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The Two Questions That Lead To Success

I'd like to take just a few minutes and talk about something that is critical in this or any other business that you want to start – or continue, for that matter.


In Internet marketing, focus becomes absolutely critical because it's very easy for the large number of things that are possible to distract you. There are so many ways to make money online – so many profitable niches, so many variations on the theme …

Frankly, there are a lot of bright and shiny objects on the Internet that can take your attention, your focus away from what it should be on.

The mere fact that we use social media as one of the ways to communicate with our communities can be a distraction. You can lose hours on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ just watching what your friends are doing, and responding to fun comments or posts. YouTube has hundreds of thousands of hours of video that are quite entertaining. Some are even educational, and can teach you a lot about your new business online, but even these may not be what you need to focus on at this moment.

One of the best acronyms I've seen that uses the word FOCUS is Follow One Course Until Successful , or Follow One Course Until Success . This is so true. When I began my online business, it was very easy for me to get distracted and unfocused to the point where I was paying attention to things that were not yielding fruit. In other words, I was chasing a lot of rainbows.

If we are going to Follow One Course Until Success, we need a strategy.

As a coaching opportunity here, I'd like to teach you a simple strategy, something that has helped me and hundreds of others through this process. It's two simple questions that I used coaching soccer for many years.

This is the first strategy, the first technique, the very first thing I taught any player that played for me. Early on, I learned that players can become easily distracted from their primary mission on the soccer field.

This applies in any sport – basketball, football, baseball, rugby … There are so many things going on during a sport, so many things to capture your attention, and sometimes even lulls in activity that can leave you looking around for something to do.

So, I created two questions, two very specific questions that I could teach the players to ask themselves after every transition in play. I taught them that after every pass, every time they received the ball, every time a goal was scored or a shot was taken, any time the ball went out-of-bounds, at literally any moment in time, they were to ask themselves these two questions:

"Where am I?" and "What should I be doing?"

In soccer, these questions serve the player well. When a pass is made, asking "Where am I?" and "What should I be doing?" helps the player understand their position on the field and how they should be moving to support the attack or to help in the defense. When a throw in or a free kick was taken, asking these questions help the player know where to be on the pitch and how to best help the team. As the strikers sprint forward for an attack, the questions allowed the supporting players to be in position to achieve the primary mission – scoring a goal.

In Internet marketing, where a successful online business is your goal, these questions help you regain focus on what you should specifically be doing towards that goal.

When your goal is to create your simple, targeted website, you should not spend your time looking at Facebook. When it's time to create your follow-up messages in your autoresponder, you should not be reading e-mails. And, when your goal is to learn a new skill, it is no time to be watching a webinar that is not specific to that skill.

So, remember: regularly ask yourself these questions "Where am I?" and "What should I be doing?"

Ignore the bright, shiny objects, the distractions that keep you from your objective. Remember to choose a course and FOCUS, Follow One Course Until Success.

Apply these tips to both your online business and anything you do in life, and see what a difference it makes to your focus.

I'll see you online, soon!

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Internet Marketing Trends to Focus on for 2018

With 2018 literally on our doorstep, it’s essential that you put an effective internet marketing campaign together that will assist you in achieving success and dominating your market online. There are certain trends that are happening in the internet marketing industry and if you want to be in the forefront of your industry, boosting your brand and increasing your website traffic, then find an internet marketing company that will provide you with current and up to date services that you can trust.

The first and most important thing to focus on this coming year is your URL. It’s essential that you make your URL’s relevant and accurate to your business and products. This is so important to ensure that clients can find your site with ease and without being compromised on search results. A good internet marketing company will be able to assist you with your URLs to ensure that they are the right match for your business and optimized for search engines to assist you in achieving the success that you deserve.

The next thing you are going to want to focus on for 2018 according to the top internet marketing companies is your keywords. It’s essential that thorough keyword analysis is carried out, along with putting short and long tailed keywords in place while incorporating your local SEO to achieve success. Your keywords should not be overstuffed, but carefully and strategically placed throughout your online marketing to ensure you are noticed and your website traffic is increased as a result.

In addition to this, it is expected that link building is going to be essential moving forward. The top internet marketing company will tell you that link building is essential to online success, but at the same time, you want to ensure you use manual link building services to have good quality links from reputable sites in the industry. You need to ensure all your links are working and of good quality. This is something that should be monitored regularly to reduce the risk of being penalised by the search engines for broken and poor quality links.

Now 2018 you are gong to see more penalisation for not making use of local SEO, which is a new Google algorithm, that as companies rushing to have their websites changed accordingly. Local SEO enables people searching online to find products and services in their location first, before being shown other towns, cities and countries. In order to reach your local audience, you must incorporate local SEO, which your internet marketing company will be able to assist you with.

Local SEO should be incorporated into everything you do from your address and contact details being clearly visible on every single one of your web pages through to incorporating location in your keywords and more. Ensure you are embracing local SEO to achieve your online success for 2018.

Next you will want to ensure your site is mobile friendly. If you think about it more and more people are relying on their mobile devices to research for products and services In fact, studies have shown that people will actually search for pricing and products while standing in a store. So if you want to ensure your audience sees you, you need to ensure your site is mobile friendly and incorporate voice searches to help clients find what they are looking for.

Lastly you will want to ensure your site provides clients with fast navigation and page speeds. These days people are busy, they don’t have the time to wait for pages to load and they don’t have the patients to search an entire website to find one product. Ensure you provide your clients with ease of use to boost your success moving forward.

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Simple Internet Marketing Strategies Offering Successful Results

Attention to currency in this world is increasing. It also means that you are up facing well-funded larger companies and competing a multitude of distractions and social media for the prospects. Of course, this does not mean you have to spend tons of money on marketing efforts or have to be dramatic to appear outstanding in this crowd. There are inexpensive and creative ways that allow you to rule your business in the digital world.

Get endorsed through some local celebrity

Getting a superstar may be expensive and difficult, but you can always get some local celebrity. You must have noticed business owners mostly get global celebrities to endorse their services or products.

Local celebrities are the unsung heroes, who are residents of the same locality such as a teacher and are doing something worthy and positive. Such people can be located easily as they are from your own neighborhood and it is best to contact by email or phone. Follow up such people and acquire honest feedback. These responses will promote your marketing content.

Join LinkedIn group

LinkedIn group is free to create and enables offering professional network useful and vibrant information resource while increasing sales. Do not try to sell anything using this platform.

It takes time and effort, but the goal helps in providing resources and starting discussions. Groups should enable even your members to have network online with other professionals.

Publish on niche blogs

It is tough to reach any major magazine front cover, but creating marketing opportunities and strategies by creating a popular blog is possible. You may also contact the creator of blogs targeting your market and provide ideas on how you can add value to their readers by:

· Demonstrating goodwill by providing a small amount of the service or product to the blog owner for free and this can be gifted to audience. Thus the market can be reached better than just offering information.

· Interview at your site. Send ideas through writing of how they will be useful for readers. Promote your content by enticing the blog manager.

Create YouTube videos

YouTube is a powerful platform for online marketing business. There are over 800 million visitors each month. Merely posting your product videos is not enough; these marketing videos should contain elements such as:

· A call to action

· A headline keyword-researched

· Editorial message that is absolutely clear.

You can capture online videos even through your Smartphone, if the inbuilt camera has features of editing and lighting equipment. If you own a Mac, enjoy doing with iMovie applications. Find online some free software or hire professional editor sites.

Write an e-book about the issues of your niche industry

There is no need to find a publishing company to get your book distributed. The aim is not making direct book sales and earning profit, but to encourage readers and to use lead generation tool. It is a must and so writers must consider writing even if they are time-strapped entrepreneurs.

Marketing your book at affordable price is now possible using video marketing, social media and e-mail list marketing. Embed links in the early pages to capture leads from interested people.

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This Stuffs Really Works: How Vision and Beliefs Create your Business

This Stuff really works: How Vision and Beliefs create your business

Do you ever get fired up with a great idea, but take no action?

If you do not believe that it is possible to make large amounts of money then you will not take the required action that will deliver the results

You are not alone, this is common because people have great ideas but they do not line up with their beliefs of what they are capable of, what will work and what is good.

Believe in yourself and what you want to do. Go and find the skills that you need to make it happen, find a mentor if possible, take action. Measure the results and feed the results back in and keep continuously improving

Not everything will work for you and that is fine. Just keep holding your vision of what you want to achieve and just keep moving towards it.

You need to get out there and try things and see if they work for you, if they produce results then keep using them, no results then stop using them

Have you even had a doubt if you have what it takes to achieve what you want, congratulations, you are in good company, most of the world.

Relax and focus on what you want, ideas and resources will come.

The important thing for you to do is to absorb ideas and filter out the ones that seem attractive to you. If they seem attractive, then they probably line up with your beliefs and also what you want to achieve. After you pick out the ideas then try them out, take some actions and measure the results.

You do not have to have an original idea just a good one and try it out, see if it works for you. You do not have to be lucky, a genius, or anything special.

Find someone who knows how to do what you want to achieve, and do what they do. Believe that it will work and you will align yourself with taking the right actions that will deliver the results that you want.

Simple things applied are a lot more powerful that something that is never applied

Kaizen: the process of continuous improvement took the Japanese industries to a large market share by continuously applying small changes and measuring the results.

Albert Einstein commented that if you studied anything for 10 Mins a day in one year you would be an expert. Study those ideas and apply them one by one and see if they work for you.

Keep the big picture of what you want and focus upon it and you will find the resources to keep you achieve that vision.

You will make mistakes, you will try things that do not work but as long as you hold your vision and move steadily towards it, it will happen.

Actions deliver results, it does not have to be perfect action day one, just try it and see what results you get, look around for how other people are doing it, make changes and measure the results.

You will be amazed at what results you can get by consistently focusing on what you want, taking consistent inspired actions and seeing what results you are getting.

If you are getting the results that you want then keep doing it and gradually make improvements.

If you are not getting the results that you want than look for other ways to do things. Look at what beliefs that you may have that are conflicting with what you consciously say that you want to achieve.

Be flexible enough to change what you are thinking or doing until you start to deliver the results that you want

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CPA Marketing For Affiliate Marketers

CPA marketing is viewed better than marketing through CPC such as Google AdWords. Cost Per Action marketing is not new at the moment but has been "buzzing" around affiliate and internet marketing these days. Read further to discover if CPA marketing is for you.

In order to understand the basics, lets take for an example, a firm or corporation who wants to increase their sales. For company X to reach a targeted audience, the company would usually start advertising the old-fashioned way. When a customer opts-in, the company would start sending materials to the lead in the assumption that the customer is interested in their company's services.

When company expenses are due, the company will typically evaluate their advertising expenses. With the money spent on the advertising campaign, the company would start to calculate their return on investment for every lead they generate. For example if the advertising campaign and managing the campaign cost $ 10,000 and the campaign produced a thousand leads the cost per lead would be $ 10.00. The lead in this case would be when the customer opts-in either their e-mail or zip-code to receive more information from the company. When the action is taken the company can now work the lead for about the same cost as before and maybe even less.

Wow! $ 10.00 an action, affiliate marketers could actually make some money with that. Yes 80% of the time but sometimes sometimes and I'll explain why. There is a lot of dough that affiliate marketers making in the CPA business. {I know a very good program,

Let's not forget that company X was spending money on advertising to get potential customers. If the cost of promoting your offer is less than the cost per action premium, then and only then have you made money.

When one compares the differences between CPA marketing and CPC marketing, the differences between the two marketing types are very straight-forward. There are more chances of getting someones attention. Provided, the cost of the CPC advertising campaign is lower than the payout of the actual CPA ad.

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Internet Marketer's Mindset

"No true fiasco ever began as a quest for mere adequacy. A motto of the British Special Air Force is: 'Those who risk, win.' A single green vine shoot is able to grow through cement. The Pacific Northwestern salmon beats itself bloody on it's quest to travel hundreds of miles upstream against the current, with a single purpose, sex of course, but also … life "

– Drew in Elizabethtown

Everyone sees to like unlimited income for the rest of their life, but people tend to be very cautious to the opportunities available. Based on my experience of selling ways to make money online, the most frequent question asked by prospects is how long it will take them to earn a few hundred bucks a month.

The time I chose to be an internet marketer, I did understand that I was not going to make money for months or years for the worst scenario. Almost everyone choosing to be an entrepreneur would feel the same way. You can not be an expert in a few months. The first months of being an internet marketer, I suffer a great loss of money for my marketing campaign. I learned from it. What I have learned is as valuable as what we can learn in a business school.

The reason behind the above question is due to failures by most internet marketing beginner. Almost everyone use failure as a reason to stop moving or even stop starting. The fact is: failure is a way of God to teach us the true meaning of seriousness. Okay, so you fail! Learn something, keep smiling, and stick to it. Every penny you lost was not for nothing. Make sure you learn something from your failure.

I like the way Robert G. Allen do to focus to his business. Imagine you would be shot if you do not make any penny next month from your business, what would you do now?

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Is Network Marketing a Good Way To Earn An Income?

I am not an Internet 'Guru' or Marketing expert but through my experiences of online marketing I have seen there is clearly an almost equal split between business people who are pro and extol the virtues of MLM and those who are strictly anti MLM who point to its many inherent weaknesses.

Some people will claim that MLM, Networking only benefits a small minority of people at the top of the company and that you have to rely on other peoples efforts for your own success, whereas others will promote the leakage available from the efforts of many people to help speed up the process of gaining wealth.

Personally I am on the side of the pro MLMers. I do understand and appreciate all the cons against Network Marketing; however, overall, I would suggest the advantages of using MLM to start an online business outweigh the disadvantages.

I do not proclaim to be the number one expert relating MLM and there are many, many
E-books and courses on the subject available online, and it is not the purpose of this article to repeat this information, however I do want to reiterate a point that many new Network Marketers overlook when trying to promote and expand their businesses.

First and foremost MLM is a 'Team Sport'.

Selling your own products or selling as an affiliate is like being a tennis player or golfer. You need to learn the 'rules' and techniques, you need to have a determination and focus, having a 'coach' or mentor is useful as well, but above all you are responsible alone for your success – or lack of it.

Being involved in MLM is like joining a football or soccer team. You will achieve NOTHING by yourself. Even if you are the best and hardest working player on the team it will not benefit you any more than your team mates, unless you help and support them.

The point most people miss when considering joining an MLM business is that having or building a large 'downline' is NOT the measure of success. It may bring in some welcome income but it is certainly not the winning play.

You may see some top MLM recruiters; guarantee that they will build you a 'downline'
I say to this 'Big deal!'
I would much rather have a small 'downline' of people I have recorded myself who also have a small 'downline' of people who also have a small 'downline' of people etc etc …

Having a 'downline of 20 people is great – but having a downline of 3 people who also have 3 people, who also have 3 people, who also etc etc … is better.

Top MLM recruiters with 'downlines' of many hundred of people, will of course make good money and they are the ones who get all the publicity – but there are people in Network Marketing who have much smaller 'downlines' (and therefore gain no publicity) but who help their 'downline' to build their own 'downline' and their 'downline's' 'downline' etc and these people are learning far more money … or soon will be!

Please beware joining an MLM business based purely on the hype and promises of easy and quick wealth, 'spillover' – and all that, and how quickly they claim the company is growing is not a guarantee of success, regardless of what you may read .

ALL MLM companies HAVE to use hype and exaggeration to excite you (and I) into joining in the first place. You (and I) WANT to believe that we will earn $ 1,000.00s and $ 1,000.00s by just joining the company and referring a few people. Unfortunately though the Real World is not like that.

So if you are considering joining an MLM business and I would recommend it, even if only as an inexpensive way of gaining Internet Marketing experience – join with a sponsor who is willing to help and support you. And best of all try to join a TEAM who help and support each other!

Do NOT join a company or sponsor based simply on the promise that your 'downline' will be built for you – this 'downline' will soon disappear unless it is supported and helped.

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Guide to Internet Business – Design and Content

After deciding what kind of internet business you want to do, it’s time to start planning the design and content of your business. Many people make the mistake of skipping this step, choosing instead to immediately start work on their website. However, a website is just a door into your internet business; and a door is pretty useless if there’s nothing beyond it. An internet business, like any other business, requires proper planning and design if it’s going to succeed.

a) Domain Name

A big part of your internet business is your domain name. A domain name is like the company name, or brand, of your business. This is the first thing a person will notice, whether they are typing your domain name into their browser, or clicking a link in the search engines.

It is advisable to choose a domain name that is short and memorable. A key part of branding is to make your name striking enough so that people will remember it long after they’ve visited your website. However, do make sure that the domain name is at least somehow related to the nature of your business.

b) Website Design

The next step will be to plan the design and the look and feel of your website. You will need to decide how you want your website to look like, and where to put your menu, header, footer, ads and your main text. When designing your menu and website navigation, do make it simple and intuitive. A simple navigation system will let people browse through your site without getting lost. For good examples, check out the major websites out there such as CNN and Amazon.

When allocating spaces for advertisements, don’t go overboard! People do not like visiting websites that are full of ads and popups. Be more conservative and discreet in your ad placement.

One good method is to draw the design of your website onto a piece of paper with color pencils or markers. This way, you can adjust the look and feel and correct any mistakes easily without having to go through programming changes on the computer. If you are having trouble with the design, you can take a look at various website templates. A good source of templates can be found at []. For more aesthetically-pleasing website designs (but with more complex programming required), you can find a lot of inspiration at

c) Website Layout and Structure

Next, you will need to determine how big your website will be. Online stores will be huge by default, since they will need at least one page per product being offered. In any case, think about what sections you want to have on your website, and how many pages per section. Try to structure the site so that visitors will not get lost or intimidated by it.

For websites larger than 10 pages, it is useful to have breadcrumbs, like the one near the top of this page (eg. HOME > SECTION > PAGE). This tells the visitor exactly where they are, and how to get back to where they were previously.

Also useful are search bars and sitemaps. Search bars, like the one on the top left of this page, allow users to quickly search for whatever they are looking for. You can get a free search bar at Digital Point. A sitemap is also important for users as well as search engine robots to find the pages on your site. A good sitemap to follow is Apple’s Sitemap. It is straightforward and contains all the information you require.

d) Content

When a typical user surfs the internet, they are generally looking for information. So to make your site useful and attract visitors, you will need to fill it with good content and information.

If you are not sure what type of content to fill your website with, explore your competitors’ websites, and try to get a feel of what type content works and what doesn’t. Pretend to be a potential customer, and see what parts of your competitors’ websites appeal to you, then base your own website on similar themes.

However, do not copy content from other websites: that’s called plagiarism. Try to fill your website with unique content based on your own knowledge and experience. Visitors will find that you are an expert in the subject and feel more trusting and inclined to buy from you.

e) Keyphrase Optimization

This step of the process is targeted to bring more visitors to your website via search engines. When users search the web for information, they will most likely do so at one of the many search engines around, such as Google, MSN, or Yahoo. When searching, they will enter certain keywords or keyphrases into the search engines to find what they are looking for.

One of the methods to getting your website more visible in the search engines is to optimize it for the keyphrases that visitors usually search for. Wordtracker is a very useful tool to learn which are the more popular keyphrases in your industry, and which ones have very little competition from other similar websites.

Once you know which keyphrases are good for your website, you can then optimize the website. With your content ready and separated into the relevant pages and sections on your website, it is recommended that you optimize each page for one or two relevant keyphrases. You can do so by repeating the keyphrases throughout the page (but don’t overdo it!). The “sweet spot” of how many repetitions is required, is still being discussed and analyzed by various experts; and an exact number or percentage is not known.

By optimizing each page for different keyphrases, you are “covering all your bases” to attract visitors who might use different phrases to reach you website. If you need further help on keyphrase optimization, you can check out SEOResearchLabs.

When you’ve finished planning the layout and design of your website, and prepared optimized content, you can proceed to the third step, actually setting up your website and putting your internet business on the web.

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Need of Internet Marketing For Business

Internet is the big necessary for each and every persons as well as big and small business in today's world. Anyone from anywhere can get any information very easy, fast and reliable. Internet is the most effective source for today's world. Let's say people do not have time to go at the physical shop to buy anything, they use internet and buy online from office or from home even.

I must say that for any business, their physical location and physical status is not enough in this tough competition world to run their business successful. They must require their live location on internet so customer from very far location can find them easily.

Only being live on internet is not done, businesses need their location attractive, user friendly, and accordingly customers requirement to bring back customers and to get more and more customers as well. This can be done by developing and designing striking website and also performing well on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc.

Google is the most powerful, reliable and more useable search engine from all over the world. People are mostly using Google to get any information for education, for business, for shopping, for any location to find even for their favorite celebrity etc. So business needs to be at the high position on search engines to get more and more potential customers to make live business doing well.

Being at the high position can be done by optimizing website on search engines and for this SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly designing and developing of website is necessary. There are many well doing and reliable companies in India willing to develop and design very attractive, user and SEO friendly websites and also willing to optimize website successful on search engines. Hire SEO expert India and get your online business at the top position by designing, developing and optimizing user friendly website to make live business on internet.

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Thank Goodness For MLM

MLM – Multi-Layered Marketing
Network Marketing, Pyramid Marketing – call it what you will.

A great many people think of it as a scam, a less than ethical way to sell a product.
In fact, in many cases there is hardly a product at all involved and you are simply selling opportunities for people to take money off other people (this is when it's borders on being illegal). Whatever you think of MLM though (Pro – if you have made any money from them – definitely Con – if you feel that you have been 'scammed' by one – neutral – I guess, if you do not know what I'm talking about!) they are here to stay and I for one am glad of it.

I am a fan – a BIG fan of Networking and whatever your past experiences (good or bad) you should be too if you are involved in any type of Internet business …

It does not matter if your business has nothing to do with MLM – you do not like the concept, you may think too many people end up as 'victims' and only the people at the top make any real money.

It does not matter if you think you have been 'scammed' yourself – or you know someone who feels they have.

It does not matter if you are sick of seeing so many MLM schemes every time you surf the Internet (each promising more and more easy riches).

It does not matter if you (like me) hate all the HYPE and the Webpage Headers showing mansions and sports cars and $ 100.00 bills – and all the outrageous promises of untold wealth without effort?

And it does not matter if you have tried many times in different MLM programs and have yet to make your fortune (keep at it – you may one day!) – But whatever, as you spend your money trying you are helping ALL of us ! … All of us who are involved in the GIANT Club of Internet business.

If you have an online business – ANY online business … you are simply a part of this HUGE 'Club' …! And as members of this massive 'club' we should all be helping each other, to all our benefits. Whatever your opinion of MLM, Networking schemes and Pyramid programs is, keep it to yourself – for your own benefit! In fact, regardless of what you think – you should be embracing and extolling the virtues of MLM.

I have often seen ill-informed advertising bemoaning the fact that many MLM schemes leave too many 'victims' behind (poor suckers who believed in the hype and bought into high cost MLM programs, got out of their depth and just wave up!)
But should we feel sorry for these so-called victims? – No way ….!

OK – we may feel a little sympathy because they actually lost some money – but (unless they are Total losers who simply give in at the first problem they encounter) they are NOT 'victims' they have, in the long-term, gained! Gained from experience and accepted knowledge (which ALWAYS costs money) and they will know what to expect the next time and act and plan accordingly (and in future ignore the Hype). And while they are learning and paying for knowledge, they are putting more money into the 'Internet Club.' Which benefits EVERYBODY …

If you sell Knitting patterns, or Granny's recipes, or Bonsai tree fertilizer, or information how to stop your dog from chewing your slippers you should still praise MLM … Why?

Because, unless you are only selling to your friends and family, you will be advertising and promoting your business and, whether you use hype or not, you will certainly be seeing and learning from the professional MLM marketing people.

By far the BIGGEST advantage of MLM though, for all of us, is of course it enrolls more and more people into our 'Internet Club' – people who buy in and pay monthly membership fees … which of course go to other people – who then have more money than they used to have, and who then have some spending power, and who then can afford to buy YOUR products!

When you break it down to its simplest form MLM is just a way of wealth sharing. The product whatever it is – is totally secondary to money creation. And then this money is spread about to other businesses. And as long as the MLM people keep thinking up new schemes and programs and systems, and keep thinking up new advertising techniques (even if they use hype), and they keep on recruiting new people to our 'Internet Club' – who brings more money into it – We can ALL forward to a prosperous future in our Online businesses whatever we sell.

So avoid being self-centred and using any negative aspects of MLM you can conjure up to promote your own product – because really you are only doing yourself a disservice in the long-term anyway …. Actually, if you do want to be selfish to get your sales, you should be encouraging more people to join MLM programs – not warning against them. If you want to target the 'victims' of MLM to try your 'superior' services, then surely the more 'victims' there are the better it is for you anyway?

As we have seen though, there really are not any 'victims' in MLM (except they are self-made 'victims') – yes, some people inevitably will loose money and some will give up disillusioned, but joining MLM programs and falling for all the hype and excitement is just part of the learning curve of Online business and IF you are prepared to learn – your failure in MLM should be analyzed and you should learn from it – you are much more likely to end up successful in the future . In fact, I BET a great many people who did 'fail' initially in an MLM program went on to become very successful Internet entrepreneurs. Heck, I am one of them!

So – let's hear it for Networking! And to all the vocal knockers and critics of MLM systems I say – concentrate on your own products (if they're so good?) Rather than disservice EVERYONE else with 'holier than thou' criticisms of other's businesses.

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