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Make Money Online With List Building

List building is crucial for your success online. If you want to make money online for many years to come, building a mailing list is your best option. With this technique, you can follow-up with your potential customers and close more sales. In this article you will learn some great ways to build a larger list of subscribers in less time. But the key to your success is held in the hands of the people who are serious about learning more from you.

I want to expose a false promise first. If you have a huge list of 100,000 subscribers, you will not make as much money from this particular list if the subscriber base is poor. In other words, if the people on your list are just "freebie" seekers, you'll have a hard time making sales. You could easily generate more income from a much smaller list of subscribers if the quality is higher. So where do you find people who are eager to learn from you?

I suggest that you create an article marketing strategy for your business. The fact is, people are looking for the information they want to learn through search engines. The fact that you are reading this article proves it. So what if you could position yourself in-front of your customers? No, I'm not talking about being an SEO guru. You can begin writing at this very moment and build a larger list. is my favorite article directory. All of my traffic comes from this website. So how do you make money with the list building process?

It's simple REALLY. You create a lead capture page that collects the information of your prospects. You can use Aweber to store your newly captured email addresses. Your lead capture page will consist of a great headline, a call to action and an opt-in form. Simply write 5-10 informative articles every day linking to your lead capture page. If you can keep this up for just 30 days, you will be blown away by the results you get. As far as making the money, simply promote your own products in your email marketing campaign. You could also sign up for and promote their products to earn commissions.

Your back-end product funnel is really important. You should have products that range from $ 25 to $ 500. This will ensure that you generate the most sales for your article marketing efforts.

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List Building – What You Should Know

Internet marketing tools and techniques that are available to get your business in the spotlight, can only be effective if you have readers or visitors that are looking at your material. Therein lay the art of list building and the benefits that can be gained by optimizing the content and articles that your prospective readers are seeking. There does not have to be a lot of time and energy put into the process of building your customer following. However, there are a few simple steps that are sure to get you started and to benefit the optimal results that you are seeking when listing building.

Many experts claim that article writing is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site (or squeeze page) and with a minimal amount of effort and time invested. This is a killer way to drive traffic that is targeted to your squeeze pages and hopefully get them to opt-in to join your list.

When you are an established marketer what you may want to consider is looking at your current lists and find the products and services that those former buyers are seeking or email a survey to them in order to gain some type of direction about where your niche is headed (and what they're interested in.) This can help you target new articles toward these same interests and hopefully cast your "net" to grab some new leads looking for this kind of information.

What you can do is write laser-targeted articles that offer your reader value and information … and if they want more? Just send them to your squeeze page to learn more. Here you can capture their information like name and email and get them to their desired information. You get a targeted lead and they get the information they want. You must repeat this process over and over with the same or similar methods of generating traffic. This will help you to build tons of leads and grow your list.

While informing your clients of the products you're offering is most important, you must also be willing to gather information that will help you in future listing building or product offerings. The key is to find what will benefit them and to build a relationship with your listed clients, give them factual information and allow them to feel confident in selecting you as the vendor of choice (ie when you go to promote something to them, ll want to buy it from YOU). The process can be time consuming if you allow yourself to get what up in the details, however, if you are forthright and consistent in keeping the client to see the best and keep insisting they are missing out if they do not buy your products, odds are they will become not only part of your client list, but part of your returning customer base.

Article writing does not have to take a ton of time and you do not have to come up with a ton of topics. If you use this method, you can write on four or five topics and end up with eight to twenty different articles. This will put tons of articles out there to get you maximum exposure and drive a lot of traffic to your squeeze page. You know, those are the best types of internet marketing tools-ones that are effective and save you time!

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Email Marketing Services Should Not Be Underestimated

There are many ways to promote a business but email is not one that some business owners consider. They believe that spam and social networking sites signaled the death of email as a marketing technique. These folks could not be more off track because marketing via email is alive and kicking. In fact, failing to utilize one of the available marketing services could be detrimental to a business.

Email marketing has been proven to work, and work well at that. An early 2011 Ecoconsultancy survey revealed that 72 percent of those responding felt that the return on investment for email was good or excellent. The only electronic marketing method that scored higher was search engine optimization. For each dollar spent in 2010, the Direct Marketing Association estimated that a return on investment of $ 42.08 would be generated.

Promotional emails were listed as having the second largest impact on visits to retail Web sites, according to the ForeSee Results 2010 report. Only brand familiarity ranked higher. Over 39 percent of industry executives who participated in a 2010 Annual Marketing & Media Survey from Datran stated that email was their best-performing advertising channel. This represented the highest percentage of all responses. MerchantCircle surveyed more than 8,000 US business owners and found that 35.8 percent listed email style marketing in their top three most effective advertising or marketing methods.

These statistics show the effectiveness of email marketing and the money invested in it follows. Sixty-three percent of respondents to a BtoB Magazine survey in January 2011 stated that they were likely to increase email spending during 2011. In the e-tailing group 2010 Annual Merchant Survey, 79 percent of merchants said they would send more targeted email to improve their Web site performance.

By 2013, email spending is anticipated to increase to $ 27.8 billion, according to the August 2009 Veronis Suhler Stevenson Communications Industry Forecast. In 2008, this figure stood at just $ 11.9 billion. This increase in spending is justified by the many factors that make email based marketing effective. Marketing via email is data driven, permits targeting, drives direct sales, and supports sales made through other channels. Perhaps most important from the view of the customer is that it builds relationships, trust, and loyalty.

Modern services for marketing by email support database segmentation, integration, and other methods of making outgoing messages more targeted. Using advanced technology, businesses can generate emails on the fly that are customized to individual recipients. The offers and promotions contained in these emails result in immediate actions like registrations, inquiries, downloads, and sales. Consumers are directed to offline events and stores, relationships are strengthened, and branding and awareness are developed.

When all of this is taken into consideration, it becomes clear that email marketing is not going anywhere. With the help of email marketing services, businesses can create and implement an effective email marketing strategy. By including email marketing in the annual advertising plan, starting with the basics, and working up to more sophisticated techniques, a business positions itself for success.

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List Building – The Winning Email Marketing Message Format

If you're involved in online marketing at all, you probably belong to several email mailing lists for marketers who sell products or services to people in the IM arena.

Think about the email messages you receive from those people. Do you see anything common about the format? I would bet almost all of them are in plain text. No fancy HTML, no flashing graphics, just plain old words. That's true for almost any successful email marketer out there. Why?

Think about the work required to create an email marketing message:

  • You have to come up with what to say
  • You have to write the words
  • You have to format the email

The first two tasks are required no matter what email message format you use. But that formatting step can take literally no time at all, or it can require hours of effort. The pros do not want to spend hours, so they make the formatting step easier by using plain text.

It is easier and quicker to create plain text emails for email marketing campaigns than it is to create HTML masterpieces. HTML is for websites, not emails. Leave the fancy stuff for your pages, and focus on putting compelling words in your email messages.

This helps you get your emails delivered, too. Lots of spam filters at the server level can flag HTML emails as spam. That means your painstakingly created work of art might never be seen by human eyes. Using plain text avoids at least part of this problem, although it does not immunize you against spam filters entirely.

Avoiding HTML also gives you an advantage in a recipient's email inbox. Many email clients can filter HTML emails, or not display the pretty HTML without the user explicitly allow it. Putting HTML in your messages puts another speed bump in front of your reader. Why risk not getting read?

Many people who educate others about email marketing claim that the click-through rate (CTR) for HTML emails is higher than it is for plain text emails. That may be true, but only testing will tell you for sure. But even if HTML gets more clicks, does that exceed the emails that do not get past spam filters? Does it compensate for annoying your subscribers by forcing them to allow HTML for your emails? Maybe not.

And here's something else most of these teachers tell you … if you send an HTML email, always include a plain text version, just in case the HTML version got stuck in the filters. Most autoresponder services have this feature. That means you will have to create two versions of your emails, which clearly requires extra work.

Why not skip the extra effort and potential hit to your email campaign effectiveness and use plain text emails? That's what the pros do.

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The Sources Of Free List Building

The internet is a rich source of information right at your fingertips. So you need to maximize its offered capacities by researching on information available online. And in the realm of multi-level marketing, getting information for free is a bonus that is hard to pass up. To make this a reality, here are some ways to find the sources of free list building sites online.

1) Use internet search engines

Search engines are websites which purpose is to find information quickly. The end products are usually websites that carry the keywords you provide as parameters for your search. In using search engines, using the right key words are essential to make your research complete and expansive. But not all search engines provide the same output, so it is best to utilize at least three engines for your research. In this way, even less popular sites can be accessed and viewed for your research purposes.

2) Access public forums

Social interaction websites are also quite a rich source of information to build your email listing. So by logging on to these sites, you are able to find people that may be interested in the product you offer. By reaching out to these individuals, you are effectively able to build on an email list of prospects without spending much. And you also learn in the process as these sites provide a rich source of information that you can ever use in your business.

3) Get directory assistance

The internet is complete with directories that you can access for your use in your email list. So by poring through them, you are effectively able to build your own email list without much fanfare or cost. You need only invest in time and in patience so that your directory of business can be made.

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List Building: Do not Touch Your Business Until You Have a Customer List!

Why you need a customer list and how to get it is the very bane of most companies and businesses around the world. Getting, and keeping, loyal customers is one of the most difficult prospects in the working world. But gaining one is one of the most important things you can do as an owner / employee.

Like having a well, Lists are an opportunity to keep in touch with many people and sell to them in an expedient manner. Why worry about posting to social sites over and over again when you can just draw up a monthly newsletter or message and send it out to hundreds or even thousands of people? Customers will find you far more professional and interesting when you send directly to their email and are more likely to buy from you after they see your product multiple times. Not to mention it's very easy for them to simply forward the email of a product they like to a friend.

Usually, the sale is not made the first time you see someone. It usually happens after being exposed 3 to 5 times. The reason? Because people do not know you and do not trust you. It's not personal, it's simply because they are buffered with other products consistently which they already know and love. Give them time to learn more about you and your product and they'll be back and buying.

Gain trust and report with them. Again, no trust, no buy. If the people do not know you, your knowledge, or your product, they will not care about you and will not buy what you offer. The more you speak to them and the more they see your product, the more likely they'll be buying from you and not your competitor. People like to be safe and secure in their buying so it's up to you to make sure they know their hard-earned money is spent for a good reason.

Loyalty is gained when you earn the trust of the customers. With a customer list, you can gain that loyalty and also improve it when you offer special deals and promotions of quality. When you prove that you have a great product and excellent service, you'll show the customer that they are safe sending you their money. But you can not send promotions without your list.

All of this is moot, however, if you do not keep in contact with your list and keep people coming back. Maintaining interest is a great way to keep up with customers and promote other products you might come up with later on. You can also promote other people or company's works, such as affiliates or sponsors, which translates into potential sales or profits for you and your affiliates.

But one of the best reasons I've found for list building is to save money and time. Advertising is one of the hardest and most money-consuming parts of business. However, what is so difficult about sending an email or newsletter every week or two and letting people know that you're open for business? Seems pretty cheap too. With mail sites such as Aweber costing only $ 1 for the first month and only $ 19 a month for the first 500 people, I'd say it's not bad. Considering an ad on TV will run you hundreds or sometimes even thousands of dollars.

Marketing is one of the most profitable but also difficult parts of business. But if you master your list building skills you'll find it's also one of the most rewarding tasks you'll enjoy as it's simple and straightforward. Do not wait until the customers drift away like leaves in the fall. Get that list going and capture current, and build the possible future, customer base now!

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List Building – Exactly What is It?

"List building can make you rich." We have all heard and seen this many times before. "The money is in the list", yet another truism or cliche, depending on how you look at it. How many times have you seen that statement? Thousand?

So, exactly what is "list building"? Let's explore that question. Simply put, list building is the activity of collecting emails of potential customers for future (or present) marketing ventures. Oh, so it is just a way to spam people, right? That is what many may think and many actually express feeling this way about some marketers and their lists.

The real answer is no! Your list is not for spamming. It is not for open abuse by relentlessly hammering your readers with email after email of different products that you want to sell.

Instead, list building should be thought of as though one were building a home and also cultivating a close relationship, at the same time. Careful thought and planning should go into any list building venture, as the customer base forms the foundation of your email marketing business. What is the main reason that many have opted-in to your list? Is it because you offer a valuable home study course or free software? Is it because you offer free optimized website templates?

Put yourself in the readers place, would not you want something of value in return for your loyalty? That is one of the secrets that many "gurus" have forgotten. Give people something very valuable, share useful information and advice with them and watch the money roll in. Remember, if the reader does not view your list as valuable, how can you expect them to ask them that you are asking them to buy, as useful? In other words, where is the incentive?

Does this type of list building take work? Yes, it does. Will your customers / readers appreciate it? You bet! After all, do not you feel more loyal to those that value you and cultivate their relationship with you? Are not you more likely to buy something from those that you feel appreciate your business? Of course you are! The same applies to those in your list.

How can you analyze the effectiveness of your list building? The two easiest ways would be in terms of sales and also retention. Sales provide the most direct results of your building efforts. Send out an email mentioning a certain product and monitor the actions of your list members. The less visible manner is how long do people stay on your list. The reason that this is so very important is that customers that opt ​​out of your list are people that you no longer have their direct attention. This is one less potential sale and therefore, it is just as important to address the reasons that people are not staying on your list.

Treat those on your list as you want to be treated. Show them the same amount of attention and caring as you expect others to do for you. The extra work and effort will pay off in huge disputes and you will see your business become quite successful as other marketers struggle. The money is truly in the list and approaching list building as a necessary and profitable task will ensure that you reap the benefits of your efforts.

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Email Marketing Software – A Must For List Building

Email marketing is as old as the web. It's a proven approach to marketing that will continue to work for many years to come. The fact that people want the information you're sending them is the reason it's so effective. This is why it's known as permission marketing. In essence, your subscribers have given you permission to contact them by opting-in to your list. You have their full attention, because they view you as an expert in what they're interested in.

The best way to get people to sign into your list is by offering a free download. As an example, you may want to offer an ebook download if you operate a business that sells products for gardening. The ebook could include info about building a green house, or logo planting tips. Pretty much anything you feel a customer would be interested in reading about. After finishing your PDF, you would put an opt-in box on your site allowing visitors to subscribe to your list in exchange for the free download.

You have to see to it that your subscribers continue receiving valuable content, as your email list begins to grow. Many online marketers make the rookie mistake of flooding a new subscriber's inbox with sales offers as soon as they join the list. This is definitely not the course of action you'll want to take, if you're looking to succeed in your business. List members will start unsubscribing if they feel that your relationship is not based on value. A great approach to take is to send good informative emails to list subscribers for the first 10 days after they opt-in. By implanting this step, you'll find that your list will be more likely to react to purchase recommendations in the future. Then, by the time you're ready to fire off a promo, your subscribers will be far more receptive.

Creating an autoresponder email series is the best way to ensure that your new list subscribers are engaged with ongoing content. First, you've got to create 10 to 15 helpful emails that your new subscribers would fin useful. Getting these emails done is something that has to happen before your beginning capturing email addresses. Afterwards, they can be setup to go out automatically to every individual that signs up to your list. That means you'll be providing an additional 2 to 3 weeks of content to each person without even thinking about it.

Once you dive in to it, you'll find that this is a very simple process. You have to remember that operating an email marketing campaign is not something that is done through a free email account provider like Gmail or Yahoo. You will need to open an account with an email marketing company. They will allow you to manage an unlimited amount of emails, and are very inexpensive. Building your opt-in box in order to capture emails is the first thing you'd want to do once you've signed up. Step two is setting up the sequence on those 10 to 15 emails that you have all ready to go. You can relax and let everything run on autopilot after you're done setting up both of these steps.

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List Building – Importance of Using a Squeeze Page for Your Landing Page

One of the most important things you can do online, when you are building a list, is to use a squeeze page as your landing page.

So what is a landing page? A landing page is the web page which your visitor gets to first when they come to your web site – the place where they 'land'. This landing page can be your main page, your index page, a sales page, or any other kind of page – it is nothing special, in and of itself, it is just the place where your visitors go to first at your web site.

Now a squeeze page only has some content, and then a compelling reason to opt in to an email list. That's it. By definition, the squeeze page is designed to 'squeeze' your visitor into the opt in email list by providing no other option, except to opt in. Now this means no links to other pages, this means no pay advertising, nothing. Maybe a contact page – but why? The squeeze page is designed to convert visitors into subscribers.

Now, why the incredible push to have a squeeze page first? You might be thinking, but why not my sales page first? I mean, that is what you are doing, right, selling your ebook or whatever?

Let me share with you some hypothetical numbers, although I will admit they are similar mine somewhat, and are probably pretty typical of others' in internet marketing, and many of the niches.

Let us assume that your sales page converges at 1%, meaning that 1% of the people who visit your web page buy the product. Now to make this even more illustrative, let us assume that this is a $ 50 product. So for every 100 visitors to that web page, you make $ 50, or 50 cents per visitor.

Now, notice that the other 99 that did not buy are not going to be subscribers, so you have no way to continue to contact the 99 who did not buy, because they did not subscribe while they were at your web page.

Let us now assume that your competitor, someone like me who uses a squeeze page for the entry point, instead chooses to force visitors to opt in, before they can see any content or a sale page. Let us assume that 33% of the visitors opt in to your opt in email list. Now, I also generally assume that the 1 that would have bought your product in the first place, is included in these new subscribers – I deduce this because I assume that out of the 66 that did not opt ​​in, none of them would have bought your product. Why? People have to trust before they buy. If they do not trust you enough to give you their first name and email address, are they really going to open up their wallet, pull out their credit card, and give you their credit number for you to process for $ 50? My guess is no, since my conclusion that you have captured the subscribership of the visitor who would have bought.

Now, the next thing in my sequence is that once they have subscribed to my opt in email list, they are immediately redirected to my sales page, the same one they would have viewed and purchased at the rate of 1%. Now, because these individuals include the one who would have bought from me anyway, and they are more qualified, about 1 out of 33, or 3% or my new subscribers purchase my product at that point. So I collect $ 50, which is the same amount of money I would have collected if I had not used a squeeze page and created subscribers. So now I have $ 50 AND I have 33 subscribers – I have broken even, plus I am ahead by 33 subscribers.

Now, imagine that just 10% of these subscribers, over the next few weeks or even months, will end up buying my product for $ 50. That is about 3 more purchases, for a total of $ 150 – which makes my original 100 visitors worth $ 200 to me, instead of the $ 50 I would have collected had I done this without a squeeze page.

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Common List Builder Device Pitfalls

A simple search on the internet would net you many list building offers. From random number generators to automated internet email programs, they can be used for your business. But you need to be careful in the purchase of these items, and here are some guidelines before you invest in these kinds of devices from the internet.

1) Company reputation

Many offers made come from individuals or companies online. You need to find out on this company, as to its certificates, if they are allowed to conduct such a business. Secondly, searching on their physical address would also help in verifying the company's existence. Lastly, there must be a post-sale system of customer service available. Without the last one, there may be issues that come out during operation that need to be addressed, and without a customer hotline, there may be a bigger problem with the company.

2) Testimonials

Many of these sites have illustrated testimonials on the merits of the product. These are biased comments if they appear in the offeror's website. So to supplement this, you need to search online on independent testimonials of the product. Also, a quick email to the consumer office of the state may help you decide whether the product is dependent and lives up to its hype.

3) Cost

With the large number of offers from service providers, there would be a discrepancy in the costs of the devices being offered. What you need to do is identify the cheapest one with the most number of capabilities in order to create savings for your investment.

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