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How To Write Better Emails For Your Email Marketing Campaign

Do you suffer from this? – Every time you send out an email blast, you lose quite a few subscribers…

And maybe, you are getting a little nervous that you will soon lose them all as you seem to be losing more each day than gaining. Well, here is some support for you – 3 tips to write better emails for your email marketing campaign.

1. Ask For Feedback

If you find that unsubscribes and low open rates are becoming a huge problem in your business, it could be that you are not getting feedback on your efforts. Do be wise about this though, the idea is not to be at the whim of every freeloader out there but to get genuine feedback on things that you could do better to keep your people engaged. Every so often, ask your audience questions about how you can support them better and what they want to see from you.

Then take action on what they say. Mention the results in subsequent emails so that they feel heard and listened to.

You may even find your next information product idea is located in these questions. Your prospects’ feedback could make you a little more profit.

2. Don’t be too predictable

Do not keep sending the same kind of email day in, day out. Vary things a little. Make the email long, then short, then a simple action you would like them to take. If you want to increase the click-through rate to your sales pages and blog content, then keep the email short and ask them to click right through immediately.

Keep your customers on their toes as you change things up all the time. They never quite know what to expect form you each time they receive an email and so they get curious about you and your business and are more inclined to open your emails and stay on your list.

3. Segment your list

Each subscriber may be interested in different things. You cannot cater to every whim, however you can choose to separate buyers from regular subscribers. You can even try to segment them based on what they buy as this can give you a strong indication of what they want to hear about in the future.

Keeping subscribers engaged can be a case of only delivering content that they want more information on. You can use a freebie to separate the people on your list by strategically asking your subscribers if they are interested in a specific lead magnet and then pointing them in the direction of a landing page where they sign up to the new list and you manually or automatically take them off the original one. You now get a purer list and it is easier to market to people who are all on the same page.

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List Building Lexicon Learning

Have you met your lists? I mean, if your list is very big, you certainly don’t know each member personally. But if you’re selling more than one product in more than one niche, how well do you know the people you’re selling to? Oh, there might be just a few people who email you on a regular basis. But do you know your group as a whole? What do they want? How to they talk? Where do they discuss the niche the list is built around?

All of these questions are very important when you consider list maintenance. The first thing you need to remember is that a list is people, not just mindless mail bot receivers. Email addresses are probably all you see, but your niche list has certain expectations. If you can’t fulfill those, it’s a sure bet that your list will dwindle.

What do they expect?

Most of the time, you’ll be part of the niche because you’re into it. You’re all about it. That’s really the best way to go about marketing. Know what you want to sell. But if you get into something new, you’ll have to do some research.

For instance, what if your kid gets this really fun toy, maybe an radio controlled car, right? And you can’t keep your hand off it. You’re just crazy about it, and see the potential in the market after doing some basic keyword researching. OK, so if this is your first experience with radio controlled cars, other buzzwords are “RC” cars, “table top cars,” “ready to run” cars, and if you don’t know what an RC servo is, you’d better find out.

Go to Google Groups or Yahoo Groups, plug in the words “RC cars +FAQs.” When you see one that says something like “RC Cars for Newbies,” you’ll find a whole catalogue of information to help you craft some fine autoresponder messages.

The whole thing is that you want the people on your RC list to trust you. If you don’t even speak their language, that will never happen and they’ll never buy.

So, where do these people play?

We’ve already talked about Google Groups and Yahoo Groups, which are both great places to find people in the RC car niche. But here’s a different idea, why not just plug RC cars into Google and see what you come up with. Webmasters with sites or blogs built around your niche are another great source of clientele.

Go to Google or your favorite search engine, and plug in “RC cars.” You’ll see a whole list of sites dedicated to the hobby. If you pick out sites that aren’t selling your product themselves, and email the webmasters. See if you can strike up a relationship with them. Eventually, you’ll be able to see if he or she would like to form a partnership. You put a link to your squeeze page on their site or blog, and you pay them 50% of whatever you make.

If the site has a PR4 or above and an Alexa rank under 100,000 it’s probably a good site where you can get traffic. If you set up more than one partnership like this, you’ll have list members and money coming in, providing you have the right product. And if you contact several webmasters, you’ll have those multiple streams of income working for you 24/7.

List building the right way and marketing to them smartly is really a system. First, have a hot product that will sell. Next, be creative about driving people to your squeeze page, which will always be the front door to your affiliate page.

Marketers fail because they forget these steps. Win! Find your niche, and pave the road to riches with a firm foundation. Then, start list building It’s the only way to succeed.

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Win-Back Strategy of Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most effective form of marketing which can be used as an effective tool to boost a business even in severe economic climate. Various email campaigns come along with different inventive ideas to demonstrate the business values and accomplish the incremental revenue. However, one has to recognize the vulnerable areas as well as opportunities in email campaigns to eliminate the problematic factors and implement all the actionable ideas to achieve a stronger response rate.

Win-back strategy:

Crafting an informative and professional email-content with customized approach is an imperative segment of fostering the best sense of your business as well as overall business goal.Recently, Marketing Trends Report 2010 issued by Anderson Analytics, has divulged that a majority of marketing executives feel that email marketing is the mainstream tool of successful business in 2010.

Designing an efficient strategy to draw the attention of impassive segment of consumer is highly crucial in today’s cut-throat competition. These types of customers seem to be indifferent for taking initiatives-it is because they have not found products or services to be meeting their expectations. Reaching out to these customers through innovative emails can certainly be a creative approach that might result into a higher responses and eventually leading to sales.

Engagement and repetition of email campaign is significant since the higher conversion rates depend on reaching more and more customers. The message strategy should be a related combination of the relevancy of agenda along with humble promotional offers.

Email (EM) and Direct Mail (DM) integration is a crucial aspect of creating Integrated Customer Marketing. Another survey reveals that successful integration of EM and DM helped customers save at least $17, which was $4 per household on an average. Consistent tone of reassurance and engaging course of communication have proved to be the most eminent factor in escalating the consumer number.

When the service or product is in market, every individual is a customer. Converting them into a loyal customer depends on how dexterously you introduce your products and services to them. Setting an effective email campaign ensures an immediate cadence with customers which results into a healthy percentage of engagement eventually leading to sales.

Email marketing is not only instrumental to establishing loyal relationship with customers or promoting different brands but also helpful in executing winning business strategies to generate higher revenue.

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Looking For an Online Advertising Strategy? E-Mail Marketing is Proven the Most Effective

When you really compare e-mail marketing to any other online advertising or marketing strategy for any business, small or large, you have to agree that it simply provides the best method to increase your sales and build profits. Here’s why.

Compared to Advertising: Typically, most small business owners turn to some form of advertising to ‘kick off’ their marketing. Usually, they rely on inexpensive advertising strategies that are not highly targeted. Small classified ads or display ads in local newspapers are certainly not targeted to any particular audience. On the other hand, e-mail marketing lets you target your message every time. You are only promoting your products or services to those who have an interest. Ask any advertising professional and they will tell you that in order to be effective, your advertising MUST be directed at your target audience. E-mail marketing does just that.

Compared to SEO or Search Engine Optimization: Although Search Optimization is an effective method of marketing and getting your website ‘found’ online, it bears a cost. SEO companies can charge several thousand dollars to get your website indexed on the first page of primary search engines. Doing it yourself can be an overwhelming task with a long learning curve. On the other hand, e-mail can generate almost immediate results. You can put e-mail messages in to your target audience’s in-box instantly.

Compared to Pay-per-click Advertising: These campaigns can be very costly. Depending on your particular niche and the keywords you are targeting, you may need a budget of several hundred dollars a month to get noticed. E-mail is a fraction of a penny to reach every contact. Additionally, a 2008 survey at revealed that E-Mail marketing had a very low ‘CPO’ or Cost Per Order. That survey revealed that the cost per order related to PPC or Pay Per Click advertising was over $19.00 while the CPO for e-mail marketing was just under $7.00.

Regardless if you’re starting up or you’re a seasoned online business, the facts remain that e-Mail marketing is not only effective; it’s cost effective too!

Live, Love and Profit from Your Passion; Otherwise it’s just another job!

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Stable Economy – 15 Ways to Create and Sustain an Economy

A stable economy is one of the chief contributors to the feeling of well being and safety among individuals. We believe that each one of you can make a small difference in your own way to ensure that the economy of the future will be stable and safe. Knowing about your rights and following the rules and regulations pertaining to an economic environment will make you to contribute towards building a stable economy. Mentioned below are some tips and ideas following which you can help building a stable economy:

  1. Support independent local businesses that create local jobs, preserve economic diversity and contribute to a just global economy.
  2. Entrepreneurship is the lifeblood of any growing economy. Encourage entrepreneurship.
  3. Businesses and consumers should buy supplies or products from companies that create benefit for the community.
  4. Businesses should keep a tab on the cost of doing business because when businesses do well, economy does well.
  5. Every year increase the percentage of your assets that are invested in responsible financial institutions.
  6. Be sure that any project or initiative using public money has prevailing-wage jobs. It’s your money, make it work for you.
  7. The best thing people can do for the economy is to be aware of what is going on and how their actions affect the world.
  8. Step it up a notch at the job you have; be more productive. More individual productivity means a stable economy in the long run.
  9. Impact on the economy needs to be monitored while creating jobs or enhancing shareholder value.
  10. Focus on creating jobs. Even one job you create will create increased consumption and help the economy to go stable.
  11. Pay taxes on time.
  12. Try to limit the usage of credit cards and money that is borrowed from others.
  13. Any financial deal should be brought under legal contract to avoid any fraudulent activity in the future.
  14. Don’t spend more than you have and use credit cards wisely.
  15. Do not allow illegal advertising – compare prices.

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Body Building Program – Weekly Shopping List For Adding Muscle Mass in Men and Women

Like any body building programs, food are the most important factor in the training. It is quite a difficult task for anyone who has a busy routine life and need to do shopping every single day during their body building programs. However there is a solutions to the problem. With a strict weekly shopping list it will be easier to follow and you don’t have to repeat the same shopping EVERYDAY! Because of that I have list down all the items that is necessary for your daily routine workout plan. Here’s a few tips for you to include into your shopping list;

 Protein Sources

  • 3 Steaks
  • 2kg Alaskan Pollock fish
  • 6 chicken breasts
  • 5 containers 1% low-fat cottage cheese
  • 1 gallon 1% or 0% low-fat milk (skim)
  • 2 dozen large white eggs

Carbohydrate Sources

  • 1 Sweet potato (Yam)
  • 7 packets of pasta
  • 1 small box minute rice
  • 3 heads of broccoli
  • 6 apples
  • 1 green pepper
  • 2 small bags of baby carrots

Fat Sources

  • 1 jar olive oil
  • mixed nuts or almonds
  • 1 jar all natural old-fashioned peanut butter

These above lists are the natural ways to be added into your shopping list regardless for men or women. It is vitally important to combine all of the above daily diet balance everyday to improve your muscles growth. In short, Regardless of training phase, age, BMR, or body-type, food selection will always be determined by ones goals and ones training intensity. It is necessary to select whole foods over processed. Whole foods go a long way toward the realization of ones bodybuilding goals. 

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Choose the Best Email Marketing CRM Software


Software companies offer various types of email marketing softwares. You can go online to gather more information about them. Some of these E mail softwares are offline and are integrated with your current CRM system. Others are online and work as stand alone systems. Depending upon your requirements, you can go in for simple software that just takes care of your email distribution or you can opt for softwares with more comprehensive and statistical features.

Recognized supplier

You should do the necessary research to make sure that your chosen CRM software supplier is reputed in the industry. You can also collect data on the past customers of your supplier to see whether he has reputed clients. Customer testimonials can also help you in knowing the goodwill of the supplier. Another point to be considered is that whether your supplier guarantees you round the clock technical support, in case something goes wrong with your software.


Do a thorough analysis of your requirements in order to decide what all tools and features are necessary for you to have in your email marketing CRM software. If you will not receive the appropriate tools, all your investment on the software will go waste. E mail marketing CRM softwares have tools such as easy management of customer lists and smooth communication with various customer groups. There can be other statistical tools to collect data for decision making such as number of emails sent, ratio between the number of people who received the email and those who actually opened it, or number of emails subscribed etc.

Other points

Another vital point is to confirm whether the software company will charge you on per mail basis or will charge a fixed fee. You can choose an option that best suits your requirements. You should also do necessary research to get the best deal possible. You should go in for a supplier who is reputed and provides all essential features at a lower price. You can also confirm whether your chosen CRM software provides automatically generated reports. Such reports are very crucial in reducing the workload.

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The 3 Best High-Dollar Non-Profit Fundraising Techniques

Many non-profit organizations stumble when it comes to raising money from high-dollar donors.  These same organizations may have mastered events, direct mail, and other lower-dollar non-profit fundraising techniques, but find it difficult to network with larger contributors.

 In order to become a prevailing organization, at some point every charity needs to start a major donor program seeking out larger gifts.  Raising bigger donations can be done.  It’s daunting, it takes time, and you’ll fail often.  Yet, it’s worth it, because it is precisely these efforts that will lead to long term fundraising success for your school, church, or charity.  Here are the three best high-dollar non-profit fundraising techniques you can use with your own organization:

1.  Build Fundraising Networks

The single best way your non-profit can grow its donor base and begin seeking larger donations is by building strong fundraising networks.  Simply put, your goal in building a network is to get those who already support you to open their rolodexes to you so you can find new supporters, and then to get those new friends to open their rolodexes to you, and so on. Your fundraising network should be an ever-increasing series of new groups and avenues of support.

It all starts with your board of directors and your current donors and supporters.  Approach them and ask them to open up their own networks to you, and begin to grow your organization’s fundraising network.

2.  Make Multi-Year Asks

It’s tempting to make big one time asks that really stretch a donor’s capacity, but leave him or her feeling like they’ve done their part for the organization and should be left alone.  This strategy works, but sometimes burns bridges and leaves donors giving less than their (growing) capacity would allow. 

A great non-profit fundraising technique for building long-term relationships with your high-end donors is to really engage them in the mission of your organization, and then to make a multi-year ask.  Multi-year asks give the donor a chance to become a part of your team by committing to making a gift over the next 3, 5, or 7 years.  (E.g. $20,000 per year for 3 years, or $50,000 over the next 5 years, etc.)  This type of gift builds stronger relationships with major donors than one-time asks.

3.  Start Affinity Groups

Lastly, a great way to identify larger donors in various niches and demographics is by starting affinity fundraising groups.  This high-dollar non-profit fundraising technique involves starting smaller donor networks (or “clubs”) geared at various professions (e.g. doctors, lawyers, students), demographics (senior citizens, young professionals, Irish-Americans), and geographic locations (Iowans, Chicagoans, Canadians).

The purpose of these affinity groups is to bring a team of like-minded donors, volunteers, and prospects together to support your organization through events and fundraising activities.   These types of groups usually start small, but grow rapidly over time, often leading to major gifts from more affluent members of the group.

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Diving Into Internet Marketing Basics – Building a Healthy List

The most important of all the lessons you can learn while going through Internet marketing basics is the importance of not only building a solid list of leads but also in maintaining and regularly rewarding that list.

It’s great to build a list that you can go to and present your offers, but if that’s all you do, your list will lose a lot of its power over time. Avoid even the slightest hint that this is what is going on or you will miss out on the full potential of an active and responsive list.

Your goal as a list owner is to cultivate relationships with your list so that when you do present a product to them, they are willing, even eager, to buy. Don’t overlook the incredible value of this opportunity.

So, how do you keep your subscribers from clicking on the “remove me” button and make sure they are ready and willing to buy whenever you present them an offer they really shouldn’t refuse?

1) Offer quality content every time you send a message to your subscribers. Never, ever, send an email to your subscriber list that is all about you. Make it all about them. Offer them solid information and advice. If you have an offer, present it in a manner of how it can help them. Make it all about what you can do for them rather than what they can do for you.

2) Thank them for being your valued subscribers. Offer discounts, freebies, rebates, and rewards. Depending on what products or services you are marketing, there are many ways you can show your thanks-even if you do not own the products you’re marketing. Get creative and see how much fun you can have by rewarding those who allow you the privilege of invading their in-boxes day after day.

3) Be gracious. They are giving you a precious resource when they open up your emails: their time. Make it worth their time by being pleasant, informative, fun to read, and most of all, brief. Don’t write a book. Make it quick so they have time to get to the heart of what you are saying and back to their day.

Building a healthy list doesn’t require a 24-hour a day effort but the rewards of a healthy list can be a 24-hour a day profit. This is probably the best kept secret in Internet marketing. Everyone’s talking about it, but so few are actually doing it. Put this secret to work for you today and you’ll be moving beyond Internet marketing basics tomorrow.

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Advertising Email Marketing Online – 3 Easy Steps to Profiting With Email Advertising

Do You Want To Harness The Power Of Advertising Email Marketing Online?

Of course you do, if not you won’t already be reading this in the first place. Now before we get started its really important to take note that email marketing is not dead.

Advertising email marketing online works and it still works even more successfully if you do it right the first time. Take a wrong path and you could spoil hours of effort you poured in. This is why you must pay careful attention to the steps below.

Step 1: Get Your Own Mindset Right

Have you ever stayed at home on a fine day without work and then someone comes knocking at your door? Your heart probably is thinking, “hope that’s not the local salesperson!

Not to offend to anyone in this profession, but that is how everyone you know thinks. They will only open up with someone if its already someone they know personally. Get this, then the rest is easy.

Step 2: Gain Trust And Customers Easily

Yeah, trust don’t come easy and it takes more than just effort. It takes your sincere desire to want to serve the person and help him or her. If your product will truly help your customers solve their problem then listen up.

All you have to do is to keep them in your email contact by writing words that will trigger them to give your product a risk-free trial. Like this, you transfer their trust towards you faster.

Step 3: Harvest Time Is Mostly Action

Like it or not, I have fallen into this trap before and I’m going to share this with you. So, take this into heart because this is reality. Knowing how to harvest from your email marketing list is crucial.

Just take that action, one step towards writing and communicating your sales pitch to your potential customers sincerely. Telling them the benefits of purchasing your product. Just be short and direct. They’ll like you for that.

Live With Marketing Confidence

I’m going to ask you a question which had always inspired me to take positive action. That question is, “if you knew you will never fail, what would you do?”. Being able to start advertising email marketing online effectively begins with belief in yourself.

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