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How Can One Become a Lazy Affiliate and Still Earn With Affiliate Sales Videos?

Can you remember when last you saw a door to door salesman? There was a time when it was the most common way of selling products along with advertisements in newspapers, magazines coupled with hoardings etc.

Then came internet; and people started using it more and more. It’s easier also you see; instead of going to a thousand people personally, one can send mails over the internet to not a thousand but millions of people. The market got widened. From one city or state, the whole world became potential market. The enormous size of the market made it difficult for companies to handle it on their own, no matter how big the company might be. So they sought alternate ways of tapping the market.

Thus originated the idea of affiliate marketing. Recruit affiliates, pay them a percentage of profit and they will do the internet marketing on behalf of the company. No salary to pay either. Sale and earn, can’t sale, no earning. A new breed of salesmen came into being, affiliate marketers.

The affiliates relentlessly keep on trying to sell the products. They promote the products through their web sites or blogs, through bulk e-mail marketing, physical efforts to friends and relatives, advertising over the internet and such other ways.

This advertising took another leap with the introduction of online sale video. Instead of sending a mail, one now sends a video mail. This type of mail has tremendous effects on the potential buyers. A few words or texts were what the affiliate marketers have so far been using to promote their products. But emotions can hardly be conveyed trough words or letters alone. When one gets video mails instead, in addition to the words spoken, he is attracted to the person also through his physical and oratory powers because now he is actually seeing the person talking to him.

But then, each one of us is not that proficient in talking. After all each and every person is not endowed by the lord with good oratory power. Creating videos is expensive also and at the same time demands technical skill which a commoner might not be able to execute. Here comes the importance of ready made affiliate sale videos.

As you know, videos tend to attract traffic to a great extent. Think of YouTube or the like video sites. See the amount of traffic such sites enjoy each and every day. So what if we could get our hands to some videos produced by technically sound experts and use it to promote our products?

Affiliate sale videos, as told above, are designed and produced by experts and are encoded with the affiliate links of the purchasers. These videos do an excellent work for preselling the products.

Some of the sellers also provide some bonuses along with the videos like sales letters. These letters are generally for clickbank products and encoded with the purchaser’s clickbank affiliate id. These need to be only plugged in to autoresponders and has the ability of catching leads as well as selling the product.

I feel this is a good option for the affiliates to try. Affiliates send a lot of mails anyway to increase sales. Why not send video mails i,e, affiliate sale videos? If one has the ability to produce the video mails, well and good. But those who do not have the ability or can not afford the cost; the alternative of buying low priced sale videos is an excellent idea to convert. The difference in sales will be visible within a few weeks.

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Staying Focused and Finding a Good Mentor is Your Path to Success – Affiliate Marketing

If you are just starting out in the Internet Marketing business things may be a bit confusing at first. Listening with one ear about how to load up a website and with the other ear trying to learn how to code with HTML is scary to most beginners. When you toss in words like website optimization it can get you to the point of pulling out your hair.

Perhaps at the same time when you are trying to do all this, you are told that you need to put up multiple blogs and write articles to get free traffic to your site. Then you are told you need to learn how to plug into your autoresponder and make opt-in boxes that will fit and look right on that site, load multiple pages, and do not forget about learning how to use a FTP Client and your HTML editor.

Wow, that is a lot to take in when you are first starting out. Oh yea, do not forget that at every turn someone is showing you and emailing you a new and wonderful way of doing things or another great product. Remembering back, it is surprising to most marketers how they were able to stick with it and stay focused long enough to learn anything.

If you are switching careers to get into the Internet business you have to stay focused. You are going to have to have a plan. Your niche should be something you like and you need to stay on top of that niche.

Whether your niche focus is about golf or gardening, babies or bicycle, make a decision and focus on that niche. You should not be marketing cars and cellulite cream when that is not the niche you chose. Marketing multiple niche sites is hard to do. When you are more experienced and you have started to make money you will be able to branch out a bit. Right now you should be focused on learning the right things so you can grow and make money.

If you think starting out in this business is easy and you have never done anything like this before in your previous career, do not kid yourself into thinking this is a piece of cake. You are going to spend many hours learning by doing and learning by listening to your mentors.

When you have an Affiliate Program that is as much concerned about your success as you are, you will find this to be a very important aspect of finding success in this business. If you are joining affiliate programs because they pay high taxes and you are clueless how to get traffic to your site without mortgaging the house with pay-per-click ads, then things are going to get pretty tough.

High responsibilities are good, but if you want success you are going to want to set the foundation and learn to walk before you attempt to climb the cliffs. So learn to stay focused and find a good affiliate program that will take you in and teach you to market their product.

You can not put a dollar amount on a good training program, but do not be fooled into thinking you have to pay thousands of dollars for a good mentorship. Yes, there are some mentorships that are better than others, but you would be surprised how far you can go on a hundred bucks.

Remember, if they have a good product and they can teach you how to sell it then it is a “win-win” situation and they know it. That is why some Mentors only charge a small fee for their training. If their product is all that they know they will make more money by making you successful than by charging you huge up-front fees. Ask any smart webmaster and they will tell you this is a true statement.

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Easy Ways For Stay At Home Moms To Make Money

Stay at home parents are becoming more and more abundant in our society for a variety of reasons: large daycare costs, job losses and on and on. And although the number of stay at home dads is on the rise, the stay at home mom is still more popular.

But just because they have the title of “stay at home mom” doesn’t mean that they can’t contribute to their family financially. If a mother has a specialty, she can carve out a niche and find several ways to make money from home. There are countless options on the internet: freelance writing, virtual assistance and freelance photographer just to name a few. Some mothers are also starting up online businesses and working as time permits while they are keeping the house in tip-top shape. I tell ya…mothers can do it ALL!

On the other hand, a stay at home mom can also take advantage of the fact that she is at home and start an at home business. This opens the door for such possibilities as a catering company or even a sewing business-which is actually more popular than you may think. Also, some mothers make the choice to stay home solely for their kids. And this being the case, some mothers choose to run a day care from their home. This is not only a great way to make money, but it also helps to socialize their children with daily interactions with other kids.

Many women in today’s world own small niche businesses that have proven to bring in quite a bit of money. Some of these options may seem as if they are somewhat sexist, but when using gender to their advantage, there are a lot of great ways for mothers to make money while staying at home.

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Blogging For Beginners – How To Make Money Blogging

How can you make money by blogging you probably ask yourself time and time again, right? Better yet if you are a complete beginner, which I will presume many who read this will be, you might even be wondering, what is blogging?

So you have heard people talking about blogging and better yet you have heard that some how these people manage to make money by doing so. Is this all fluff or is there someway that anyone, yes even you, can get a piece of the pie?

Does it matter if you are male or female? No, Statistics show us that 50.9% of bloggers are female and 49.1% are male. Better yet 61% say the reason they blog is to supplement their income! And really, if I had to guess, I would say that is pretty much the only stat you are interested in!

That’s all well and good but you still don’t know what blogging is exactly, correct?

We have nearly all come across a blog at one stage or another on the internet whether we realised it or not. Simply put, a blog is an internet journal that records whatever happens to be on the writers mind at the time. That is really all they are!

Blogs are typically written in an informal tone, as if the writer is having a friendly discussion with their readers. Even though blogs have exploded in popularity recently, still very few retailers realise the potential that having a blog can have in driving sales for their internet business.

That’s briefly what a blog actually is

But how can someone like me and you actually see some of the green from blogging?

First you got to know where to start. You can’t make money from blogging unless you have a blog!

Here is very briefly how you can begin blogging, by this evening if you want:

• You will want to sign up with a free commercial service ( or

• You will want to begin blogging!!

What do you blog about?

That is up to you. However, lets presume here that one of the ways you are hoping to make money through blogging is to promote affiliate products.

You will find a product you are interested in promoting, have a look at it, do some quick research on it, learning as much as you can yourself and then in your blog you take what you have learnt and write it back out in your own words. Simple but very effective

This does two things if done correctly

1. It gives you top informative information for your blog, (which is what draws the crowds)

2. More importantly, is positions you as an expert adding more perceived value to your blogs

So now you know what a blog is. First step is to set one up and begin blogging. Second step is to get people (traffic) to your blog, I have a tip, as a little bonus at the end for this step. Third thing you want to do is use your blog site to make you some real money. Here’s a few ways how,

• Sell ad space on your blog. Basically if you are blogging on a particular subject and your blog becomes popular, other people trying to make money online in the same subject will want to advertise on your blog. They pay you and you litterly don’t have to do anything different to what you always do

• Amazon! With this you will advertise Amazon products on your page. People visiting your page will click on the links and be sent to Amazon via your personal link. If they buy anything on Amazon you get paid!

• You can also sell items straight from your page. A good example would be an eBook that is on the same subject that you are blogging on. This is very effective as the person reading your blog is already interested in the subject matter.

TIP: A very effective but simple way to increase people visiting your blog is to go to a forum on the subject you are blogging on and simply reply to some of the questions being asked. Even if you don’t know the answers, research them. You will be surprised as how easy it is to find answers to some of these questions.

The reason for this is to once again to position yourself as an expert in the subject and more importantly every time you post an answer to someone’s query you can link back to your website or blog!

So you have reached the end of this short article. If you take what was shown to you and actually implement it you will indeed make money from blogging. How much will depend on how much work you put into it.

A trick with making money online is learning as much as you can about the whole process and more importantly implementing what you have learnt. There are no magic formulas to making money online. It is done by you and me taking the time to learn and implement. Sadly this isn’t done by about 95% of people who think that a magic ‘push button’ formula is actually out there

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Affiliate Marketing – How To Do Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the online businesses which enable one to earn his or her share in the shape of commissions from the products sold. People who can market or promote a particular product, earn legitimate commissions as a share of their efforts.

How to do affiliate marketing?

To start use an affiliate marketing company that promotes Companies with products that have an affiliate program. Choose any of the good free affiliate marketing companies. Go to their sites and you will find Products listed by category under Marketplace.

When you sign up and remember it is free, you will create a nickname that will be a part of your individual link for each product you promote. Do not use anything unprofessional as your nickname. It is a good choice if you choose a name similar to your particular product category. Find a product that you are an expert in, because of your profession, hobbies, passions, or you just feel it is a product you want to promote. Research it before promoting it, and you should try it first.

Go on-line and look up reviews and research each company with the BBB. Click on Promote when you have decided on a product. You will be sent to a page where you need to put your nickname in that you created. After you put your nickname in the box click create. Now you have your own personal link or also called a hop link. This link will identify you as the person getting paid the commission. When a customer clicks on your link in an email, classified ad,article,forum,video (just to mention a few ways to promote product) you will get paid on any sales now and in the future.

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What Is Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing Explained

Internet Marketing is simply a set of marketing or advertising strategies, focused on a specific audience, in order to achieve two (2) goals:

  • Reach the first page of most major Search Engine websites for organic traffic, and
  • Earn Passive income, enough to not need a permanent nine-to-five job anymore.

Their goals may differ in some ways, but the ultimate purpose of internet marketing is to earn money online.

Please be reminded that your business doesn’t necessarily need to focus on one set of audience all the time. An exemption can be a Niche Market site focused on 2 or more profitable niches. One example is a Niche Market website focused on teaching beginners the different kinds of techniques on how to earn money working from home.

From that niche market, they can earn extra by adding affiliate links from Affiliate or strategically placing Google AdSense ads to their blog posts.

Note: Learning the steps on how to earn money online by Amazon Affiliate or Google AdSense will be discussed on a different post.

Going back to the Niche market site, focused on teaching steps on how to earn money online, the site owners can utilize their knowledge even more by adding a “Services Offered” page for people to hire them. This is one obvious path and pretty much profitable as well.

It can be a profitable to teach people what you know (Consultation), or providing them your services by hiring you. You can earn a decent amount of money by just managing one niche website.

What are the Internet Marketing Strategies?

Before earning big chunks of money online by creating your niche market site, you’ll have to learn the basics of Internet Marketing techniques.

Internet Marketing is a very young Industry that constantly changes or improves, sometimes without any notice at all. Despite most changes in Google Algorithms and other updates from Search engine sites, here are some of the most famous Internet Marketing Strategies known in the web:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

– This Internet Marketing Technique has Two (2) main categories as well. Namely: On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization.

  • On-Page Optimization, in the simplest words possible, is to use optimized, strategically chosen, keywords to blog posts, descriptions and Meta data.

Bloggers are tweaking their website structure in an effort to be “friendly” to search engine bots or spiders (algorithm), in order to be indexed properly (like what librarians do to books). They all have one main goal, which is, having their niche site show in the first page of relevant search results.

  • Off-Page Optimization is fairly different to tweaking your website to get to the first page of search results. You can think of this technique as running for City Mayor. If you’re running for a position, you’ll have to do campaigns and build a strong relationship with people. The goal is to get their votes.

Votes, if converted to SEO language, are Backlinks. These are links typed by other people in other websites to promote your site. An example of which can be, a single person promoting your URL because, let’s say, your niche site can be useful when it comes to learning how to cook.

Further information about SEO will be discussed in a different article.

Social Media Marketing

– This one is my favorite. You create profiles and/or fan pages to social media websites, and get as much likes as you can possibly earn. This fan page of yours can drive a great amount of your traffic to your niche market website if done correctly.

Link Building

– Although it’s popular name: backlinking is not recognized by the dictionary of Microsoft Word, Backlinking is a term used, again, for the purpose of driving relative traffic to your niche website, being respected by Google to gain organic traffic, and being recognized in your niche.

This Internet Marketing strategy includes finding high Google PR (Page Rank) sites related to your chosen niche market or keyword, and making every effort to get a do-follow link pointing to your website.

Google PR is a rank from zero (0) to ten (10) assigned by Google to identify who is the most useful website in a given search result.

Do-follow link is a link (a vote) coming from a different website pointing to your niche website giving you a vote to increase your Google PR. However, please be reminded that the weight of the vote depends, of course, on the Google PR of the website voting you. It’s kind of unfair if you think about it at first, but it will become clear to you that in order to get respect, you must follow a clean road of hard work and honesty before your website itself can gain high PR. That’s how smart the Google Algorithm is.

Viral Video Marketing or YouTube Marketing

This internet marketing strategy is, I believe, in its infancy stage. But don’t take video marketing for granted. An example of a great media where you can experiment on your Viral Video Marketing techniques is no other than So much people earn a decent amount of passive income by focusing their profitable niches in creating videos that has a possibility to become viral. It’s actually easier than you think. You just have to have patience in learning and patience in execution.

There are still other Internet Marketing Techniques out there. However I’ve already discussed most of the factors affecting these Other techniques. As we venture towards our quest to find profitable niche markets online, you’ll understand that most things you see right now on your screens are products of Internet Marketing ideas and techniques.I’m excited to read all your comments See you!

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