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Tips For End of Year Employee Appreciation, Events, and Bonuses

As the year winds down, perhaps you are thinking of showing your appreciation to your employees. Maybe you have thought of a cash gift, gift card, holiday event, or some other gift for your employees.

Appreciation is always a nice thought. But, you are an astute small business owner and you want your gift to work hard for you-you want the most bang for your buck.

So, first, you want to ask yourself what you want to accomplish with your generosity? Do you want to express appreciation alone? Or, do you want to build loyalty and a sense of belonging? Do you want to build teamwork and better relationships across employees? Do you want to treat everyone equally? Or, do you want to reward some employees with more? Are all gift ideas the same and do they all deliver the same results? Of course not.

As a quick aside, the best appreciation programs with the most credibility and effectiveness take place on a year-round basis. They generally focus on milestone accomplishments, birthdays, company anniversaries, and the like. However, the holidays are close and we will focus on the end of the year in this article.

If you ask employees what they want, they always vote for cash or gift cards. Obviously, employees value cash and it offers the greatest degree of flexibility for the employee. However, cash can be expensive to give. There are tax consequences. For example, if you give employees an extra $100, after payroll taxes and federal and state withholding, they are going to get checks for odd amounts like $72.13. With social security matching, your $107.50 is only delivering $72 of impact. Or, if you gross up the amount to make sure that each employee gets a check for $100, you are going to have to pay around $130. Either way, a huge percentage of your appreciation gift budget will go to the government. On behalf of Barack Obama, I thank you. Unfortunately, the government will not appreciate your generosity and will not work harder or better for you after your kind gift.

Gift cards can have the same tax consequences as cash. However, you might get a break from certain merchants by buying in volume. For example, you might get $125 in gift cards for every $100 you spend. It pays to shop around among merchants, restaurants, credit-card branded gift cards, and grocery stores to get the best deal on the most useful gift for your employees.

Be sure to talk to your tax advisor about the costs and implications of any appreciation program so that you understand your requirements and liabilities.

While cash and gift cards require little effort. Unfortunately, they deliver little in the way of lasting impact. The benefit of cash gifts is very short-term. The check gets deposited and spent or forgotten. The small business employer gets very little, if any, brownie points or lasting appreciation from the employee. In fact, employees quit at a greater rate after receiving bonuses than at any other time.

A holiday party or event is a great way to build a sense of team and build stronger relationships in a non-work environment. A good party makes everyone feel better after a good time together. The benefit of better relationships can last years and increase productivity. However, you need to do a lot of planning and research to hold a successful event. Evaluate the make-up of your employee base. Can everyone attend your event? Do people have to travel to attend? Do you have issues with childcare, transportation, schedule conflicts, menus, etc.? Can you make spouses and significant others feel welcome? Can a family event work for you? It is very hard to please everyone with a function outside of work hours. Just a couple of complainers can affect the event for everyone.

A holiday party or event will not have the same payroll and withholding consequences as cash or gift cards. However, your entertainment business deduction may be limited. Once again, consult your tax advisor.

What is the number one reason good employees quit? They think they never got anything or any appreciation from the employer. Forget the fact that they got paychecks, insurance, vacation, bonuses, retirement plans, and other benefits while employed. Those are expected entitlements these days. It is the logo products, the special team-building functions, the holiday turkey, the gift basket delivered to the spouse at the house, and the birthday remembrance that make the lasting impact and impression. These are all gifts that require a degree of thought and planning. Perhaps you want to give all of your employees some polo shirts or dress shirts embroidered with your company logo. These build a sense of team and belonging. They also save your employees money that would otherwise go to work wardrobe. And, if they wear your logo outside of work, they are showing their pride and doing a little advertising for you. Perhaps you want to think about other high-end logo-product gift ideas? You might want to consider blankets, jackets, sporting goods, coolers, barbecues, watches, MP3s or other electronics, gift baskets, luggage and travel items, or similar. Many of these items will come from your marketing and promotions budget, but, consult your tax advisor.

So, think about your goals. How was your year? What can you afford? You probably want to express appreciation and gratitude to your employees. You also want to build some long-term loyalty and appreciation on their part. You want to build a sense of team and identity and belonging to something good and important. You want to enhance morale and improve productivity. You also want people to work together better and serve customers with enthusiasm and pride.

Many people are glad just to have a job now. You have an opportunity to set yourself apart and build loyalty for the long run. Do it right.

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How To Chat Up A Girl – 3 Effective Tips

I don’t know if you have ever noticed but people like to talk about themselves. Generally what comes out of their mouth reflects what’s between there ears. Hopefully in your conversational case there will be something there.

So if you want to chat up a girl begin with listening. Girls like a good listener. She will reveal – that is if you let her – what she is interested in. Now if your head is not tucked away somewhere where it shouldn’t be then you will be able to engage in conversation regarding what she is interested in. Intellectual curiosity in this case will be of benefit. In my humble observation there is nothing worse than reading all these techniques on how to chat a girl up and then sound like a robot with pre-canned questions.

People like spontaneity and surprises. When you are in the moment and listening and not consumed with what you should be saying then trust me opportunities for conversation will arise. Don’t fear the awkward silence moment because if you are listening this will not happen. I could write a whole article on listening but for now understand one thing. Fear arises because you want something.

On the other hand when you are genuinely interested in something then you are naturally curious and want to discover more. As a result you will not be concerned about what you should be saying next. When it comes to conversation don’t overstay your welcome. Give her space and take a break. Remember let her do the talking. You learn nothing when your mouth is in gear.

Have you ever been in a position where you wished you knew what a girl is thinking? If You want to learn the tested psychological secrets of the female mind given to you by a woman because after all only a woman truly knows what a woman wants, then select one of the following links…

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How to Create a Successful Blog

Nowadays it’s almost unfashionable for an online entrepreneur to not have a blog or two. Since the web abounds of personal blogs, informational blogs, art and poetry blogs, and so on, a business blog has to compete against all of the above-mentioned and business blogs for a high ranking in the search engine results pages.

For a blog to be successful it needs to be well written, frequently updated, well designed and honest. A business blog needs to focus on a target and discuss topics related to that target. The “know your audience” rule is the very foundation of a successful business blog.

Assuming you are not an online entrepreneur but still want to have a successful blog, here is what you should do:

Pick your topic. As a blogger you have the chance to write about anything you want. So what it will be? An online diary or a news outlet? Choose whatever is more appealing to you, a subject you are good at, and a theme that will reveal your talents, your passions and your knowledge.

Write in a personal manner and post frequently. The more you post, the more content you ad on your pages. And content is food for the search engines that scan blogs on a daily basis. A frequently updated blog has more chances of success than “lazy” blogs where people post a thought or two every once in a while.

Make your opinion known: that’s the whole idea behind blogging. You have to be an active member of the blogosphere, visit and post comments on other blogs as well. A good comment will attract traffic to your blog.

A blog is a great promotional and marketing tool. Use it wisely. Don’t use a blog to insult a person or to damage another business. Use a blog to provide quality information for the online community. If you have a business blog don’t use it to sell products, but to offer customer support, to request feedback, to make announcements and to publish advice. Use a website for sales and let the visitors decide whether they want to visit the “products” page or not, by providing a direct link to it from your blog. If you are a writer, the more quality content you post the higher chances to become popular and be recognized online as an expert in your field.

Promote your blog. Include your blog’s URL in your email signature, mention it in your newsletters and submit it to blog directories.

Companies and online entrepreneurs should really think twice before starting a blog. A blog needs constant updates and quality content. It will not be successful without these two important ingredients. A professional writer paid to update the blog on regular basis is sometimes the best alternative for business blogs. A professional writer will create a blog with attributes of clarity and simplicity. For blogs, SEO writers are preferable because they know how to write content that is keyword rich but not keyword stuffed and quality headlines that will grab the attention of the readers.

Last but not least, the content of the blog should be included in an RSS feed to increase blog’s popularity.

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The Best Creative Ways to Propose

Marriage proposals made over a romantic dinner at an elegant restaurant can be very romantic but they are not necessarily creative. Many women dream about the day that the man of their dreams proposes to them and hope that the day will be absolutely perfect in every way imaginable. In a recent study the majority of married women reported that they believe that their spouse spent a significant amount of money on their wedding proposal but that the lack of originality in the proposal had left the women feeling disappointed.

One creative way to propose for a couple involved in a long distance relationship is to plan a surprise visit and set up a scavenger hunt. You could have a friend pick you up from the airport so that your girlfriend doesn’t know that you are coming to visit and have the friend give your girlfriend instructions for the scavenger hunt. You could hide a number of small surprises such as candy, flowers and a CD as the first few stops on the scavenger hunt and then hide at the final location poised to propose when your girlfriend completes the game.

An outdoor enthusiast might appreciate a creative proposal during a camping trip. It’s a good idea to plan a quiet trip for just you and your girlfriend at a picturesque location. You could hide the ring in your sleeping bag to use in a surprise proposal. When it’s time to go to sleep after a long day of hiking and fishing, you could complain that there must be a rock or something underneath you and then pull out the ring and make your proposal. This creative proposal also contains the element of surprise as a camping trip is not a usual proposal location.

Another creative proposal idea is to place an ad in a local newspaper. You could place an outrageous ad in a newspaper asking anyone who was willing to get married to give you a call and include a fictitious phone number. Then when you and your girlfriend are reading the paper together, you could point out the ad as a joke and while she is reading the ad, seize the opportunity to pull out the engagement ring and let her know that you would love to marry her.

Proposing at a sporting event is a creative way to propose to a sports fan. For this proposal idea you could either arrange to have your proposal broadcast over the public address system or displayed on the large screen. If you are really adventurous, you could also contact the team’s public relations department and try to make arrangements to make your proposal on the field at halftime. They might be willing to help you stage a scenario where you are either chosen to win a prize or participate in a contest and while you are on the field, they would hand over the microphone to allow you to make your proposal.

Another creative marriage proposal idea is to purchase a book of poems and leave the first few pages intact and carve a heart into the remaining pages and sew the engagement ring to the back of the book. You could suggest taking turns reading the poems on each page and plan to have your girlfriend turn the final complete page to reveal the heart and ring that were hidden inside. This proposal idea is not only creative but also incredibly romantic.

Having the DJ of your girlfriend’s favorite radio program ask her if she will marry you is another creative proposal idea. You will want to make sure that you are aware of the exact time that the DJ will be sending your message so that you are able to ensure that you and your girlfriend are listening together when he makes the announcement. You could also arrange to have the DJ play a song that has a special meaning for you as a couple so that you can enjoy a dance together after she accepts your creative proposal.

Another creative way to propose is to include all of your family and friends in the event by inviting them all to a surprise party for your girlfriend. To make this proposal work, you would either convince your girlfriend that you want to have a quiet dinner at home or at a restaurant with just the two of you. Once you arrive at the destination all of the guests will reveal themselves and while all eyes are on the two of you, you could take the opportunity to profess your love and propose.

Still another creative way to propose is to hide the ring in an unexpected location. For example you could pretend to have a clogged sink and while you are working to fix the clog, you could reach into the sink and pull out the engagement ring. When your girlfriend is nearby, you could seize the opportunity to pull out the ring you had hidden earlier and say something to the effect of, “No wonder the sink is clogged, I’ll have to find another place to store this ring, how about your finger?” This whimsical proposal is both light-hearted and creative.

A variation on the traditional proposal at an elegant restaurant could be to have the waiter bring out the ring with the bill. You could have a little good natured fun with your girlfriend by going out of your way to drop hints that you would be proposing over dinner. If you keep up the act, she will be expecting your proposal with each course. After dessert you could tell her that you have something very important to ask and as she eagerly awaits your proposal, you could ask an inconsequential question about something completely irrelevant to your relationship. She will probably be furious at this point but her anger won’t last as the waiter arrives with the bill and the engagement ring and you let her know how much she means to you.

Finally a creative proposal idea is for the woman to ask the man to marry her, instead of waiting for him to propose. Many women anxiously await the day that the man in their life will propose but why not add your own creative twist by proposing to him instead. The woman is free to propose in any way that she finds truly romantic and can ensure that the proposal is both creative and romantic and that it’s a moment that they both will remember for the rest of their lives.

A great marriage proposal doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant. Many women are more likely to cherish the memories of a proposal that was inexpensive but truly creative. The creativity is what makes the proposal so memorable and what makes it a great story to tell their friends.

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Woman in 69 Position – How to Give Her Explosive Oral Pleasure

The term “69 positions” is coined after image of couples while performing oral sex simultaneously. When done correctly, it provides both partners explosive sensation and orgasm. However, some complained that it is uncomfortable and inconvenient. I said hogwash. Read on as I reveal few tricks to impress your woman in 69 position:

#1. Keep it wet

The key factor of enjoyable 69 experience is wetness. While she is capable of producing the moisture, you are certainly welcome to use lubricants to spice up her sensation. Experiment with various kinds of lubricants (eg. flavored lubricants, lick-able lubricants and warming lubricants) until you find out the best type to turn her on.

#2. Treat her like an ice cream

Her private areas (including perineum, clitoris, and vagina) are very sensitive and respond to slight stimulation. Thus, always be gentle and slow with your tongue movement. The best way to stimulate the sexy nerve in these areas is to stroke her like you are licking an ice cream. Start off slowly by licking the areas around her clitoris, and then slowly stroke her clitoris with increasing speed. Vary the stroke pattern and pressure until she reaches orgasm.

Tip: if you are the one who lie on your back, place a big pillow under your head to gain better access to her genitals.

#3. G spot stimulation

Another superb way to stimulate woman in 69 position is G spot massage. While you are licking her clitoris, slide your finger inside her vaginal wall to locate her G-spot. It is a tiny, bean-like tissue which gives you rough feel when you touch on it. Then, curl your fingers and gently rub the G-spot in consistent motion. Rub it up and down, rub it in circular motion. Monitor her response closely to find out her favorite. The consistent rubbing and licking will build up the moisture real fast and eventually lead to really powerful and overwhelming orgasm.

Tip: to avoid STD and throat complication, it’s recommended to use dental dams.

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How to Turn a Simple Blog Into a Money Making Business

Blogs are some of the most used mediums on the Internet today. There are popular because they are easy to use and set up and come in a variety of templates and styles. Blogs are not only used as someone’s personal journal or diary these days, but can be transformed into an online money making business. Here are a few tips to help you turn your blog into a money making machine.

The only way that you are going to make money with a blog is to create substantial traffic to it first. This comes from the words you use in your content and how you optimize your blog for those words. Doing this correctly means that people will find your blog by doing simple searches in the search engines. Find out which words people are using to find information that you are including on your blog and then optimize your blog for those keywords.

Be consistent with writing good content on a daily basis and eventually you’ll start to see your traffic picking up due to viral word-of-mouth and your blog moving up search engine rankings. When you do see traffic you then can monetize your blog in order to create income. There are several ways to do this. You can sell advertising space, use Google’s AdSense program, promote affiliate products, or even generate leads for companies. Try a few and test out which ones are going to bring you the most amount of money on your blog.

Many people use their blogs to create an opt in list so they can promote products to the list of people they get that sign up on their website. All you have to do is join an auto responder company and set up a series of e-mails writing good content and promoting a product that will make you money as well.

Once you have your blog monetized and are seeing regular income, then you can either set up a new blog and go after another niche or you can promote the heck out of it and pick up your marketing efforts. Really push yourself to do more each and every day to drive more traffic to your website so you can make more money.

A blog is a great way to create substantial income online and can be used in a number ways to do so. Use the advice above to set up your own blog as an Internet business and start making money today.

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Blogging Heros- Book Review

I just finished reading “Blogging Heroes: Interviews with 30 of the world’s top bloggers” by Michael Banks. As an aspiring professional blogger and owner of seven blog directories, I try to read as much as I can about bloggers. In my opinion, this is one of the best books available in the blogging category right now.

As the title suggests, the book is broken down into 30 chapters and each one profile and interviews a successful blogger. The book is very informative and provides a lot of useful information like who they got started in blogging and their advice for those just starting out in the field. The best thing about this book was that after reading it you will feel so inspired. I realized that these pro bloggers were just regular people who decided to take a chance. The one thing the book stresses time and time again is the importance of hard work and patience. Most of the time it took at least 2 years for these blogs to take off. I learned so much just by reading about these great bloggers. It was interesting to find out what worked for them and what didn’t. They share this information so the readers can learn from their mistakes.

In closing, I would strong recommend this book to any blogger, from beginner to expert. The way I see it, is if you weren’t profiled in the book as one of the top 30 bloggers in the world than you have room for improvement and can learn something from this great book.

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Perineum Massage – How Can I Hit My Man’s P-Spot Every Time We Are in Bed?

If you are searching for a way to heighten the passion in your bed, allow me to tell you about your man’s p-spot. This is an area in his body that is highly sensitive. Stimulating it would send electric jolts throughout his body. If you want something that would leave him asking for more, here are some tips to hit your man’s p-spot every time you are in bed.

Your man might not be aware that such spot even exists. He might now know that being touched in that area would actually be exhilarating. So, educate him by providing some loving on his p-spot. By teaching him this new technique, you also need to inform him. The perineum massage would not work if it will come as a surprise. This kind of sensuous massage is a joint project.

The perineum is part of the prostate gland. It is situated at the lower end of the prostate. This spot is very sensitive because there is a cluster of nerve endings lodged in that area. Yes, similar to the head of his penis, and the so-called g-spot of women. There are testimonials claiming how this p-spot parallels that of the female’s g-spot.

There are certain details you have to consider before you proceed to massaging the perineum or the prostate. First on the list would be knowing the prostate per se. This gland is part of the reproductive organ. It is the shelter which the alkaline component of the semen is housed. Its size is similar to that of a walnut, while its form takes the figure of a chestnut. It is practically small but very significant.

For you to massage this area, you have to explore the insides of your man. By doing this, you have to insert your finger in his anus. A bump along the rectum would tell you the spot of the prostate. Don’t get too excited once you have reached this spot. You simply have to press it gently, tap it, or massage it in a circular manner. Again, you just have to gentle when you touch him.

Inform your man of what you are about to do so he would not get too tensed while you are doing it. Tell him that you will be helping him to reach an orgasm akin to multiple orgasms of female. Also, make sure that you look confident while you are doing this. If you appear tensed, most likely, he will sense this and be tensed too. Look unto his eyes while you are exploring his booty. This would be your first step in giving him a massage.

To help you get a feel of his inner bottom, and for your lover to get familiar with the sensations, you have to start with just touching his butt. Go and explore his butt cheeks. Then, gradually progress to touching the anus. Later on, lightly tap this area. You will notice that his muscles are relaxed and ready to be explored. This would be the sign that you can already continue to penetration.

It would be of great help if you get to use a lubricant. I always go for the water-based lubricant because I prefer its glide. However, I am not discouraging you to have a take on oil-based and gel-based. Try these three variants, and find out whatever suits you. You will learn as you go along. So, take this activity as a journey that will lead you to higher passions and higher knowledge of each other’s body.

Start practicing and hit your man’s p-spot the next time both of you are in bed.

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How Do I Get Rich With No money, No Job And No Prospects?

Wealth is ultimately about VALUE and Value is free. If you have ever asked yourself…How do I get rich…you aren’t alone. Most articles I have read on this topic go along the lines of, Save money, Get a Job, Work hard, Invest the savings conservatively and above all wait several decades. To me this is some terrible, terrible advice. In this article I will try and demonstrate some rare concepts that only the wealthy utilize. I know they do because it is blatantly obvious and after reading this article you will understand too, what the rich do.

The very nature of money is emotional and subjective. The first concept that will help you begin accumulating wealth is that money is nothing at all but a paper representation of value. To illustrate this, think for example of any commodity at all. Pork bellies. Lets look at a pork belly. Do you have a NEED for pork belly right now? If somebody knocked on your door right this instant with a Pork Belly in arm and offered to sell it to you…would you part with money for it? Maybe, maybe not. But the point is that you would have an OPINION on the VALUE of that ham, or pork belly or what ever else that we humans sell to each other.


Going back to the idea of being randomly offered a pork belly at your front door. You can isolate value by identifying need or “UTILITY” of the person’s opinion. If you were in certain circumstances you definitely WOULD pay for and buy that pork belly. Also depending on your circumstances….the depth of your need, you may pay twice, three times as much for that pork belly. Value is always circumstantial and that makes it subjective. Since money is just a numerical representation of value, we can say that if we control the value of an object, it will be worth MORE or LESS in incremental units or….MONEY.

I hope you just read what I said, because it is one of the most important points on this page. You can control the NUMERICAL VALUE of MONEY by controlling the VALUE itself. What what do I mean by that? Well simply this. When buying something you can control the amount you pay for it providing you are dealing in an open free market (example 2 people negotiating) and the market is not a monopoly (like a grocery store where they are take it or leave it prices)

Conversely when selling a product you can literally control the amount you receive for it by controlling the value of the object. I am not saying you can get a Million dollars for some old bike. But I am saying you can make a return that is satisfactory even on an old bike.


Warren Buffet is most famous for the use of this concept, but believe me arbitrage or Value investing was around well before he was around. The wealthy down through the ages have been taking advantage of circumstances and situations to extract a decent return.

Value investing is simply this…buy something, anything at below its intrinsic value price and sell it for its normal price or just a little higher in an effort to maximize on a return. The concept of value investing can be distilled into the sentence, buy $1 dollar for 50 cents and sell that $1 dollar of value for more. This may seem trivial on a small scale, but it is the percentages the smart money watches.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and if you are unemployed and broke it doesn’t mean a thing. It means absolutely nothing in terms of your prospects. This is how wealth is made on the planet Earth. If you do the same thing you will get the same results. You will get rich too.

A fundamental lynch pin to this concept is the word intrinsic. Intrinsic value is a value at 100% It is what the object, whether it be land or a car or an old mountain bike. It doesn’t matter if it’s old. Everything has an intrinsic value in an open free market. The key to value investing is having a capacity to imagine needs and an understanding what utility a potential buyer may have before you purchase. Intrinsic value means that it is not an over estimation and not an under estimation but a sound and probable number that would be the almost exact value of the object taking into account it’s age, size, features, damage, restrictions etc. Intrinsic value is not an estimation. It is a float level.

Once you establish this value for an object before you buy it yourself, it is a simple matter to begin controlling the VALUE in the sellers mind. By exaggerating the negative and downplaying the positive you are not tricking people, you are simply acting in your best interests. If it wasn’t for you, he may not sell the object at all.

The concepts above apply just as much to a Billion dollar corporate take over as they do, to the transaction of a brown plain sofa. But there is a final piece to the puzzle.

Compounding and leverage.

All wealth creators understand, value and pursue compounding as the ultimate wealth building tool. There is no other more powerful mechanism for rapid wealth creation, getting rich really quick, than the deliberate enlisting of compounding. Specifically through the use of leverage or other peoples money.

If you started with $100 and applied 160% compounding every year for 10 years you would end up with over $1.4 million dollars.

Here’s how it look’s

Y1: 261.3

Y2: 682.79

Y3: 1784.16

Y4: 4662.09

Y5: 12182.21

Y6: 31832.56

Y7: 83179.61

Y8: 217351.27

Y9: 567946.56

Y10: 1484064.41

But most value investors get returns of much more than 160% per year because they use leverage or other peoples money. To manufacture returns of 200%, 400%, and even 500% are not unheard of and not very difficult to achieve. I know you may have heard of investor funds and such that have difficulty maintaining 10% per year and the logic goes, well, these are professionals and if they have a hard time getting a 10% return, what hope do I have of making a return of 500%

Here is the thing. Value investing is subjective and hands on. It is an activity that is the exclusive domain of the individual not the institution. A fleet footed individual can accomplish amazing results but a large institution makes decisions slowly and with weak effect.

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How To Play Bridge Card Game – The Absolute Basics

Bridge is a popular game and there are many online resources to help you get started. Here is a brief overview of the absolute basics of how to play bridge card game, for complete beginners.

The game is played by four players, working as two teams. One standard pack of 52 cards is used and all the cards are dealt so that each player holds 13 cards. Each player sorts their cards into suite (spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs).

The aim of the game is to make “tricks”. Each round (or hand) starts with one player leading a card. Each player then has to follow suit (if s/he has a card in that suit). The player who plays the highest card wins the trick for their partnership. If a player doesn’t hold a card in the suit played they can discard a card from another suit or, if the game is being played in “trumps” they can play a card from the trump suit. The player playing the highest trump card (if more than one is played) wins the trick for their partnership.

There are two main elements to a game of bridge – the bidding, or auction and then playing the hand.

The bidding takes place before the hand is played. Players are not allowed to talk to each other so the bidding is a way of deciding whether you and your partner have enough “points” in your hand to take enough tricks to win the hand. Before the bidding starts, each player counts the number of points in their hand – counting 4 for each ace, 3 for each king, 2 for each queen and 1 for each jack.

The player to the left of the dealer starts the bidding. If they hold less than 12 points they “pass”. Play continues clockwise until a player has 12 or more points and can open the bidding. There are a total of 40 points, so if they are evenly distributed it is possible for all the players to pass. If this happens, the cards are reshuffled and a new game is dealt.

The bidding continues until 3 consecutive players pass. The final bid decides the “contract”. There are two kinds of contract – a suit contract and a “no trumps” contract. If a suit contract has been bid, then the suit becomes the trump suit. A no trumps contract is played without the use of a trump suit.

The bidding between partners tells each other which suits they hold cards in and what points range they have. It is generally agreed that in order to make “game” in a major suit the partnership should hold at least 25 points. Game means that if your partnership wins the round you will score at least 100 points with your tricks. Nothing is scored for the first 6 tricks – so one aim of the bidding is to decide if you have enough points to make more than six tricks.

Some example contracts are:

3 spades – you are saying you will make 9 tricks (6 plus the 3 bid) and want to use spades as the trump suit.

1 No Trump (NT) – you are saying you will make 7 tricks (6 plus 1 bid) and don’t want to use a trump suit.

The suits are split into major suits (spades and hearts) and minor suits (diamonds and clubs). If you are playing in a major suit contract (for example 2 hearts) you score 30 points for each trick made above 6 tricks. If you are playing in a minor suit contract (for example 3 diamonds) you score 20 points for each trick made above 6, and if you are playing in No Trumps you score 40 points for the first trick over 6 and 30 points for subsequent tricks.

If you bid for and make game (100+points) you score bonus points. If you bid for fewer tricks this is known as a part game contract. Your score is based on the number of tricks you bid for as well as the number of tricks you take. So, for example, you won’t score the game bonus if you only bid for a part game contract, even if you do score enough tricks for game – although you will get points for the tricks.

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