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Bike Riding for Weight Loss – Tips for Beginning A Bicycling Plan

If you are one of those people who leisurely pedal around the block or over a flat stretch of scenic road, you’ve probably been riding for sheer pleasure. Riding bikes for pleasure is a good form of aerobic exercise. But unless you map out a plan to “push yourself,” you probably won’t lose much weight.

I really get sick of hearing people say, “No pain, no gain!” But the old adage is true when it comes to riding bikes to lose weight. By pushing your cycling distance or speed, you are sure to feel some pain in your leg muscles, your hands, wrists, and your derriere– even some pain in your throat and lungs as your body tries to accommodate your increased demand for oxygen.

HEALTH TIP: Stretching exercises prior to exercising are helpful in preventing injury!


Your first concern will be outfitting your bicycle. If you need an excuse to purchase a new bike, this is an excellent opportunity! I went from a 3-speed bicycle for leisure riding, to a 24-speed bicycle for more committed exercising. Once I learned how the different gears worked, I was very thankful for the extra speeds. They make my ride faster and the hills a lot easier to handle.

We’ve found the guys at the bicycle shop to be very helpful, and concerned for our unique cycling needs. Rather than simply steering us toward the most expensive bicycle available (as I had expected), they asked how much riding we would be doing, whether we were trying for speed or leisure, and whether we would be riding on paved roads or dirt trails. When you honestly share your goals and level of experience, the sales clerks can match you with exactly what you need. They want you to be successful in your biking venture!

Some state laws require bicycle lights. But if you will be riding anytime from dusk to dawn, common sense demands that you have lights on your bicycle. These little accessories are battery-operated and last a long time. There are a variety of lights to choose from. My tail light has different blinking speeds, and is designed to make my bike visible to cars approaching from both the rear and the sides. Check for brightness before you buy one. Install the light where it makes the most sense.

We held off on buying a speedometer and odometer unit for our bikes, but once we got serious about losing weight and getting in shape, this feature became a “must have.” You simply cannot track your progress without knowing how far and how fast you’re riding.

If you already have a bicycle, take it to the bike shop for a safety inspection each season. They should check the gears, tires and brakes to make sure everything is working properly. They can adjust your seat to fit your height and adjust the handlebars to fit your reach, making your ride more comfortable. If you’re lucky, they might even clean and polish your bike!

If you want to save money in the long run, you can find books and videos that teach you how to care for your own bicycle. It’s always a great idea to know how to change your own flat tire and adjust a loose chain.

Another must have is a bicycle pump. Ask your bike dealer how many pounds of air pressure to put in your bicycle tires. Check the tires each time you get ready to ride! We guessed at the air pressure one summer day, and lived to regret it. We rode the bikes to the swimming pool, not realizing that one tire was too full. While we were cooling off in the water, the hot sun was rapidly expanding the air in the tires-one tire blew as it sat in the parking lot. The day in the sun was not so fun, once the pool closed and we had to wait for a truck to haul us home!

HEALTH TIP: Talk with your doctor first, and get his or her blessing before you increase your rate of physical activity!


Sitting for long periods of time on a bicycle seat can cause pain, discomfort, and even serious blood circulation problems in avid bicyclists. At your local bike shop, you’ll find a variety of bicycle seats made specifically for your comfort and health. The salespeople at our local bike shop encouraged us to try out new seats on our bikes for a few days. My husband found the split seat to be more comfortable for himself, while I opted to keep my old gel seat. Someone has even invented seats that look more like a bird perch than a bicycle seat!

HEALTH TIP: Get off your bicycle seat and walk around every 25 minutes or so to get the blood flow to important unmentionable parts of your body.

Think about your clothing…you don’t have to have padded biker shorts and special clothing to start riding bikes. There are actually scientifically engineered fabrics designed to pull sweat away from your body in the summer and to keep you from getting hypothermia in the winter. But for now, just wear layers of comfortable sports clothes.

Make sure your clothes aren’t so tight that you are miserable trying to pedal. But they shouldn’t be loose enough to become entangled in the bicycle chain, either! If you become overheated, strip off a layer. If you get cold, add a layer. Wear light or bright colors to allow drivers to see you easily.

It really helps to have a small cargo rack on the back of your bike. Mine looks like a little shelf over the back tire. It has two bungee cords to keep any cargo securely fastened to the bike. I’ve used it to tote a small picnic cooler, a shopping bag or extra clothes.

I had the bike shop attach a water bottle holder to the bike under my seat. I can grab a quick swig as I ride or pour some water over my pulse points to cool off a bit. Take small sips of water when needed during your bike ride, rather than chugging huge gulps.

A helmet is almost a must. Life is filled with hazards-and biking has its share. Be smart. Wear a helmet. You can buy a cool rear-view mirror for your helmet. The mirror helps you see when it’s safe to turn and lets you observe traffic coming up from behind.

I recommend wearing sunglasses-both for the sun and for bugs! At certain times of the year, the air is thick with flying insects. Getting a tiny bug in your eye is a painful event. For contact wearers, carry a contact case and lens cleaner on bike rides for just that reason. Some day you’ll be glad you did!

HEALTH TIP: Shake your hands downward frequently to get the blood flowing and to prevent pain or numbness in your arms and hands.


You will want to keep a record of your daily diet and food intake, your weekly body measurements and weight, as well as your bicycling miles and time.

The web site is an excellent way to track your progress. It is very easy to use-simply type in your information you wish to track. As the only community fitness web site of its kind, you’ll find it to be a fantastic motivation tool that will print out charts and graphs to show how much progress you’ve made in a few days, a week, or a month!

It keeps track of your food, vitamin, and supplement intake. Thousands of foods have already been analyzed by experts for number of calories, fat, carbs, and protein. You simply select the foods you ate from a pull down feature, and the daily total is tallied for you. Make sure you don’t exercise when you’ve just eaten, or when it’s almost meal time. Both times will slow you down.

No matter how humiliating it is, measure your arms, legs, chest, waist, neck, hips and thighs once a week. The software keeps track of your weight and body measurements. The thrill of seeing those same inches melt away in the coming weeks will be worth the effort. It’s especially impressive seen as a graph!

Consider investing in an instrument that actually measures body fat-there are inexpensive pincer-type instruments that measure fat by pinching you, or buy a set of bathroom scales that cost more but calculate body fat quite painlessly.

Try to ride 4-6 days per week. When you map out your weight loss plan, your short-term goals will change as you change. You’ll quickly develop stamina for longer distance. As fat turns to muscle, your speed will increase. Each week, try to increase either your mileage or your speed.

You know how far you’ve been able to ride, thus far. Start keeping track of the exact route you are taking, the total mileage, and the length of time it took you. Make notes in your records for special circumstances. Did it get dark outside so you were forced to cut your ride short? Did the road crews dump a layer of gravel on your normally paved road?

What was the weather like? Was it dangerously hot? Was it windy? The wind can be your friend or your enemy. When the wind is behind you, your ride is a breeze…but coming from any other direction, be prepared to huff and puff. Accept any length of time as a job well done and simply get the ride accomplished!

Finally, add an upper body workout three times per week. Bicycling works your legs, but to get the rest of your body firm and trim, you’ll need to exercise your upper body, as well. The web site, created by a certified personal fitness trainer, has excellent features which allow you to design and track this portion of your fitness program, as well.

Bicycle riding is a fun, inexpensive form of aerobic exercise-it’s good for every part of you. But be warned-you will need to buy a whole new wardrobe for the thinner, more beautifully fit body that emerges!

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How Blogging Can Increase Your Business

Blogging has gained popularity from the time of its conception up to now. Most people use this as a way of speaking their minds and emotions out. But did you know that this very way of writing can also help you to increase your online home-bases business? Well, read on.

Blogging can help you increase your business because for one, blogging is equivalent to free advertising. As you may know there are different kinds of blogs and the one that you will use in your online home-based business is known as business blogging. What is business blogging? To make it simple, it is a kind of blog where you promote your business especially the things that you offer your products, services and systems.

The major difference between an article and a blog is that the former is light while still giving the information your prospects are looking for. It is also well-researched but you write it in a way where your reader can understand fully and with fewer jargons.

Even though blogs are meant to be short, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll just write junk. Remember, these blogs will still come up in search engine result pages and the people who will click and read on it are looking for answers and definitely not trash.

You can increase your business with blogging for the fact that you will be known and your talents as well. Bear in mind that in an online home-based business people need to know who you are and what you can offer them. You need to be “popular” and blogs can be a big help to this fact. And people will follow you and ultimately buy your products, services or systems.

Blogs doesn’t necessarily need to be article-ish all the time; you may include reviews, opinions and even instructions. Write it lightly but with the right amount of words and keywords. You may also write about personal experiences related to your online business for sometime just to balance everything.

To sum it all up, blogs can help you to increase your business because it helps you to be popular in your niche and find prospects. Just write blogs regularly so that your followers always have something to look forward to read and learn.

So start blogging and see your online home-based business grow.

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Home Bar Decorating Ideas

Having a bar in your home is a great way to create a social setting, which will encourage friends and family to come over and enjoy one another’s company. Some people may think it’s a bit unsavory to have a bar in their home, associating it with dirty taverns and the stigma of alcohol; however a bar can manifest itself in many ways. You can have a juice bar, a soda bar, or even a regular bar, but done tastefully, so that it adds elegance to the home rather than detracting from it in any way. Tasteful drink coasters, napkins, and place mats can also help to increase the elegance of the setting.

There are many locations in the home where you can install a bar. If you have a large kitchen, setting up such a place will give people somewhere to sit and talk, chatting with one another and the chef while enjoying the savory smells of the space. A dining room is another appropriate place to install bar room features.

Another less expected location can be a basement. One of the few requirements of a bar is that it should be situated in a space where it will be easy to clean up drips and spills. A carpeted living room can turn into a messy bar room rather quickly. However, most basements have concrete or stone flooring, which is resistant to stains and is relatively easy to clean, making this the ideal location for your own personal tavern.

When creating the bar, the most important feature is going to be the bar top itself. You have a lot of options here. You can purchase a pre made setup that will require little installation and will be relatively easy. You can also have a custom bar installed in the space. Both of these options can get rather pricey depending on how fancy you want to get.

There are also makeshift options available for those looking to keep their costs low. In a pinch a buffet table covered in a nice table cloth, and set with a good stock of beverages can be used. You can even build your own bar top using hardwood propped up on cinderblocks. You can cut the harsh unfinished look of this by staining the wood a nice color, and wreathing the blocks in Christmas lights, vines, or trails of flowers.

Once you have the bar in place, you should be sure to stock it with a wide variety of delicious beverages. A mini fridge will also allow you to store cold drinks, such as juices and milk. Bottles can be arranged at the end of the bar, or can be placed on a table behind it. There are also display cases which can be purchased to organize your bottles.

Having a bar in your home is a wonderful luxury which can add a lot to the value and enjoyment of your house. There are many locations which are appropriate for such a feature, and once installed, there are a variety of ways to decorate and enhance the location using a variety of accessories, and the beverages themselves.

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Choosing A Blogging Platform

Bloggers should take their time in finding the right platform for them. If a bloggers chooses the wrong platform, they could have a bad blogging experience. The right platform can make blogging easy and enjoyable.

The best platforms are ones that are user-friendly, helpful, yet allow for customization. Bloggers may need some help, especially if they are new, but they still want their blog to be unique. This balance can sometimes be difficult to find. Blogging platforms that allow for the most customization tend to be a little more difficult to use. Platforms that are easy to use, usually have templates and less custom options available.

A blogger has to choose which one in a priority. Experienced bloggers probably already know what they’re doing and don’t require platforms with tutorials, therefore they go for creating a custom blog. Amateur bloggers tend to need help and are more worried about learning how to blog than how unique their blog is.

There is no one platform that is the best for everyone. Every blogger is different. There are a lot of blogging platforms out there so choosing the right platform, takes research, but it’s worth it. While the large number of platforms available it can be confusing to choose only one. However, it is also good that there are so many platforms because it allows every blogger to find a platform to fit their needs.

When searching for the right platform there are some websites that over comparisons. These are helpful in showing what platform goes best with blogger priorities, comparing them side by side. Reviews aren’t always the most helpful, because an inexperienced blogger is likely to complain about an advanced platform, while an experienced blogger with web design skills is likely to complain about a platform that doesn’t allow enough custom options.

Bloggers should try to find the top platform, the one that everybody is using. Bloggers need to know their priorities, what they want out of a platform and find one that meets those requirements.

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Blogging for Search Engine Recognition and Rankings

Another benefit that you can derive from blogging is an increase and enhancement of both your search engine recognition and rankings. Indeed, this is one of the clear benefits that continues to draw an ever growing number of business enterprises into using blogging as a means of business enterprise enhancement.

One simply methodology you can employ is to actually incorporate your blogging efforts, your blog itself, into your business enterprise website. After taking this step, you can then incorporate into your blogging appropriate dispersed keywords that will attract the attention of search engine and that will increase the rankings of your business website on search engine results.

Of course, many people worry that they cannot attract enough traffic to a blog that is tied into a website. In other words, these business owners have come to believe that having a blog at a popular blogging location on the Net rather than at the website of the business enterprise itself can be more beneficial. You need to keep this in mind when you are considering the location and structure of your own blogging efforts in support of your Internet business enterprise.

If that is the case, you can still infuse your blog with appropriate keywords relating to your business enterprise and the products or services that you are offering. Once you attract traffic to your blog, you can then include backlinks to your business website throughout your blog. Although this two step process may seem a bit cumbersome, it is proving itself to be well effective in the enhancement of an online business enterprise in this day and age.

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Selling Your Ideas – Handmade Toys

A lot of people buy handmade toys online. This makes it convenient for people who lack time to stop by the local store. If you want to sell your handmade toys online, you will need to know that uploading a simple photo of your creation online is not enough to keep things going. Here are some things you need to do to able to sell your handmade toys:

1. If you are going to sell toys online, you will need to specify the parts of your item. What does a box of toy car parts contain? You will need to specify as well for what age group the toy is for. A lot of people are concerned about the quality of toys they sell to their children. If the item is painted, it can be an advantage to mention what type of paint you used to finish those handmade toys. Toys are fun, but you need to make your clients safe.

2. If you plan to sell handmade toy cars via the net, you will have to specify what material you used for the vehicle and if the parts are detachable as well. You will need to specify how many batches of handmade toys you and the reason why you need to specify the number of batches. Some toymakers mention the number of batches mainly for quality reasons. In this case, when you sell your hand made toy cars, specify the number of parts in a set and the number of batches you will make.

3. When you sell your creations online, specify how long will take for the customers to get their orders. Specify as well what they will receive from the set, if any. Other than that, give them as well a certificate of authenticity that your handmade toys are original and the quality of the products you make are good.

4. You can use your site to upload photos of your creations. If you upload the photos in an online store, you can check if you can put a link to your blog. This makes it more personal for your potential buyers in purchasing your products. You can put there the studies for your latest creations, what inspires you and the toy fairs you have been to.

5. Know if there are toy laws in your area. If you plan to sell your handmade toys, you need to know the laws in your area if they cover the toy business. Know your rights as a handmade toymaker and to make yourself credible. Look for handmade toy groups online or that are located in your area. Establish a network with local artisans and handicraft makers.

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How to Make a Girl Orgasm From Behind – 3 Tricks to Give Her a Mind-Blowing Orgasm Tonight!

Doggie can be one of the most sexually powerful positions two people can use. It has lots going for it – it’s easy, it hits the G spot well, the woman can control how deep and what angle the penis goes into her just by shifting the angle of her body – and much more.

However, there are a few simple tricks you can use to make sure your woman is getting maximum pleasure from being taken from behind.

Trick #1: It’s Like Looking In a Mirror

One of the major problems with doggie is the lack of direct physical communication you have with each other, seeing as you’re looking at her backside the whole time. Whilst this is a great view, one thing that I’ve found that can make things even hotter is setting up a mirror and have your partner face it so that when you’re doing the deed, she can watch it happen and make eye contact with you via the mirror.

Do not underestimate this. It’s basically like watching porn as you’re doing it, except the porn is her getting taken from behind. Using a mirror is a definite way to make things that much hotter, and that’s a good thing, right?

Trick #2: Bad Girl!

For many girls, the feeling of being “used” or “dominated” that arise from this position are very powerful, and should be taken advantage of. Try spanking her, making sure to not hit too hard and contact with the most fleshy part of her backside – with practise, you should be able to make a satisfying “thwack” sound without hurting her, although it’s certainly more difficult during the heat of the moment. You can also try lightly pulling her hair, but try to grab a lot of it so the force is evenly distributed over her head and it’s not really hurting her. It’s usually a good idea to talk to your partner about these sorts of things beforehand, as it can be quite frightening for a girl to suddenly have her partner grab hold of her hair during sex!

Trick #3: Use the Clitoris

Many girls find it far easier to orgasm from multiple stimulation than from vaginal stimulation alone. Take advantage of this fact, as her legs will be wide apart, pulling apart her vagina lips and giving you perfect access to the clitoris. Make sure you put a lot of saliva on your fingers first, though, to avoid any unpleasant feelings for her. Something I’ve found that works even better is to get her to do it, putting your hand over the top of hers initially to guide her if necessary. When she sees herself doing it in the mirror I guarantee she will go absolutely crazy and have one of the most powerful orgasms she’s ever had in her life!

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Choosing a Free Blogging Service

When deciding to use a free blogging service, you might feel a little overwhelmed. There are so many options that you just don’t know which one to go with. There are the large free blogging services that dominate the blogging world. Then there are the smaller sites that provide the same free type of service.

When you make this decision, I would try to think of who is the most reliable for your needs. When choosing one of the big services, you tend to feel secure that your blog is not going to be down often and will not disappear in the middle of the night. This does happen too! I had a work at home related blog I was posting on one of the free smaller services. I go to login one day and they decided not to host blogs anymore. My blog was gone and there was nothing I could do about it.

In my opinion, choosing WordPress or Blogger would be my two choices in free blogging services. They both have been online for some time now and have built up a good reputation. They also provide you with some of the best tools you can use on your blog. For example, with Blogger you can add Google AdSense ads to your blog posts and generate revenue. They also probably are not going to go anywhere.

The only thing that could change is going to a paid service, but I don’t think that will happen. This could happen though as an upgrade, where you can still choose to stay with a free service. If you decide to go the free way, make it the big way. When choosing, look at the different options available and see which service provides the most options for you.

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Surf Fishing Basics – Learning the Surf Fishing Sport

Surf fishing is an exciting sport you can engage in especially if you love beach and water adventures or fishing in general. What is good about this sport is that you don’t need a boat or a very expensive yacht to enjoy fishing. You can actually grab your fishing rod and bucket and go out to the shore to enjoy a great day of fishing. Here are some surf fishing basics you have to learn to enjoy this great sport.

Surf fishing is done in the shoreline and you can simply stand on the waters and enjoy fishing with your buddies. The challenge of this sport is finding the right spot to get the best fishes you can.

The best areas on the beach that you would most likely have a good catch with this sport are those areas with eddies formed from rock jetties. Another good spot to find good surf fishes are points and bays where the water creates currents as it goes back to the sea. Some may use beach buggies to find good areas in the beach to surf fish but if these vehicles are not allowed, you can also survey the area during low tide, take note of structures and rocks on the beach and mark that spot for your fishing during high tide.

One of the surf fishing basics to keep in mind if you are not yet an expert on determining the best spot to do fishing is to watch the locals and observe where they fish. In whatever way you want to find the best spot to surf fish, it is always important to be safe always. Rocks and waves can be dangerous so be sure you are always safe, you have your protective gear for animal stings and bites, but don’t risk climbing dangerous rocks just to be at the right spot.

Before you get into some real fishing adventure, one of the surf fishing basics you have to keep in mind is to secure a license to fish in the said area to avoid penalties later on.

Of course, one of the surf fishing basics is to be prepared with your equipment. Bring the right tackle and use baits that you can locally find. These will depend on the species of fish you are after. If you are not sure which type of rod or which type of gear is best for you and in the place you want to surf fish and the species of fish you intend to catch, you can always consult an expert before buying one. When it comes to baits, you can be safe if you use baits locally found, although you have to know what is best for the type of fish you are targeting to catch. Artificial lures will also work especially if you are dealing with a school of fish.

The sport of surf fishing usually requires patience, but once you get a good catch, you will eventually feel the excitement of this sport and adventure. If you have mastered the skill of spotting the right area for this sport, you will eventually find it a great sport and a great adventure as well.

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Tips to Blast Your Blog

As has always been said, blogging is fun. Yes, blogging IS indeed fun. I guess many bloggers will therefore think very hard on how to blast their blogs to the top of big search engines especially Google.

The blog is your instrumental voice that you will use to communicate with bloggers from the rest of the world. It is the medium through which your views and thoughts will be shared with others. It is also the tool by which you will use to sell your products or services online.

To achieve the best of results, how then can you possibly communicate effectively with others? Here are certain proven tips that you can use to blast your blog to attain visibility and positive results:

(1) Ensure your blog has the right revelation

If you want to blast your blog effectively, it is vital that your blog bears the correct revelation that you intend to provide readers with. It must be aptly described and must always be relevant to the kind of audience that you have intended for it to target in the first place. Simply providing tags to the description for your blog does not always result in the correct audience. Tags must be relevant to what you have posted. These should substantiate the reasons why readers should come to read your posts in the first place.

(2) Provide high quality content

Content is the main ingredient for your blog. It is king in terms of attracting readership and maintaining it. Your blog needs lots of good content. What makes up good content? Great content certainly has quality. It should be unique, consisting of expert information from various quarters written based on various perspectives, and are always the latest news. There is the freshness factor that great content can provide readers with.

(3) Make use of directories and search engines

Once your blog is done up, it is vital to get it indexed. There are web directories such as Yahoo, and search engines such as Google who will assume the task of indexing newly setup blogs. Technorati and Blogwise are directories that perform similar role. This process will enable your blog to gain visibility promptly.

(4) Always continue to alert readers

Each time you have written a new post in your blog, you will need to ping it. It is simply an action that helps you to alert readers that you have indeed written a new post. This action is simplified on your part by just making use of sites such as Pingoat, BlogExplosion or Ping-O-Matic. They will perform just one big ping on your behalf to many search engines and directories that they have connection with. Pinging is a simple action in itself. It provides you with ease and convenience in letting others know about your latest post. It in effect helps to blast your blog in a big way.

(5) Learn to exchange links

There are blogs working on topics similar to yours. It is always a good idea to link up with them, and getting them to link back to your blog. Firstly, there will be more ready sources of information for visiting readers. Secondly, your blog will benefit in terms of increase in traffic. Importantly, incoming links should preferably be on the same topic wavelength as your blog. One great tip is to get incoming links that have higher page ranking and higher traffic numerals. This will benefit your blog in terms of search engine ranking.

(6) Encourage active interaction

Speak through your blog. Encourage more interaction. Request for feedback and comments from visitors. You can reciprocate by posting your comments on blogs of others. Comments given are always treated as valuable information that will be of great help to improving your content or blog. You will be able to prove yourself as the expert through your comments and feedback. Active interaction will certainly help you get a much bigger reputation as an established authority in your field.

(7) Generate continual traffic

It is continual traffic that keeps your blog alive. Keep on writing posts with good content on a regular basis. It is important to ensure these posts will stimulate readers to come back regularly for more. If you can get their email addresses, so much the better. As more readers return, your customer list will grow. Another advantage is that you can easily inform them of your latest product. It is a sure-win situation for you.

(8) Join the social fun

There are many social bookmarking sites that provide ample opportunities for you to build friendly relationships. MySpace, Facebook, and Digg all provide great openings for traffic building. A simple inclusion of your URL will enable your blog to get increased visibility. Even a video on YouTube can bring a huge volume of traffic to your blog. Providing your lens on Squidoo can be another source of success for your blog.

In conclusion, I must say there are no other choices but for you to use the above tips to blast your blog. The blog is your heartbeat. Love it. Keep it.

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