and monitoring your results. You also will want to split test your ads so you can optimize your results. If your ads work well you'll get a lot of clicks which you can send to your squeeze page. Remember to reinvest your profits back into your advertising campaign so your list will grow exponentially. The advantage of this method is that it can build your list fast. The disadvantage is that it can be very expensive.

Another means of paid advertising is through ezine ads. The publishers of ezines will sell ads which will appear in their publication when it's sent out to the subscribers. The larger list of subscribers the more the ad will cost. The secret here is to start small and test the results. Make sure that the subscriber list is targeted to what you are promoting. The advantage is your ad will reach highly targeted subscribers. The disadvantage is it will cost you some money, although probably not as much as pay for advertising.

If you're short on funds but have the time then you'll want to consider article marketing.

Write articles that are keyed to your niche and submit them to the various article directories. The articles should be between 400 and 700 words and include a link at the end which sends the reader to your squeeze page for a free report, free ebook, a course or a free sample. The advantage is it does not require money. The disadvantage is that it requires time and the submission process can be tedious.

Lastly, you can spend time in forums and answer a lot of posts with solid valuable information. Include a link to your squeeze page in your signature never in the post. Advantage is no cost other than your time and eventually you will establish yourself as an expert. Clicks are from quality people. The disadvantage is that it's time consuming and it takes a while for the traffic to grow.

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What is List Building?

There is so much talk these days about list building it may be difficult to translate what exactly is list building and how it could benefit your business. In today's marketing environment, having a list of clients and prospect is important to every business and should be an integral part of any marketing strategy, especially those who want to use online marketing efforts. But how many people really understand what is meant by a "list" in online marketing terms? And what is list building? A simple yet accurate definition would be that list building is a process of developing a database of like minded people online who would be interested in the kind of products or services that your business offers. In other words, your list is your first and main market where you can hope to achieve the most success in selling.

The promise behind list building is that you have more than one opportunity to sell to a potential customer because they have given you permission to do so by opting in to receive your ongoing communications.

Once you have a person on your list, you can keep sending them information on your products and services and continue to educate them on your specials and discounts that you may be offering from time to time. The more frequently a person is exposed to information about your site and the products available there, the more familiar your business will appear to them, although sometimes only subconsciously, the more inclined they will be to buy from you when they need what you are offering .

Research has shown that less than 2% of people buy anything from an online business the first time they come across it. Do not let this figure depress you. In fact it is a positive. More people are buying more goods and services online everyday and online businesses are the least affected by the economic slow-down and recession. So, if more is being sold online each day, but less than 2% of the sales are made on the first contact, that means that subsequent contact and long terms relationships are where the money lies for the online business. So, the critical factor to getting your business profitable is to be able to gain the trust of complete strangers who will never meet you. It is not as tough as it sounds. If you have a list and keep sending information to the people on it 'a new product development, a special price, a contest or some tidbits about you and your life – they will become familiar with you and will begin to trust you. Soon your name will be associated with the product they are interested in and they will always buy from you when the need arises.

The goal is to provide valuable content to your list. If you continue to market and sell them, chances are they will ask to be removed from your list. People seek out information, tips and strategies that will help them improve their lives and if you can be that conduit and continue to educate and be a valuable resource, your list will continue to grow.

Be prepared to start small, a list will not grow overnight. As in any relationship, it will need time to develop. And remember the more valuable information you can provide to your targeted list the more effectively you will be able to continue to grow your list and eventually sell your products and services.

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Email Marketing Checklist: Steps To Take For Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is a great marketing technique for small businesses. Whether used for keeping in touch with existing clients or generating new leads, email marketing can be a cost effective tool in your marketing toolbox.

However, like many new technologies, it can be a case of "easy to do – easy to do badly."

Planning is an essential part of any email marketing campaign, and here's a checklist to help you plan a successful email marketing activity.

Email marketing checklist:

Building Your Email Lists

  1. Do you request an email address on every form that your customers and prospects complete?
  2. Do you request an email address when visitors register on your website?
  3. When asking for an email address, do you also ask permission to email them?
  4. Do you have a system and procedure for collecting and storing your email addresses?
  5. Do you have a privacy policy stipulating how you will use email addresses (such as we do not sell lists)
  6. If you are considering renting an email marketing list from a list broker, have your reviewed the quality of the list?

Developing Your Email Marketing Content

  1. Have you defined the goals of your campaign: examples include generating enquiries, click through to website, downloading a white paper.
  2. Does your planned message pass the WIIFM test – "What's In It For Me?"
  3. Could recipients of your planned message think you are just sending advertising or junk?
  4. Have you considered the benefits and drawbacks of sending either a plain text message, or one in HTML?
  5. Have you reviewed the appearance of your email message in the Outlook Preview Pane?
  6. Does your Subject line grab the reader's attention without looking like spam?
  7. Does your From line include your company name or brand, and a genuine email address?
  8. Do you have a clear Call to Action?
  9. Have you proofread your message before sending it out, checking spelling and grammar? Do you test your message, sending to a friendly audience before you broadcast generally?
  10. Have you provided a way for readers to unsubscribe?
  11. Do you have a process to clean up your email address list, including bounces and unsubscribes?
  12. Have you personalized the message?
  13. Have you identified yourself fully in your message, including complete contact details?
  14. Have you created a landing page for this email campaign, if required

Measuring Your Success

  1. Do you measure how many people unsubscribe to your mailing?
  2. Do you keep track of how many people open your email message?
  3. Do you keep track of how many people click on the links in your email message?
  4. Do you provide a link to forward this email to a friend or colleague?

And of course, once you have broadcast your campaign, learn from your experience and test new techniques in your next broadcast.

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A Good List Building Video

Just because creating list building options are somewhat limited to text and email, does not mean that there are not any good alternative routes to learning how to implement strategies. A good strategy does not always have to be typed up, or presented in a book. There are those of us that need visual identifications and cues to learn properly. That's why a good list building video goes the extra mile for many marketing people. Visual learning is just as effective as slaving away at a thick text book, that's for sure.

If you're one of the millions of people that learn visually, a good list building video is far more effective than simply reading boring text on a page. Reading text on the internet is sometimes a bit boring. Consider the contrast in users of blogs to say the amount of people that look at for instance. Those that watch videos pick up more relative information faster than those that are mountains of text.

If you can properly navigate through a mixed medium, than potential customers can too. Consider creating a good list building video, or watching one of the more relevant offerings out there. You can learn some valuable details in regards to your efforts on marketing and doing so effectively. Many people think they have it all figured out, but do not be one of those "know it alls", be flexible, like water. Be like water and flow free through many options, and watch the wealth build up with your flexibility.

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The Steps In Email List Building

The internet is a vast new frontier for business opportunities and in order to realize its full potential you need to undertake steps in email list building for your business. Although it may seem daunting at the start, by having the matter below properly addressed, email list building would be easy and in the end the revenues would freely flow into your venture.

1) Adequate system and know-how

To access the internet, you need to have a computer of your own and accessibility. Having internet broadband would help as it would be easily usable and cost effective for you. Also, your computer must be reasonably capable to handle the workload and must have the necessary space to keep all the information you have obtained safe and secure. So, a little investment in technology and learning to use it is musts to be able to build an email list of your own.

2) The product

The product is central to your business. So you must know the product through and through to be able to adequately market it. You must also have access to its supply, or even have inventory at hand to be able to meet the requirements of your clients. Furthermore, you must certainly believe in the product itself to be able to sell it for if you fail in this aspect, business clients would be able to see your reservations and then not have faith in your message.

3) Database management

Database management is not only about keeping tabs on your clients. This involves a commitment to the products you sell and the clients you keep. So in the process of building your mailing list, you need to find out basic information on your prospects and some other information that may help you make your presentation and garner sales. Remember, information in email list building would be your tools to make the sale so maximize its potential.

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4 Powerful Steps to List Building

4 Steps To List Building Success

Who wouldn’t want to learn how to create an online system that builds multiple income streams on autopilot and does this consistently, converting sales at a high rate? Any marketer would love to generate 300 Leads/day that pay for themselves (FREE) or pull a profit and allow you to add a big extra income or replace your current one, take advantage of and harness online trends, technology, video, social networking etc.

This Blueprint has allowed people to:

Build REAL businesses without cold calling or bugging friends & family, build networks of simple but powerful sites that generate thousands of leads per day and hundreds of thousands in commissions, multiple streams of income to the tune of hundreds of thousands PLUS the biggest teams in various business opportunities.

Here is the specific method to you can use to model what professional marketers have been doing for years online. It’s important to understand that the Internet changed EVERYTHING in the home based business industry.

The Internet created Problems and Opportunities that must be mitigated or exploited to your advantage in the creation of a REAL business.

The list of problems inclue:

1. Increase in Competition and Increase in Information

Competitors are Advertising on your keywords daily. Pricing and other private information is now instantly revealed online by competitors on blogs, forums and social networking sites. The Trend of “Bash and Redirect” marketing by your competition online is ridiculous and really harms the whole industry. There are negative reviews, and positive reviews and a whole lot of misinformation and reports created by competition to make you look bad.

2. Decrease In Prospect’s Attention Spans

 You have 2-3 seconds to grab their attention and put them in a marketing process. We live in a microwave “A.D.D.” culture and you must engage your prospect with relevant information fast or lose them to someone who does.

3. Decrease in Customer Retention Rates

Related to attention span this applies specially with business opportunity builders. You have 2 months to involve them or else they’re gone. If they don’t see the results they expected with your product, service or opportunity, they will search the internet, click on a competitor’s add and they are gone. There is no long term ‘residual’ income anymore. Downlines are just not hanging around enough to make this a reality.

The reasons for this are:

So much information is available at anyone’s fingertips that people are easily distracted. There is such short attention spans that people begin to hop from message to message and makes them susceptible to ‘program hopping’ and this happens within weeks of a new marketer joining you and there is nothing you can do to keep them from the internet.

We’re living in the era of the ‘PreLaunch’ where new competing programs, courses and products are being designed every week and your customers and prospects are searching, finding and filling out forms on web sites left and right. This KILLS “Residual” Income. If you don’t build a system that effectively deals with this issues you will burn out. Marketers are working harder, while their businesses are stagnating, or worse, decreasing in profitability.

4. Increase in Legal Oversight

Big companies don’t want the risk the inherent liability with allowing their inexperienced, unprofessional sales reps to market on the internet and potentially expose the company to lawsuits and complaints. Inexperienced marketers use hype and overexaggerated claims in their ads, blogs, sites and marketing messages and it’s hard to control the quality of the marketing being published by hundreds of thousands of sales reps desperate to make a sale.

The answer for big MLM companies? They prohibit online marketing. So those are the big four issues that have been created as the MLM/Network Marketing arena came to the internet.

How do you get around this? I call it The Internet Marketing Success Formula and the main concept is simply this:  You, Inc.

Direct Response Marketing. Attraction Marketing and List Building. The specific strategy is designed to accomplish a couple things:

1. Enable anyone  to generate free leads using online list building.

2. Allow Attraction Market to sell your opportunity for you automatically.

This creates significant leverage. Traditional home business prospecting tactics provide no leverage. Phone prospecting provides NO leverage. You can only call so many people one on one each day to make a profit. No leverage. No system.

Attraction Marketing and Online List Building allows you to leverage the power of the internet to use lead capture pages, web sites, autoresponders and email marketing to reach thousands of people each day on autopilot and deliver a simple, professional message whether you’re new or experienced.

3. Immunize your business from competition.

There are millions of other representatives globally marketing thousands of business opportunities like yours. There is a ton of competition in your own company and outside of your company that you need to insulate yourself from.

4. Multiple Streams of Income

It’s more powerful to be able to use ONE system to make ten times more money for your efforts versus just building one company.

What is You, Inc?

In a typical home based business, people are trying to build a ‘downline’ and they assume that they are building a business. A downline in a network marketing program is not a real business. You don’t own anything. You don’t own any assets. You don’t own any significant equity in the company, it’s plant, equipment or goodwill. Real businesses allow you to have and own real assets. Most home based businesses position you as a commission only sales rep.

The company can take away your business at any time. They can strip your database from you, all the other distributors in your group and they can forfeit your commissions for a wide variety of reasons. This puts you at risk as an entrepreneur. Your entire business does not belong to you and you don’t really control anything other than making sales today.

Companies touted that you were building a legacy that could be willed to your children. This has RARELY, if ever happened. If you are not constantly building and working your business… it’s dying. This is how you can own a real business where you have equity, own assets that nobody can take away from you and where you can generate multiple income streams from building one business.


The concept of You,Inc consists of you building and owning:

1. Your List/Social Networks – Distribution Channel. Asset.The List IS your business

2. Building a Relationship with your list which gives it its value. Goodwill. Equity. Net Value.

You are the owner of a distribution channel.

For people who doubt that this simple concept works, it’s how professional marketers are able to send out a collection of 3-4 emails to their lists promoting an information product or coaching program that is relevant to their list and they generate over $239,221 in sales in a matter of days.

This happens consistently online with marketers that know how to build a list and build relationships with the people on their list. This is powerful leverage. That is the power of the You, Inc business model.

Let’s Break Down The Formula:

1. Build Your List

2. Build Relationship with  your list

3. Market to your List

Let’s cover each step in a bit more detail:

1. Build List

Advertising and driving traffic online using Facebook, Twitter, Articles, Search Engine Marketing, Videos, and Pay Per Click ads, etc. You drive this traffic to lead capture pages that capture the prospect’s contact information so you can follow up by using an email autoresponder service to send out a series of education and relationship building emails. You offer value and relevant information to build trust. People buy from sources they know, like and trust.

2. Relationship Building with the people on your list.

This creates the most important value in your list, which is basically your own distribution channel. In order to build effective relationships with the people on your list you must be willing to GIVE without expecting anything in return.

Giving them value FIRST without want. How can you serve others more? Reciprocity, leadership, trust, value, and equity are some of the qualities and tactics used in attraction marketing to endear you to your follower list. You don’t need the biggest list around. You need to build a responsive,  valuable list that knows, likes and trusts you so they will buy from you.

3. Market/Monetize Your List

 Being able to build a list that buys from you gives you the ability to basically generate free leads. You advertise consistently for traffic, which builds your list. You then offer them compelling information that generates profits to your upfront before they join your primary business opportunity. These sales help you offset the cost of generating them in the first place and now you can use your follow up system to generate repeat sales long term. Leads are not cheap to buy or generate. The average leads costs about $5 each. It’s critically important to generate them for free. You can use effective online advertising to generate them for $5 each. You can then use a marketing funded proposal to earn $10 back each. This income gives you the leverage to keep advertising indefinitely and generate more sales on the back end of your marketing system. This Builds true leverage.

An email autoresponder series can teach and train and promote to your prospects on autopilot. It produces sales, profits and leverage. You can set up 12 months worth of messages and put your business on cruise control.

This concept allows you to:

Systematize List Building, systematize relationship building, systematize the monetization into multiple sources of sales, and it allows for Instant downline building. Leaders who are skilled in this tactic are the ones who can join a company one day, recommend it to their list via an email and invite their prospects to a webinar, or conference call or web site that explains the opportunity and generates an instant downline, over night. It’s exactly how that is done.

You now have ultimate security. The only way to lose this type of business and equity is to lose your reputation and credibility with your list. You do not have this with a Business Opportunity program alone. With this optimized business model you create a couple important things:

You own a distributions channel. You have a relationship with that channel. You monetize that channel.

This provides the ultimate in:



The details behind these steps are found in a variety of courses and ebooks, audios and videos available online. The actual step by step action items you can take to build this are easily accessible. This is a simple to understand and follow blueprint that  allows you to tap into and harness the internet to build a real business. It’s works for everyone. Anywhere in the world. Own a real asset and a real business. Be able to produce as many leads as you want for free. Be able to tap into the power of multiple streams of income. Be able to sponsor people automatically into your primary. Be able to create cash any time that you want to. Just by sitting down and sending out an email…

That is what today’s online marketing world is all about. 

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The Key to Building a Successful Email Marketing Sales Funnel

If you're not new to internet marketing, you've probably heard the phrase "the money's in the list" many times before. While this statement can be true– building an email list that you market to can be your largest asset– it's not always the case. To make big money with your email list, you need to know how to build a powerful sales funnel.

If you lack this skill, you will not really be able to make any real money with your list.

Many people try to improve, randomly testing to see how their list responds to their various tactics. This is a bad move. Learn from someone who's been there and done it. You'll save yourself massive amounts of heartache and stress.

So, let's take a look at the keys to building a strong sales funnel, capable of converting the same customers again and again.

Before you can make any sales funnel work, you need to build up a certain level of trust with your prospects. They need to see clearly that you offer value and are trustworthy. This is best accomplished by giving them information about their subject of interest. Make yourself the expert and people will respect and trust you.

Start off by making small offers to your list. Sometimes an eBook for $ 37 or a cd or video for $ 39. Make sure this initial product is of very high quality. You want them to be very happy with it.

Now send them more free stuff. A free report, a quick video or audio, a tip or trick, whatever. By giving away free things on a regular basis, people will continue reading your messages fully. If you only send offers of one kind or another, they'll stop reading your emails.

Now it's time to go out and find other highly related products and services to add to your funnel. These can get progressively more expensive as the trust grows between you and your list. Find as many products as you can that directly refer to your niches interests.

Now, keep staggering offers with free information. Send out one or two helpful informative and rapport building messages to every offer. Keep going like this to produce maximum beneficial effects.

Pretty easy huh? It's not rocket science but it works like crazy. You can use the above formula to create sale funnel after sales funnel.

Always remember, the real profits are on the backend!

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The Qualities Of List Builders

With the large number of list building devices online, it would be easy to be confused as to what seems to be the best one being offered. You have looked at the product, and seen the literature and testimonials, but you still remain undecided. What you need to do is take a step back and with the list below, find the qualities of list builders that is best for your business.

1) Attuned to your business needs

If you have a small part time business, what you need is a list builder device can do the work on its own and at your spare time the generated interest would be addressed. On the other hand, if you have a full time operation ongoing, having a generator that immediately reaches out to prospects would be most appropriate. By reviewing product capacities and specifications, you would be able to find the best device for your business purposes.

2) Cost effective

Look for a product that is within your budget and see the capacities the product provides. You need to find a list generator that is within your budget to be able to work within your means. This decision to be cost effective would be pivotal to your investments and make your bottom line within reach.

3) Proven effectively

Finding writing-ups on your prospect list generator is key to making the right decision on the list generator you would procure. Look for independent sources of comments on the product in consumer websites or forums. This would help you analyze the issues attendant to the product and see what can provide the best service for your business purposes.

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Email Marketing Strategies That Work

Strategy One: Brand identification

Brand identification is one of the fundamental concepts of marketing, and you can use emails to contribute to yours.

Brand identification is letting people know who you are, and what you stand for, by creating an image in their minds.

This is literally gold in the marketing arena.

We pay more for Nikes, not because they're always better than competitors, but because of the image that advertisers have created for us.

So how can you use email to do this?

If your firm is high tech, then you'll want emails and newsletters that show this.

Be the one to use "streaming media" or "online video" in your emails (offer this as an option though, along with a less high-tech option for those without broadband connections).

Does your firm appeal to young consumers who like things that are unusual?

Or who like funky humor?

Then let your fonts and graphics play into this.

Are you sending out financial reports to baby boomers in your newsletters?

Then conservative colors and fonts should be used.

The tone of the writing you use, and even the topics you include in each email communication are building up brand identification in the minds of those who read them.

Try to be consistent, and reach your target audience (people who are most likely to buy from you) with content that appeals to them, and you'll see response rates grow.

Use your emails to tell customers about special updates and products: in the old days, we put up flyers or sent direct mail ads; now we tell our customers by email.

This is a highly effective marketing strategy, because John may be ready to update his outmoded software and welcome your notice, or Sally may be glad to hear that there's a special at her local hair salon.

You can save a lot of money by using email to advertise your specials instead of printing and mailing out ads.

This is one reason that email marketing is often best used along with offline marketing methods: the two go hand-in-hand, and the most successful firms use both.

Strategy Two: Use Your Emails to Build good customer relations

This is one of the most effective uses of emails, since if they are used positively to build up your firm's reputation for service and attentiveness, you will see sales and customer retention go up.

CRM is a big buzzword in marketing circles today, and for good reason: people will simply go somewhere if they believe that they are receiving better service (or value) elsewhere.

From the autoresponders that your firm sends when clients fill out an order form, confirming that their order was received and is being processed, to the news updates you send your opt-in list, the quality of your communications can go a long way towards creating positive relations.

Grammatically correct, polite emails that let customers know that you will contact them shortly, and that provide contact information in case they need to reach you immediately can be a powerful marketing tool.

Use your emails to answer customer questions, and access objections to buying from you. If your emails are polite, answer client questions in a clear, easy-to-understand manner, and give them the information they are asking for, you've probably just won a customer!

You can also send out "articles" that help address common customer concerns, that can bring down barriers to buying from you (for instance, an article that discusses financing options, and how to get a great mortgage loan, would be a natural for a real estate company to send in one of its newsletters).

This is one of the untapped arenas of email marketing.

So many web sites have 'frequently asked questions' sections, or information on how to find what the client is looking for.

Why not use your emails to offer this information in a lively, informative manner?

It may be just the push that gets a potential client to click on your site, and decide to buy, if they discover in an email that you send that you are offering a special holiday discount, or are adding extra software to the package you ' re selling.

Strategy Three: Use Your Email Signature EVERYWHERE

Whether you are sending an email to your Aunt Mary, or are participating in an online email discussion list, always, always include your web site URL and email address in your signature (other than the online list rules forbid this).

This is automatic advertising for your business, and is an effective method of letting people know that you're online, and ready to receive mail from them.

Send Greeting Cards. If you have a regular email client list, they will most likely welcome a friendly greeting card from you during holiday time.

This is a great method of helping them remember you, to wish them a happy season, and to let them know about seasonal promotions.

They key to success with this method, of course, is that these are from your opt-in list; they know you, and have agreed to receive regular communications from your firm.

Do not try this with strangers, or they will be offended, and accuse you of SPAMMING them.

Hold a Contest. You can use email to hold a contest, and to offer prizes to winners.

This is one method of increasing interactivity, and to increase interest in your newsletter or ezine.

If the contest is at your physical location offline, you can still use email to let your customers know that it's going on, and to encourage them to participate – and to get others to sign up as well.

Strategy Four: Market Your Newsletter or Content in Ezines and Newsletters

There are literally thousands of ezines (online magazines) and newsletters available today, devoted to almost every conceivable topic.

Do you provide wedding planning? Find the ezines that address engaged couples and wedding planning, and place an ad in one.

Most ezines and newsletters are quite inexpensive to advertise in (some will even give you a free ad if you write an article for them, or will trade ads with you if you publish a newsletter).

But some of the extremely large ones do charge hefty rates.

The good news? These rates are much, much less than ads in print media …

Where do you find ezines and newsletters?

There are several directories for ezines and newsletters available online.

You can find ezines at , or at [http://www.bestzines], com and newsletters at , http: //www.escribe .com , , and , to name just a few of the better-known directories.

Create your own newsletter, online course, or ezine.

Want people to perceive you as an expert in your field?

And to market your firm effectively?

Then you will want to consider creating your own ezine or newsletter.

This is a highly effective email marketing tool for several reasons:

o It helps you build your email list

o You can place your own ads in it, and promote your services or affiliate programs

o People will see your web site address, your logo, and a link to your programs in each email that you send them. They will open the emails, because you are providing them with articles and information that they want (unlike SPAM, which gets deleted immediately).

By using email as part of an overall marketing plan, you can increase your firm's brand identity, improve customer relations, and help get the word out about your online (or offline) business.

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How You Can Achieve a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

A good email campaign is one of the best ways to reach your market. It’s quick, lets you attach documents, and can be personalized.

It’s true that content to be a critical factor in a campaign’s success. But it doesn’t end there. How you send out your emails has a big effect on how well it goes. This is why it’s important to make a proper strategy for your email marketing campaign. Here’s how.


It’s not enough to just go and send out emails. Simply sending out material doesn’t guarantee that the user is going to read them.

A person can receive a lot of emails in a day. It’s easy for them to just scroll past your message once they finally have the time to check their inbox.

How Do You Solve This?

It’s simple: send your email when they’re actually active.

This ensures that they’ll be alerted real time when your message arrives, making them more likely to open it. It also prevents your mail from being a part of the ones piling up in their inbox that they will delete without even reading.

In order to achieve this, extensive analysis must be made. Gauge the time when most users are online, what day it is, and on. What devices do they view emails with? These are all so that the emails can be modified to not only reach them at the best time, but in the best way as well. This brings us to the following part.

Optimization For Mobile Devices

Before, all the internet usage was done on a desktop. But now, web users do most of their browsing, searching, and emailing via mobile devices.

This is why making sure that your emails turn out well on such devices is a must. You don’t want all your other efforts to go to waste, do you? An email that takes too long to load on an email app or that loads differently in a way that makes it hard to read? It’s an inconvenience that people won’t spare time for.

Target The Right People

This is the most basic thing that marketers should include in campaign strategies.

Remember that the success of a campaign doesn’t rely on the number people you’re sending emails to. Rather, it’s the level of responses and conversions you make. There’s no point in hoping for conversions if you’re sending out your pitch to people who aren’t even interested.

Before you even begin to write out your email, you should already know who your target audience is. From this you plan out your content, and–of course–how you’re going to send out this content.

Different types of people require different types of convincing. By having a good understanding of who your targets are, you’ll know what measures to take.

Successfully reaching your desired market through emails is more than possible. All you need is proper email marketing campaign management.

As shown, however, it is not so simple and may take quite a bit of effort and time. But you could always outsource this need to a good digital marketing agency so you can focus on other business concerns.

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