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List Building – Collecting Contact Info and Making the Best of Your List

For people who are entering the world of online marketing, there is nothing as important as list building. When people talk about this function, what they are referring to is your development of a contact list. If you have any experience in sales or marketing, then you understand that a salesperson is nothing without his or her contacts. Contacts are how you find even more contacts. They are how you find out what it is going on in your industry. To some degree, you could say that your contact list is your lifeline.

In the world of online marketing, your list is going to have a slightly different function, but it is just as important. You can’t grow until you learn about to build a list.

So, in the conventional business world, when you have a list of contacts, normally what you have are names, phone numbers and specific tasks or characteristics. In the world of online marketing, however, your list building is going to be made almost entirely of email addresses. This means that in order to get started, you are going to need to have a way to get the addresses of your prospects. Once you contact these prospects’ email addresses, you have a way in, and these prospects become contacts. This won’t lead to immediate sales, but it will indeed lead to sales. The world of online marketing is about developing relationships with clients.

Squeeze Page and List Building:

For a person who is serious about list building, there is nothing more important than the squeeze page. You may have heard this term before. Basically, this is a page where your prospects can opt in for subscriptions. In other words, if you do your job correctly, your prospects will look at what you’re offering, get excited, and give you their email addresses, this way they can stay in touch. They might not buy your product right away, but you have their interest, which is more than half the battle.

Making the Best of Your List:

There are a few list building points that you need to keep in mind. For example:

  • You need to make sure that you are clear on your squeeze page about what you are selling and why it’s important, but don’t give too much away.
  • Once you have a list, you are doing well, but it’s not the whole story. On the contrary, you need to make sure that you keep up the interest of your contacts. Let them know about sales, offers, and relevant general information.
  • You might want to give away freebies, this way your contacts can see what you sell and how it can help them.

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10 Tips For Writing Attention-Getting Emails at Work

In tough economic times, it’s especially important that you use every opportunity to make a good impression as an employee. An easy way to get recognized at work is by writing really effective emails. You won’t win any awards for it, but if your emails are always purposeful, organized, and clearly written, everyone will notice, including your boss.

Here are five “Never” and five “Always” to writing outstanding at-work emails:

  1. Never write an email when you’re angry or upset. This seems like common sense, but people do it even at work, especially in their reply emails.
  2. Never be cute. If you think what you’ve just written is really cute, delete it and rewrite. This includes using various facial expressions at the end of sentences. Save cute for personal emails.
  3. Never criticize using personal adjectives. I’ve rarely seen emails at work that personally attack people by name, but I’ve read a lot of emails that criticize someone’s idea using personal adjectives. “That proposal at today’s meeting was so stupid.” If you need (not want – but need) to criticize someone’s idea or plan, state the reasons for your position, but never use personal adjectives.
  4. Never use all capital letters. Again, this is common sense, but it does happen. Don’t let it happen to you.
  5. Never send no-content replies unless there’s a reason. I get “Thanks!” and “OK” replies to my emails every day and I don’t want them and neither does anyone else. Never send a no-content reply unless a “thanks” reply is deserved or an acknowledgment of receipt of the email is required (they usually aren’t).
  6. Always read your emails before you send them. Again, this is common sense, but most people don’t do it and that’s why emails frequently read like first drafts.
  7. Always write emails to accomplish your purpose in sending it. Business emails are sent to inform, instruct, confirm, inquire, persuade, or reply to a received email. Keep your business emails within those purposes.
  8. Always make your Subject line informative and interesting. Instead of writing “Subject: recent company hiring”, write “Subject: How recent company hiring is going to affect our spending for the next 6 months.
  9. Always separate ideas. Business emails often discuss complex topics in a short narrative; this can make them confusing. One way to make your complex e-mails easier to understand is divide your e-mail into groups of ideas. My boss recently sent me a draft of an email he was writing and asked for my help in making its message clearer. He had written only two paragraphs, each with less than a dozen sentences. But both paragraphs contained multiple ideas and many of the sentences were not logically connected to each other. My solution? I never changed a word he wrote. I simply separated the sentences into five groups and put a heading to each group. The first heading was “Why You Are Receiving This Email” and my boss’s first sentence below it. Then, the next heading with the appropriate sentences below it. Within three minutes of receiving his email, I sent him my changes – my boss was happy!
  10. Always state your email’s purpose in the first sentence. If it’s necessary to state your opinion on the email’s subject, do that in the second sentence. Use the remainder of the email to elaborate on the first two sentences.

Summary – Follow the above simple tips and your at-work emails will immediately be more purposeful and more effective.

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Benefits of E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is an effective Internet marketing tool. It helps you to reach out to your customers effectively and easily. The feedback given by the customers can help you to bring required changes in your business strategy and thereby improve your revenue generation.

In order to create a massively profitable email marketing business, you must first prepare a database of clients. Analyzing and knowing customer requirements can help you to build up effective communication with your clients. Estimating client requirement is necessary as it ensures that right type of mail reaches every client. If you send same mail to each customer, they may simply ignore it.

It is essential to have good content in your mail. The content must clearly reflect the goals of your company, product description and details of services offered by you. Relevant content with the correct links to the web pages or web site of the company helps in delivering your message perfectly to your customers. You must also create a response system for the mails. A proper response system helps you to get customer feedback. While the positive feedback can be encouraging, you must also take up the negative response in similar spirit. You must solve the queries and problems of the customers quickly and effectively. Lastly, ensure that all feedback is directed to concerned departments to satisfy the customers with response from your company.

Some times it is difficult to distinguish between legitimate and spam email marketing, spammers uses the techniques that looks like it is a general e-mail. Beside this, email marketing is a good option for Promoting your business when done with a good strategy and plan.

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Get Higher Google Ranking – Use This Easy Link Building Strategy

Higher Google ranking is possible by using this easy link building strategy

I am pretty sure that everyone knows just how important it is to have high rankings on the mother of all search engines Google, yup, if you are ranking well on Google, then expect to get much more traffic than your competition.

The problem is that many folks are not ranking well on Google and they really don’t know what to do about it either, if this is your problem then you have come to the right article. If you want to have great rankings on Google then the answer is very simple, it is all about having quality backlinks that show relevance to your site or niche.

Linkbuilding is the answer when it comes to higher Google rankings and what I want to share with you today is a simple linkbuilding strategy that I use all the time for getting better rankings on Google.

Ok, the first thing that you must do is to find blogs that allow you to comment on them, well you say that this is nothing new, right it isn’t, but we need to find blogs that have a “dofollow” tag and not a “nofollow” tag.

A dofollow tag basically lets Google or its spider crawl back to a site that the blog comment came from, a nofollow tag basically denies Google from giving you a backlink for the blog comment that you may have made on another person’s blog.

Your goal is to dominate Google and get higher rankings, I explained that in order to get higher rankings you will need to get more 1 way backlinks, commenting on blogs that have dofollow is one of the ways we can build quality 1 way backlinks.

If you want to find blogs that have the dofollow tag, then go to Google and type “dofollow blogs”, after typing this, you shall see some websites or directories that are dedicated to showing you blogs that have that awesome dofollow tag.

This linkbuilding strategy works and many have seen great results plus higher search engine rankings by using this strategy.

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Six Tips For Proper Workplace Bathroom Etiquette

If you work in an office building, chances are you have to share a bathroom with a lot of strangers and acquaintances. Workplace bathroom etiquette is much more stringent than the rules at home. Here are a few tips for ensuring everyone in the office gets along when it comes to using the bathroom.

Don’t take forever. Some workplaces have bathrooms with stalls, while others have a single room with toilet and sink. In this case, be courteous and don’t spend a lot of time in the bathroom.

Always knock first. Sometimes the latches on stall doors don’t close like they should, or someone could have forgotten to lock the door-it happens.

Be sure you flush completely. Sometimes the suction in your workplace bathroom isn’t ideal-and you need to make sure everything goes down.

Avoid long conversation. Gossiping in a public bathroom is never a good idea-you never know who could be in the next stall. It’s also bad form to talk about work in the bathroom. Keep off the cell phone as well-everyone in the bathroom will hear your conversation if you don’t.

Be hygienic. Don’t leave puddles of water on the sink or tissues on the floor, and be absolutely sure the toilet seat is moisture-free before leaving the stall.

Don’t spray air freshener. Some people have a habit of spraying perfume or air freshener throughout the bathroom when they’re done. Some people are allergic to artificial fragrance, and office restrooms often have poor ventilation.

Using the bathroom at the workplace doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience. Practice considerate public bathroom use, and your workplace bathroom will be a much more pleasant place to visit.

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Powerful Email Marketing in 9 Essential Steps

How to market your products with emails? Here are 9 essential tips for your products to fly off the shelves!

1. You have to know what the aim of your email marketing campaign is. Do you want to drive more traffic to your site or do you want them to buy more from your site? The first approach focus on the volume of visitors while the second focus on the amount of the sales per visitor.

2. Keep your data updated! This is very important because you do not want to end up with inaccurate data which not only wastes valuable resources but also destroys your image.

3. The subject line must be interesting, appealing and pique the curiosity of your visitors to learn more.

4. The content of the description. The content must be in an easy to understand format and in a friendly manner. Make sure there are no grammatical or spelling mistakes so as not to be seen as unprofessional. If possible, personalise the whole experience to make it more interactive. After all, people do not like to deal with machines.

5. Links must be working and visible so that it can provide easy access around your site. The links must be direct to the subject they want, instead of redirecting to other places, which makes users irritated.

6. Your website must be user friendly and considerate to the user. It should include a FAQ or introduction section for new users so that they will not arrive confused and stay confused. Also, it should be pleasing to the eye and not too cluttered with unnecessary links.

7. Make sure that if you promise to deliver by a certain time and date, you must uphold it.

8. Timing of the campaign also has a significant effect. For example, do not go advertising toy planes right after Sep 11!

9. Lastly, you must track the effectiveness of the campaign so that you can do better next time.

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Email Marketing Secret: What Would Jesus Email?

I was reading a management development article the other day and learned that if I wanted to succeed, I should look to persons who have succeeded before me, and do what they did. Seemed easy enough. I just needed to identify some marketing geniuses and I would be set. I pondered long and hard who I wanted to put on my list that I would emulate. Who had stood the test of time and was still standing?

I was not getting very far, and my list was pretty short, so I headed off to Starbucks. Maybe a grande latte, with a double shot, would help jolt my memory. I was standing at the coffee bar waiting for a sleeve when I saw a rather peculiar bracelet on the barista’s wrist.

WWJD was all it said.

“What the heck did WWJD stand for?” I thought. “Wine, women, and Jack Daniels perhaps? No, probably some marketing attempt from some record shop or something.”

Noticing my trance-like stare at the bracelet, the barista whispered, “What Would Jesus Do?” giggled, and disappeared to go find more sleeves.”What Would Jesus Do?” I wondered. “What kind of a weird question was…

“Oh my god, I mean — gosh! Jesus was a perfect marketing genius. His teachings are still around today and he has been dead for thousands of years. He would be a perfect name for my list!” I realized.

Since my primary focus is Email Marketing I made up my own bracelet.

WWJE? Or What Would Jesus Email?

I wore the bracelet for a few days but did not feel any different (except for the rash I developed from the paint I had used on the leather). I quickly realized I did not know very much about Jesus and I needed some help or I would never find out his marketing secrets. Who could help me find out What Would Jesus Email?

I got out my Palm Pilot and pondered who, in my address book, could help me. I looked at my bracelet for guidance. WWJ –E…

I looked under ‘E’. The first entry was Madame Emael. Could a psychic help me find out What Would Jesus Email?

“What the hell, I mean — heck,” I thought, I would give it a shot.

Since Madame Emael had already helped me with the ‘Duplicate Freaky Email Incident’ we skipped the casual conversation. I did not even tell her why I was visiting. I guess she already knew because before I realized what was happening the lights went low and she started to caress her crystal ball and hum a sweet melody.

I waited, across the dimly lit room. Surely Madame Emael would be able to tell me, or get Jesus himself to tell me, the marketing secrets that had stood the test of time.

“With whom do you wish to speak?” Madame Emael sung in a sweet bird-like voice.

“The greatest marketer of all time.” I said. “I thought you already knew.”

Vigorously caressing her crystal ball Madame Emael whispered, “Ok, let’s see if we can find — Cory Rudl and see what he is up to.” It was really dark but I could see the crystal ball start to flicker with sparks of light and I was kind of mesmerized, almost in a trance. Then I realized what she had said.

“Cory Rudl?” I exclaimed, into the darkness. No offense, but he has only been gone a few months, I’m sure he contributed to Internet Marketing and stuff but I want to speak to a marketer that has stood the test of time for thousands of years. Cory would have to wait awhile before he met that qualification. “I was wanting to speak with Jesus, you know, the guy that Mel Gibson made that super-violent movie about,” I said.

Suddenly, Madame Emael’s voice changed. It was deep, kind of gravelly and I could hear very heavy breathing. It sort of sounded like the voice was growling.

“Oh, crap!” my mind raced. Maybe this was not such a good idea. The management article said go read books by successful people, it did not suggest the option of conquering up dead marketers’ spirits with a psychic. Was that Cory growling? Had I offended him? Or worse, was it Jesus and he was upset? I knew Jesus had gotten ticked off in a temple once and threw all the furniture around. I was just wanting some marketing advice. I held onto my chair, just in case the furniture started moving.

The deep, gravel-like voice spoke slowly into the darkness, “Did you say you want to speak to — Jesus?”

I closed my eyes, too scared to imagine what was about to happen.

And with that the lights flicked on and there stood Madame Emael, or rather some guy that looked like Madame Emael holding Madame Emael’s hair in his hand, or rather her wig.

He/she grabbed my coat, and threw it at me.

“Get out!” he yelled in a deep man’s voice.

“What are you doing, Madame Emael? Hey, you’re a guy!” I yelled as I was shoved out the door.

Madame Emael, or Monsieur Emael quickly explained to me, as he was pushing me out the front entrance, that Jesus and all the great spiritual leaders where off limits and if he tried to contact them he would lose his state license. He said I should go and confess right away because going to a physic to speak to Jesus was border lining on some word that sounded a lot like hearsay but I could not make out what he was saying because I was too busy trying to find my car keys so I could get the heck out of there.

I sped out of the parking lot. “What a wonky experience,” I thought. I looked at my wrist. I was still wearing my WWJE bracelet. I wondered if I would ever find out What Would Jesus Email.

I was feeling like that silly giggling Starbucks barista had really sent me down a rabbit trail. And that management article was really starting to bug me. Where could I find out more about this Jesus guy? Mel’s movie was not an option. It was in Aramaic and I hated subtitles.

I heard Madame Emael’s voice in my ear: “Go to confessional,” so I drove around and found the first Catholic Church I could find with free parking.

The priest greeted me with a warm welcome and explained that all the regular priests had the day off, as it was Monday. He was semi-retired and came in and covered the off-days and holidays. He told me I could call him Father Eudora. He seemed really nice, though somehow I got the sense he was outdated.

I explained I wanted to confess, but was not Catholic. He said it didn’t matter and took me through the chapel to the booth. We got all set up and I told him about the Starbucks barista, the WWJD bracelet, my session with Madame Emael and how she was really a guy and how I had made my own WWJE bracelet in my quest to find out What Would Jesus Email…but when I got to the part of my story about how I had noticed that I was acquiring a rash from the bracelet the curtain slowly inched opened.

I saw Father Eudora squinting through the window looking at me like I was a leper.

“You are not religious are you?” he asked through the window.

“No,” I said. “My parents had me in the 60’s, you know, beads, knitted ponchos, love-ins, The Mamas & the Papas…” He got out of his side of the booth, and raised his hand to stop me.

“Come with me,” he said as he led me back into the chapel. “Let me tell you about Jesus.”

“Finally I’m getting somewhere!” I thought, and eagerly followed him.

I stayed the rest of the day and learned a lot about Jesus. Did you know he had twelve regular guys on his marketing team? One was more interested in being a rich jerk but the other eleven really went to work after Jesus left. They took his message door-to-door, neighbor-to-neighbor and friend-to-friend.

Jesus’ marketing approach sounded a lot like viral marketing. Seems like he may have even invented it. His disciples passed his message on from person to person and the message’s influence grew and grew and grew. Thousands of years later the ‘tell a friend’ campaign continues.

I’ve stopped wearing my WWJE bracelet because the paint rash wasn’t getting any better. Oh, and I made up with Madame Emael. She, or rather he, seemed a little more sane after I told him everything Father Eudora had taught me about Jesus and his marketing campaign.

Seems Madame Emael is just an out-of-work dot com executive picking up some work with this psychic gig. He tried to explain, at great length, and in great detail, why he chose to be a cross-dressing psychic. I stopped him, explaining I was in marketing so stuff like that didn’t bother me.

I put my WWJE bracelet by my computer so I see it when I send my weekly e-newsletters. I never paid that much attention to the ‘forward this email to a friend’ section before. Oh sure I always made sure it was there — I just never realized the potential.


I hope you enjoyed my account of how I found out What Would Jesus Email. Now, whether you agree with Jesus and his teachings is not the point. Jesus has been gone for thousands of years but his message continues. If email had been around back then I am sure Jesus would have used it to spread ‘the gospel’ door-to-door, neighbor-to-neighbor and friend-to-friend. So how do we hope to get the kind of response that a dead prophet is still getting thousands of years later?

Use a tiny phrase in your email messages to get your subscribers to take action. Some people call it ‘Tell A Friend’ or ‘Forward This Email To A Friend’.

Regardless of the label get creative and encourage your readers to forward your email newsletters around. Who knows maybe your e-zine will be forwarded about thousands of years from now carrying on your message.

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Building Your List With Teleseminars – 7 Reasons Why You Should Use Teleseminars To Build Your List

Holding teleseminars to teach your content to people around the world will increase your business and profits while helping you to build your list. Teleseminars are a way to utilize new media to create and develop your online business. Here are 7 reasons why teleseminars are an excellent way to build your list and develop your business in a new way.

  • You can hold a free weekly teleseminar to introduce prospects to what you do. By giving them a sample of what your teaching style is like, people will be more likely to want to work with you.
  • On a teleseminar you can find out directly what people want to learn from you on future teleseminars.
  • A teleseminar allows you to get immediate feedback on your content and presentation style.
  • People will become used to the sound of your voice and you will gain credibility more quickly as an expert in your field.
  • You can use your business card as a way to invite people to hear you on a free weekly call to see if they want to work with you further. Instead of offering a free report you will be inviting them to learn directly from you.
  • Providing a curriculum guide will help you to further build a relationship with your listeners. When they print these study guides out they will be a reminder to your listeners about what it is that you do and have to offer them.
  • Teleseminars are a convenient way for you to teach a large group of people at one time. People can be anywhere in the world and will come together to learn from you.

I encourage you to experiment with using teleseminars in your business. You may find that this style of teaching works well for you and increases your credibility and profitability at the same time.

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List Building – List Building Opt In Page Optimization

When building your list, you need to optimize your opt in page.

This means paying a professional to do your headers and graphics.

This also means paying a professional to do your bullet points.

The best converting opt in pages are the ones that use five or six

bullet points that list in detail the benefits of what the customer

will be receiving after opting in to your list.

These can simply be the features of your product arranged in a

form that creates a picture of the customer using your product

and how they will benefit from its use.

The headline on the opt in page needs to be large size, in color

and in bold. It also needs to take up a large portion of the top

of the page.

It needs to be an attention grabber and create the impulse to

opt in quickly. The copy on the opt in page needs to create a

sense of urgency that will encourage your visitor to opt in

immediately in order to satisfy their curiosity and to benefit

ultimately from the value that you are providing them.

Avoid using distracting copy but keep it simple and something

that will allow the eyes to naturally flow to the opt in web form

box and opt in.

Also be sure to include the disclaimer on the webform that their

information is privately used and not shared with any other party.

This will increase opt in subscriber conversions simply because

you are establishing trust. Using audio and video has been proven

in case studies to increase the number of people who subscribe on

an opt in page.

Both of these media can be used very inexpesively if not free and

so they are highly recommended ways to immediately increase

your subscribers conversion rate.

It may take a little effort and time, but the rewards will be lasting

and well worth it.

The increase in perceived value will mean an increase in customer


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Top 10 Muscle Building Supplements – Which Ones Should You Get?

So have you been hitting the gym lately and you want something that is going to take your game to the next level. Maybe you have hit a plateau and need something that will get you over the hump. Either way the only answer to solve your issues is adding supplements. The list of the top 10 muscle building supplements will feature safe and effective products that you can use immediately to start getting results. Some of them are only available online and others are found in most nutritional type stores.

We are going to do something a little different than most lists. We are going to name the category it is in before naming the product. You will notice that most of the list is proteins. The reason is that this is the most important supplement you can buy. You muscles need protein to repair themselves and grow bigger.

1. Protein- Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein – This is the king of all proteins. It is high in protein and tastes great. Coincidentally this is one of the top selling proteins because of this reason.

2. Creatine- Kre- Alkalyn- This new blend of creatine is fast becoming the buzz supplement in the industry. Some people are experiencing strength increases of over 30%!

3. Meal Replacement/Protein – EAS MRP- This company has the lockdown on the best meal replacement shakes.

4. Vasodilator- N02 – This was the original and one of the best nitric oxide products on the market. The main premise behind this product is your vessels expand allowing more nutrients to hit your muscles.

5. Vasodilator-BSN Nitrix – A close second in the nitric oxide category

6. Protein- Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex – This product is extremely high in protein, and the only downside is that it is expensive.

7. Protein -Designer Whey- This is the second best protein supplement company in the world. They have some of the best tasting, but are more expensive than Optimum Nutrition’s.

8. Protein – Muscle Tech – This company has a good product and you will see all of their 3 to 5 page ads in most muscle mags.

9. Vitamins- Animal Stack – This has been highly regarded as the best set of vitamins that a muscle builder can buy.

10. Protein- Isopure – The company got its popularity by creating protein that has 0 carbohydrates which is an advantage over the other brand.

There you go, this is the list of the top 10 muscle building supplements. Take your pick of these products and you are sure to get the results that you want.

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