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Essential WordPress Tips for Beginners

Since thousands of new start-up businesses are popping up every day, owning a professional website is no longer an option, it's a must! Customers are becoming more and more fussy since they have countless options as to where they shop and who they deal with. A business that presents itself un-professionally online will not be taken seriously.

Ordering a professional website is not difficult and you can find a web design company offering quality websites very affordably online. Simply search for terms such as 'Low Cost Web Design' and you will be well on your way.

Whilst it can be an easy option for businesses to invest a small amount into a professionally set up website, some make the mistake of trying to build there own. I am still to come across any business that I know which has built their own website (other than people already equipped with high levels of design and coding skills) that has managed to build a successful website for their own company.

Ordering a website is no different to hiring an electrician, you would not hire an electrician that is not certified and you should not attempt web design unless you have the skills to do it properly.

Many ask how to market their businesses effectively online since this is the most essential element required for online success. The answer to this question is that there is no hard and fast answer. There are many components that businesses need to try and test in order to find the perfect blend of online marketing.

Key areas include; your website design, website content, how often you update your website, search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, re-target marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, online PR, blogging, video marketing and much more. As you can see there are many elements required for an effective online marketing strategy. This is why most businesses turn to internet marketing agencies to manage their online marketing campaigns.

Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS)

By keeping your website design simple, you will be able to present your business professionally online without incurring astronomical fees.

Uncomplicated website designs are much easier for web designers to produce. This makes it cheaper and easier for you to gain an online presence. Simple websites tend to be easier for people to users to use and for search engines to understand. An added bonus of KISS is that more simple website designs tend to work well on modern devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

Most business owners make the mistake of trying to cram their website full of their services, images, information about the business, catchy phrases, testimonials, contact information and everything else they can stuff in. As a first time website owner, there is no doubt that you're probably excited with the idea of ​​getting a website, and you should be, however, always speak with your web designer for advice. As they should be able to point you in the right direction and explain that it would be far more professional to have dedicated pages for each section of your business.

It's important to retain consistency throughout your website and you should focus on producing clean, quality pages through. A two column layout is typically the most popular layout. This is where the content takes up most of the page and a side bar is located on the right or left hand side. A single column layout can also look very smart.

Once the structure of your website is nicely laid out, you can then decide on whether you want to be contemporary or vibrant with your color pallet. Using a simple design, you can opt to use bright colors without jeopardizing the quality of the site. Too much color is often an issue for websites overloaded with information.

If you are struggling to decide on a color scheme you can always look at other successful websites. It's also worth looking at your competitors since you will want to stand out from them while keeping within the boundaries banned from your industry associates.

If you can not afford a web designer from day dot, it may be worth either bringing them in as a partner of the business or agreeing to a structured payment plan of 6-12 months spread payments.

Future Proof Design

It's important that all your outgoings are spent wisely, especially in the early days. This is why you should not hesitate to invest that little bit extra for a quality website rather than scrimping on £ 100 in the early days to only find that you need to invest a further £ 1 000 on a new website at a later date.

If you stick to producing a contemporary website design, then you should weather all fashionable changes. Other factors that you could consider before you order a website is making it 'responsive' so the website works effectively on both mobile and tablet devices.


In the end, solid web design for a start up is about three things: focus, talent and planning. If you know what you want to put your attention on, have someone there who can make it look good and then plan for the future, it is fairly straightforward to craft a solid, professional design that will be both memorable and lasting.

As you can see from these points stated above. To compete with all other competitors online, you do not need a super fancy and extremely expensive website with features that people have never seen. This is far from today's conclusion.

What you should take out of today's article is that all businesses have the opportunity to compete professionally online. You just need to focus on what's actually important about your website and what it's supposed to do. Remember that your website is designed to entice customers, give them useful information that they can easily access, your website is also provided to build trust and confidence with your customer since businesses without a website must be doing something wrong, they are either not making enough money, or they are just a one man band not looking for new business.

The most challenging aspect for small start up businesses is to provide the investment to get started and businesses must find a way to finance their website since you will be on a back foot without one.

One thing that the great Steve Jobs taught us is that good quality design will sell products for you.

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Blogging – An Indispensable Marketing Tool

Blogging was started initially as a comment page to an existing webpage for visitor to put their opinions and comments. As interest generates, it evolved into pages of personal views, to detail just about anything the blogger wants to say. Some bloggers has specific focus and topics of interest which generate strong followings. As it progress, online advertising catches on to tap onto its potentials, realizing bogging is an invaluable above the line marketing tool.

Blogging is free and is readily available . Free blogs being offered online may not have advance features as compared to paid blogs but is sufficient to convey your messages, thoughts and a couple of photos. Any opportunity offered for free is definitely a bonus for new start-ups especially if it can generate revenue.

Blogging is a simple process . The themes, layouts and plugging can easily set-up with clicks of the button. The contents, the bloggers can write about their ideas, views, experiences and products reviews. Readers and followers reading the blogs will be enticed to try the products being reviewed. Readers can give comments on the comment page to voice their opinions. The feedback, be it positive or negative, will be picked up by product advertisers. The comments will be reviewed for products or services improvement.

Blogging is credible . Some paid product advertising are fake reviews and excessively exaggerated. Bloggers' product review lends credibility from their first-hand experience and readers could put comments on their blogs to share their experiences. This can trigger a following of trusted users.

Sponsored bloggers . There are product sponsors who use bloggers to write positive review of their products to entice consumers. Then there are arguments about the ethical code of such sponsored reviews of engaging blogger as part of their advertising campaign, debating about the truthfulness of the review. Nonetheless, blogging has strong influence which can not be ignored.

Blogger as an expert opinion . As the blogger gets more involve in writing product reviews, he will become more informed and will eventually become an expert in the field. Readers will look up to him to seek advice and ask for his trusted opinion. As companies and professional organizations notice the growth of the blogger's readership, they may get in touch with him to advertise on his blog or make him an affiliate, to ride on his popularity.

Blogging build the market . Without you are one of the celebrities who blogs. It will quickly generate an immediate traffic of ardent fans. And advertisers will be quick to sponsor with free products or paid advertising to gain immediate penetration and you will receive an immediate income. But when you are an unknown, your blog is posted; it is not as if readers will easily pick up the blog links. So to build up the market of your blog, you can use the following methods to generate better result.

  • Joining a blog network . Without your blog is a very typical kind. Otherwise, there will be other blogs blogging about the same interest, industry and products. So it would be better to form a network of bloggers with the same interest and share your experience. It will benefit the readers to find one link to several other similar blogs.
  • By using RSS . Having RSS feeds will quickly alert your readers of updates on your blog and entice them to visit your blog. It will help increase penetration when there is a new product launch. It will also help to retain the reader for continued readership.
  • By using membership subscription . When your blog has a strong following of readership, you can entice them to subscribe to your blog with offer of exclusive information, such as they will receive first hand information or entitle to special discount with new product launch.
  • By using email . Send short email messages as teaser to your blog or attach a link to your signature. Include messages that the email can be forwarded to their friends or anyone what they think would be interested. This is another form of viral marketing at work.

Realizing that blogging is another source of revenue, service providers add new features continuously to enhance the blog. So business users should capitalize on using Blogs to tap onto the potential of blogging to expand and reach out to infinite online users.

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How Blogging Helps in Business Promotion

In recent times, blogs have become an ideal platform for online marketing of products and services. Large corporate organizations, home based businesses, and small organizations have found blogging an easy and viable option to communicate with their customers. There are two types of blogging – business blogging and personal blogging. This article discusses how blogging helps in business promotion. Business blogging has many benefits such as sharing technical capabilities, building web visibility and connecting with customers. You can simply write your ideas, connect to resources and post the blog using blog software. Blogging is a reasonable alternative to achieve and strengthen your brand name on the internet.

How to keep your blogs lively:

  • Never try to boast about your products or services
  • Create keyword rich content
  • Post a blog with specific business address
  • Take advantage of viral marketing and social networks to promote business
  • Encourage posting of users’ comments to maintain an active community

How Blogging Promotes Overall Business

Business blogging is picking up great credibility as large and small businesses begin to understand its various advantages. Learn more about how a strategic blog campaign can enhance your business.

  • Allows quick web visibility – Blogging is a low cost solution to enhance your internet presence. You can get maximum benefits out of your limited resources without hiring a web designer. There are many free blog platforms having customizable templates. This enables to post your blog with the required information. Moreover, blogs can be easily updated with interesting content to bring together many potential customers.
  • Helps to attain high search engine rankings – Blogs facilitate creating good content to make your business website rank high in various search engines and thus gain traffic. SEO guest bloggers can help to innovatively utilize appropriate keywords in the blog content for generating traffic and increasing your internet presence.
  • Enables communication with potential clients – Blogging provides an opportunity to share business expertise and knowledge with customers. It enables to build a rapport with a large audience interested in your content, service and products. Blog promotion of your products involves posting quick updates so that customers can understand more about new happenings in the business. It also helps to market your business to a large number of customers through social networking sites. Blogs reach a wide range of audience and thereby strengthen your brand name.

Additionally, blogging enables you to exchange information about new products, share details of the latest discounts/promos and highlight customer reviews and feedback. It is also possible to connect with like-minded bloggers to exchange thoughts about new products and services.

Get the service of a professional SEO company to analyze, design and optimize blog content. Such a firm also helps to implement and update information systematically and professionally. On the whole, a reputable SEO establishment can help increase your profitability and sales with the support of the latest technology and a highly qualified and experienced workforce.

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5 Ways To Make Passive Income In Blogging – Some Killer Money Making Ideas

Blogging has become a very popular method of making money online. Literally millions of bloggers are trying to make money from their blogs, writing on their favorite topics. The successful bloggers around the world also inspire the newbies and encourage them to write online and get royalties in a unique, modern way.

If you enjoy writing and take interest in a specific topic, you can launch a blog online and start publishing the content right away. There are several methods you can adopt to monetize your blog and the contents published on it. Here, you will explore 5 monetization techniques to make your blog earn passive income for you.

5 ways to make passive income in blogging: turn your blog into a passive income generator

If you have developed a blog already, you can easily monetize the content and start making money almost instantly. But in case, you have not prepared a blog or it does not have sufficient content, you have to concentrate on preparing the website and generate traffic to the blog to make money. Once you have completed the homework that is built a blog and generated some traffic, you can follow any of these techniques or combine them suitably to earn money for the contents you have already published online.

# 1 Advertising revenue

You can earn a lot of money from the paid ads. You can sign up with the leading ad-revenue sharing websites and make money as a published for the content. Google AdSense, Chitika, Kontera etc. are the leading advertising sites that review the content and show relevant ads on the blog. You can also rent advertising spaces on the blog manually and generate handsome amount of money.

# 2 Affiliate marketing

If you know how to sell a product or a service, you can easily start reviewing others product and help the sellers sell their products / services. The concept is termed as affiliate marketing and it can make you a lot of money as decisions.

# 3 Pay per post

Several blogging networks allow the bloggers to register and make money for each post they publish on their blogs. The topics are defined by the networks and you'll get paid whenever you write on something they're looking for. The concept is termed pay per post.

# 4 Flip your blog

If you're already making some money from your blog, you can flip the website for a handsome one-time amount. This is not a true passive income source, but a blogger who's eager to write on different topics can follow the method and make his living just by flipping the blogs. The concept is almost the same as generating money from ad revenues; but in this method, you will earn a good one-time cash to invest in some other business.

# 5 Premium subscription offers

If you're sharing something valuable or highly technical things for the readers, you can offer premium subscriptions to your readers. This will also help you make a good sum of money each month. But in this case, you have to be an acclaimed expert in a particular niche that people are interested in.

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Content Creation Tip: 5 Smart Ways to Format Your Blog Post (So It Gets Read)

Your battle with content creation is never-ending. You just spent the last week polishing up a stellar blog post. You want it to go viral but how?

If you want to get noticed, find your purpose.

Is it to gain more Facebook fans? Grow your email list? Get media attention? Egypt Is it simply to stroke your ego?

Once you know the purpose of your content, find your signature style. It's what will capture your audience's attention. Start with these easy to carry out formatting tips.

1. Use A Captivating Image

Use a large, clean, high quality, eye-catching image to draw on the emotions of your readers.


If the title of your blog post is "How to End Toddler Tantrums Without Going Crazy", use an image of a toddler screaming or of a frustrated Mom looking down at her toddler on the floor.

This invokes empathy and draws the reader in.

2. Add Lots Of White Space

Have you ever read a blog post formatted like a book or an essay? Frustrating.

Reading online and on mobile devices is tiring on the eyes. Adding plenty of hard returns to your content makes it easier to read.

Do not worry about following your English teacher's rules about paragraphs. Online writing is very different from writing for school or business.

3. Make Your Heading Clear

When brainstorming the heading answer the question "Why should I read this?" from your readers' point of view. Does it clear state the benefit received by clicking through?


  • Here's Why You Should not Believe What He Says About Your Butt
  • 7 Tips to Help You Labor Like a Princess
  • 17 Shortcuts to Internet Marketing Success

Each headline is crystal clear about what you'll get when you click through.

4. Make Consistent Subheadings

Subheadings are mini-headings. These help explain your main topic better. Use consistent styling all through your blog post.


  • Use bullets or numbers not both
  • Use the same capitalization (if you capitalize the first letter in each word do so for every subheading)
  • Use the same font
  • Consistently use bold or italics

5. Make Your Content Share-able

Resize and edit photos for social media. Add text to explain the benefit of clicking through.

A quote, quick action step, or take away helps encourage a quick tweet on Twitter .

As you can see, formatting easy to read blog content is simple. Start with an emotively appealing image, plenty of white space, a clear heading, consistent subheading styles, and top if off with a few quotes.

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Making Money Just A Click Away With Blogging

Many bloggers dream of making profit by blogging. This is workable by looking at two common and popular ways.

First is the Google AdSense advertisement. You can make money by selling space through Google’s AdSense program. It is not difficult to begin. You just need to register with this program.

Or you can sell the advertisement space to companies who are interested to tap on your traffic to them.

This second method is more lucrative compared to the first one. But it requires more effort and work. Normally you need a larger list of readership in order to generate interest from them to advertise on your blog. This is a longer term approach.

But very few of the bloggers manage to reap the profit they dream of initially. They set unrealistic goals of how fast the readership will grow and how much money they will make. They started to become very disappointed and give up their desire to continue blogging.

In order to succeed, you must draw up a realistic and reachable goal that how it will take you to build your readership from 10 to 100,1000,10000 and so on. Persistence and marketing skills are two very important traits in blogging.

Persist in updating your blog with new and fresh articles so that it will keep your blog high in blog search engines like technorati and your reader will come back more often for your new articles.

But writing articles more often without any marketing of their blog is also useless. Although they have a lot of valuable articles with good information, but there is no readership. This is a very bad setback to a lot of blogger in the online world. You can do some link exchange with other blogger, involve in the blogging community and learn and practice other traffic generation techniques.

You must do both articles writing and marketing at the same time. After that you just be patient and wait for the result to come in. Success is not overnight. Building large readership requires time, give yourself a timeframe and success will be there.

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Tips for Successful Blogging

A blog by its very nature is a social, interactive medium and most home businesses that want to make money from any kind of internet marketing have discovered this. Indeed, there are people out there who make high six and seven figure incoming from blogging and these people learned the techniques to successful blogging early on. It all boils down to treating your readers with respect, and giving them what they want.

About once a week I unsubscribe from annoying emails that I receive. I will give people a chance, but if they can not give me some useful information or lead me through to it with a link, sorry, I'm not interested. If I get an email a day trying to sell me something they are first to go. Some emails I do not get on a regular basis, sometimes I have forgotten why I subscribed, but basically I think the person that's sending the email is not terrible interested, so goodbye to those too.

The same applies to blogs. If I am not getting regular, interesting and helpful information relating to my business, I will unsubscribe. With a blog you can do just about anything once you are getting a good supply of traffic every day. If you're stuck for content, why not ask your readers what they want? A blog is a two-way street, and you have to keep your readers interested, or else they will go somewhere else.

The headlines you use on your blog should not only satisfy the search engines by using good SEO (search engine optimization) but they should also entice your readers to read on. If you are using a WordPress Blog, along with 'All in One SEO' (a WordPress plugin), you will see that you have plenty of room to write something catchy and interesting, so instead of a heading that says "How I Lost Weight ", you could say something like" How I lost Weight and Nearly Lost My Husband ". It's just a bit more enticing and will pique your reader's curiosity.

You can be a little controversial on your site especially if you can combine something relevant to your niche that's in the news right now. With the recent Caylee Anthony case, if you had a blog about raising children, it would be easy to get dozens of comments if you simply ran an article titled "The Anthony Case: What do You Think about the Verdict?" Or something like that. More people to your site can only help you as a marketer. Just keep your opinion out of it as much as possible and stay neutral in any heated discussion, or you may upset some subscribers and lose them.

People are creatures of habit, and if you do not keep your blog updated on a regular basis, they will go elsewhere. The nice thing about a blog is you do not have to write more than 300 words to have a respectable post, and once you can do that, just get into the habit of writing every day. You can always write 7 posts at once and schedule them with WordPress, one per day.

Seek out blogs that you like and take notes. Why do you personally like this blog? Is it the layout, the content, or the fact that many people participate and leave comments, or a combination of all three?

That's another great thing about WordPress, if you decide you do not like the layout, you can change it, then sparking another round of comments, some will like it and others will not. Just keep an eye on your affiliate revenue and if it goes up after you change the site, then your new design is obviously a winner!

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How Can I Make Money From Blogging?

How many times have you asked yourself this, how can I generate profits from my writing? This is a question often asked by blog beginners but you will be astonished – even those who have been blogging for years often look for new ways to make even better money! Why? Well for one blogging for profits keeps evolving. Blogging and making money from blogging are two very different things. Blogging is posting and writing without ever worrying if the time you take writing will convert to making money. Blogging for profits is a deliberate, mindful effort to turn your writing into an income-generating activity.

Making money from blogging is a misunderstood phrase, and in fact it has become a profitable industry in itself. It has generated the birth of so-called pro-bloggers or professional bloggers who are really no different from today's freelance writers. You will now find that there are "blogger jobs" as there are "writing jobs".

To make profits from blogging online is no different from making money from freelance writing for magazines or newspapers. Only now with the emergence of one-click publishing tools like Blogger and WordPress, making profits on the Internet has never been easier once you have learned how to lay down the foundation.

So let's break down a list of ways to generate money from blogging.

1. Advertising your own, or even your companies products. Maybe you have an online store or maybe your company manufactures a certain line of products. Blogging is a way to connect to your market and turn them into loyal, involved readers. Whereas before you had a boring shopping cart, now with a blog, you are showing your human side. Your business website begins to "talk" to your site visitors through the blog.

2. Advertising other peoples products. In the internet marketing world, this is called affiliate marketing. You write article reviews or you may even just simply mention a product on your blog website, with a link to the product page on the seller's website. Clicks are tracked and successful transactions are credited to you via agreements (Pay Per Action). You may find products to promote on Clickbank, eBay, Amazon, Commission Junction, LinkShare and ShareASale. Of course, you owe it to your blog readers to be honest in your reviews.

3. Pasting advertisements on your blog or the "Passive Method". This may also fall under promoting other products, but putting ads is a passive method compared to outright promotion. In this method examples of these advertising networks are such as AdSense, AdBrite, Chitika, Shopping Ads, and Widget Bucks. You do not need the endorse the products shown on the ads as these are served by the advertising network. You earn when your visitors simply click on the ads (Pay Per Click). Most of these advertising networks give you the option of having ad content that is relevant to your site and also some offer you the option of choosing what ads are shown on your website.

4. Selling advertising space. In this passive method, you do not depend on any action from your blog visitors. You make money from people who pay for real estate or space on your blog. In this method, you know how much you will earn on a regular basis. You will sell advertisements only when you get a good amount of traffic and in some cases, a good number of RSS Subscribers; advertisers usually ask for statistics.

5. Offering your writing services to another blog. Do you know that there is an entire industry that revolves around freelance blogging? Yes, you need not have your own blog to make money from blogging. You may "ghost write" or become a regular staff for a blog or blog network who may pay per post or per month. Usually, however, you need to show samples of your blogging wizardry before you land a job. In that case, you may have to start blogging for yourself first.

6. Selling your blog. Blogs are properties and if your blog becomes hot property due to a blog post that gets Digged or gets media attention, you may even get offers from companies or people who want to own your blog, and these are usually blog networks. But since since a blog is only as good as its blogger, actually selling your blog does not mean giving away the website and leaving with your money. You may be asked to remain as the blogger, but you may be given a salary for staying there. The concession is, advertising revenue goes to the blog network who bought your blog.

So as you can see there are a number of ways you can make money from blogging. You can use one of the methods I have listed here or all of them at the same time. You just need to be comfortable in writing your blog and you can have fun and make money at the same time.

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Steps to Successful Blogging

Blogs can prove to be a very commercial and high money-spinning tool if used appropriately. Profit making from a blog is just a matter of drawing the attention of readers without indulging in any kind of personal selling.

1) Where to start?

Start your blog with a free blog hosting service such as Journal Home. A free blog host however is very rewarding in case of a new blog. Beginning with a free blog hosting service will let you do it instantaneously, even when you don’t have much knowledge about the hosting, scripts or programming.

2) Niche

Niche refers to a targeted product, service, or topic. Decide on the nature of product or service that interests you the most. Make a choice on a specific topic or area about which you can write on a daily basis earnestly.

3) Update Daily

This step is a damn necessary and not merely a proposal. Updating your blog on a daily basis not only helps to attract interest of the readers but also allures the search engines. Don’t be irregular in posting blogs as this will make your business unsuccessful.

4) Traffic

In order to earn sustained money, you must have enough traffic and visitors for your blogs. There are many ways to build traffic such as paid advertising, free search engine marketing, advertising, RSS/XML feeds, viral marketing, and word-of-mouth publicity.

5) Track Your Blog

In case, people are not commenting on your blogs that does not necessarily imply that it isn’t growing. Tracking need not be done in a sophisticated manner, you just need to install the code into the HTML of your blog and start tracking your visitors.

6) Listen to Your Audience

When writing a blog, you must analyze how others find your content and which keywords are being used to locate the blog. If you are able to locate certain keywords through which your blog is listed in search engine you must then focus around those keywords to make your blog a success.

7) Multiple blogs

Multiple blogging means blogging with and others. More of blog account means more traffic. Maintaining several blog accounts is similar to having publication in different newspapers.

8) Short & Concise

You should not write lengthy blog articles or publications. Keep your blog posts short and simple. At times you may not be left with a choice but to write long blogs, but as far as possible try to avoid this.

9) Digital Art

Include some non-advertising graphics, images, photos, and drawings in your blogs. Do not include too much of these graphics. Try not to overshadow the content with graphics.

10) Keep it Personal

The blog must be kept personal if you want it to be successful. Include personal knowledge that relates to the topic of the blog. Refrain from professional style of writing; rather write in a personalized manner including first person form. Stay away from the business style of writing.

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5 Tips to Use WordPress for Blogging

You may have never blogged using WordPress, but things can now get easy. All you have to do is to go ahead and start blogging. However this can sometimes be a daunting task when you do not have any type of experience. So we have compiled for you a few important tips that can enable you to make the most out of your blogging skills.

1. Update your tagline and title

Your title or tagline must be update from time to time. The more interest you show to your blog, the better for you as well as your viewers or readers. You can also tell readers about your blog before actually going ahead and putting it up.

2. Pick a theme that is loved by all

You need to judge all your themes before actually going ahead and making a selection. This can help you to make the most out of your WordPress blogs. Also no one will be spending more time on your blog than you. So make sure that you feel at home whenever you visit it.

3. Add a background or a header

Backgrounds and headers are very easy ways to customize your blogs. Above all this they cost you nothing which is a very good thing for you. You can thus add your favorite photo, a customized background color or any other simple image.

4. Make use of a blog icon

The blog icons can show up in any visitor's browser instead of the actual website. You can also try adding any image that you feel is suitable to your content. You can try adding it as your header or a profile picture that can make quite a difference.

5. Try adding a widget

Widgets are like add- ons and these have the power of giving your blog more content and functions. They can do everything from highlighting your archives to later on displaying your Instagram photos to counting down to the day of your wedding. You can also start with an extremely simple text widget and later on put a shorter description of your blog on your home.

The above tips can very easily enable you to start blogging as soon as possible. All you need to do is to be patient and keep up the good work. There is a lot that can be done with your WordPress blog if you make good use of it.

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