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Home Based Business Ideas – Why You Need to Use Video

Home based business ideas for success typically require you to get your message out to the masses, and there’s no better way to do this than through the use of video.

Adding video to your marketing strategy is becoming a must have in your network marketing lead building efforts. It allows you to build and brand your image, let’s call it your You Inc. When prospecting people for your business, especially over the internet, how do you break down the trust barriers with someone who doesn’t know you? A website with words effectively written by someone with excellent copy writing skills can bring significant returns for your network marketing business. But good copy writing is a skill that is developed over a period of time and it doesn’t allow people to connect and relate to you quickly.

Instead, pull out a camera and video yourself sharing your story. Talk about your story, interests, hobbies, and more. Share your passions, victories and frustrations as you work from home in a home based business. People who come across your You Inc will see and hear you. As they hear your story, it will give them the opportunity to connect and relate to you.

This is the sweet spot you need to be in for your business. The trust barriers will begin to come down and if a strong connection is made, the prospect will literally call you to join your MLM or home based business opportunity.

Think about this, what would you rather do? Would you like to chase people down to join your business or would you like people to call you to join your network marketing company?

Here are some things to keep in mind when adding video to your home based business lead generation efforts:

1. Get a good webcam or small camera that takes video. You can get quality at low cost. Don’t go too low, but also don’t break the bank. I recommend the Logitech 9000 for a webcam and a Canon Digital Elph camera which takes digital photos in addition to good quality video with audio.

2. Setup a YouTube account to easily upload your videos which will then allow you to display them on almost any webpage. YouTube receives some of the highest traffic on the internet and is the first location you need to put your videos.

3. When thinking about a storyboard for each 3-5 minute video you produce, be creative and vary the scenery in which you film your videos.

4. Enough can’t be said about having a smile and a passionate delivery when you film your videos. You don’t need to be over the top, but have some excitement in your voice with some smiles mixed in from time to time.

Good luck in your video production efforts for your home based business!

Now when you connect video with an online marketing funnel your results will be significant.

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Blog Tutorial – How To Create A Blog

A blog is a personal journal that you update online
frequently and the author points to other links to support
the author's commentary. Readers post comments on
the journal entries and this makes the blog interactive.
Readers can also subscribe to blogs using Really Simple
Syndication (RSS).

Brainstorm ideas on paper. Find topics that interest you
like karate, dancing or fish to name a few examples. An
example of a good niche is product reviews of digital
cameras. Preferably choose an idea that you already know a
lot about. You can use the Overture Inventory Tool or
Wordtracker to find words that get traffic from search
engines with little or no competition and write content
using these keywords.

I suggest using the two main types of software for creating
blogs Blogger or WordPress. I recommend Blogger if you
starting out on the internet as it is very simple. If you
want more features use WordPress. You may want to hire a
professional to set it up for you and do your layout of
your blog as it it can get technically complicated to work
with. I recommend registering your own domain and signup
for your own web hosting to publish your blog to. If you
decide to choose the hosted blog on Blogger and WordPress
and you migrate to your own domain once you become well
established this will cause you to lose your search engine

You can use Technorati tags to tag your posts. This will
allow you to dominate niche conversations. You can also use
Social bookmarking services like Addme to generate code to
install on your website that will allow your visitors to
tag your posts thus creating popularity for them on social
bookmarking sites and giving you backlinks.

You can use Google AdSense to monetize your blog. Use
different layouts to test which generates the most income
for you. You can also use affiliate links related to your
article. If you offer a blog on a highly technical subject
like digital cameras you can also use Chitika eMiniMalls.

You can market your blog in the following ways. Submit your
blog to blog carnivals. These blogs host a carnival
featuring blogs related to a niche. You will also receive
backlinks from these and this will boost your link
popularity. You can use a service like Onlywire which
creates a link in your toolbar that allows you to submit a
blog post to several social bookmarking sites at once
allowing you to get visitors from many different websites.
Submit your blog to the most popular blog directories and
also the rss directories.

Master these basics and you can build a successful blog. If
you build a number of blogs you can ever turn this
into a full time income.

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Choose Best Free Themes for WordPress Websites and Blogs

Designing your personal blog with the help of free themes for WordPress websites will prove to be more beneficial for sure. Faster responsive themes, which adapt to your personalized website readily, are the most needed feature in the first place. Projecting a professional look from such themes will prove to be even more useful from a business perspective. Creative programmers with several years of robust experience will be working upon such themes to produce the best results.

Free themes for WordPress blogs too are helpful for the professionals, in case they would like to explore unique features as per their requirement. SEO friendly features are included because of which ranking the concerned blogs upon the search engine list will be possible from various prospects. Creating best blogs with the consideration of maximum concepts is ensured by the dedicated programmers, along with all those features that are to be made available as per the user requirements. Top themes meant for the creation of most useful concepts too will prove to be highly valuable.

Maximum business advantage can be obtained using free themes for WordPress websites, with the scope for increased flexibility. Choosing the most precise concepts on the basis of WP themes too will be possible at a later point of time. Appealing designs with the best choice of website concepts are known to offer increased flexibility for the programmers in an extensive manner. Eventually, this will be helpful in enhancing the website accessing features in precisely the same way as needed.

Increased responsiveness from the free themes for WordPress blogs will ensure that the business performance standards are increased to a maximum extent. Customers get to access the information they need in a user friendly manner. Featured menus, along with the creation of new ones in a dynamic fashion are realized without disturbing the actual design of the websites. Experienced programmers are known to make maximum use of the available standards in this regard.

Website designing is now an effortless activity with optimum creativity included, because of the improved performance from the free themes for WordPress websites as per the requirements. Unique features are included in the case of diverse website concepts, which are included in accordance with the latest standards as per the current situations prevalent in the industry. High quality themes with ultimate responsiveness will prove to be most essential, as far as the latest organizational requirements are considered.

Professional bloggers will be able to organize their blog posts in an extensive manner with the consideration of Free themes for WordPress blogs as per the requirement. Experienced WP programmers are known to create, design and publish the latest set of themes on the basis of current requirements of the bloggers from contrasting backgrounds of their profession. More specifically, it is because of those themes, which you cannot afford to overlook, the ultimate online user experience is possible. Scoring more upon the search engine list is something that is followed in the aftermath due to the perfect realization of multiple themes in an exclusive manner.

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How Can I Make Money by Blogging?

Many of us have started our genealogy blogs because we either wanted to document our journey of finding our roots or we wanted to make sure others in our family could access and benefit from our recent discoveries.

Over time, including seeing a proliferation of blogs (which is natural – most geneabloggers end up with more than one blog), some of us wonder if we can somehow bring in a little income with our blogs. And many experienced geneabloggers might say, "That's what you'll get – a little income."

Here is an overview of methods – some easier than others – for you to use if that is your desire. One point of caution: many readers and potential visitors to your blog may be turned off by overt advertising or methods you might use to bring in some money. As a blog owner you need to understand your audience and decide how you want to handle potential negative feedback.


Although the payrate for "click advertising" where readers click on ads that take them to the advertiser's site is low, many of us do include either specific genealogy-related ads (such as Ancestry, footnote, etc.) or we use Google AdSense to deliver targeted advertising based on blog content and keywords.

One of my favorite blogs about "the biz" of blogging is ProBlogger with great ideas about every aspect of blogging including how to monetize your blog.


There are a myriad of affialiates programs available to bloggers, the most notable being Amazon Associates. The Amazon program allows you to display items of possible interest to your audience and if they click the Amazon ad and follow through with a purchase you can get paid a commission on the item.

Amazon Associates Program

footnote Affiliates Program

Write Articles

One way to generate some traffic to your blog and hopefully to your advertisements is to do some article writing. By this I mean writing an article for an online publication and drive traffic by linking from those articles back to your blog.

One method is to post at one of the top article directories available on the Web such as EZine Articles.

Some Advice

If you decide to incorporate any of these methods, you will need to focus on increasing traffic to your blog. Miriam at AnceStories has a great series of posts entitling Getting More Traffic To Your Blog which every geneablogger should review.

Also, especially new bloggers, be judicious in who you select to affiliate with or use for advertising – after all it does serve as a reflection on your blog

And avoid come-ons from emails or sites that ask you to pay a monthly fee to bring in revenue and traffic to your blog. Most of these are "fly-by-night" organizations and they are the only ones profitting from the "pay to play" arrangement.

© 2009, copyright Thomas MacEntee

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Affiliate Marketing – How To Use Blogs To Make Money

Blogs can offer you a great opportunity to make more money from the internet. There are many people earning a full time income just from blogging. The great thing about blogs is that you do not even need your own domain name because you can get a blog for free at many places like Blogger and Yahoo 360.

A blog is simply like an online diary and should contain your honest opinions and views on certain topics you decide to write about. The best approach is to create one or a handful at most of blogs and then focus on adding the best and most useful content you can find. Remember that the content is one of the main keys to the success of your blog.

The first step is to decide the topic of your blog. Of course you want to stay in a niche that has many potential buyers and searchers. It is important to do your keyword research so make sure you are using a tool like the free overture keyword tool to check the number of searches for the main keywords in your niche. If there are over sixty to seventy thousand searches in a month then the niche may be profitable.

Once you have found a niche the next step is to select a name for your blog. If this is your first blog then use the Blogger platform since it is owned by none other than Google themselves so it is a great blogging service. Pick a name that is keyword rich, target the main keyword in your niche, this will help you to rank better for that keyword. The next step is to pick a template. Try to select one that is as unique as possible however do not worry too much about the template.

If you want you can customize your template and add a header image if you like by editing the html of the template. This is often a good idea since it will separate your blog from every other one and help to make it look unique. Photoshop is a great tool to help you create great headers, you can download a free trial from their site and make sure to learn from the vast array of free tutorials that are available on the internet that can show you how to make great looking header graphics.

The next step is to create content for your blog. Make sure that your content is as unique as possible. If you like you can add articles from article directories but do not rely on them solely. The best way to create content is to become like a researcher and learn all you can about your niche. Truly become an expert that people can rely on and trust. This will help you to create great posts that are also original. Learn from other experts in your niche and read their articles and visit their sites to learn more.

When using blogger it is best to not make more than 1 quality post per day otherwise you may get flagged for spamming. The best way to promote your blog without spending money on advertising is probably article marketing. You need to write quality articles on your niche around 650 words and submit them to major article directories like EzineArticles. Also add your blog to as many link directories as possible.

You can even use article submission services to automate the submitting process since it can get tedious. This way you can focus on writing good quality articles instead of spending hours submitting them. Add 1 new post per day and continue promoting via articles to build greater web presence for your blog. Have patience and give your blog at least six months to grow and mature. Add affiliate links to the side of your blogs or at the bottom of your posts.

In time your blog may rank well in the search engines and you could receive very good levels of free traffic which you can then further monetize with AdSense too. The key to all of this is consistency so keep at it and put the effort in that is necessary to make it work.

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Learn How To Make Money Blogging The Real Way

Is Making Money With Blogs Even Worth Considering?

There's been a lot of buzz lately about making money with blogs. Obviously, there has been success among some people, while others continue to fail over and over again. At this point, the ones who have been successful will, of course, continue to blog; while the other less fortunately ones must now move on and try conquer another way to make money from home.

But, the question still remains, does not it?

Is there a concrete approach to making money with blogs?

When blogging first came on the scene, the intention was not for folks to start earning an income. Blogs were primarily used for voyeuristic purposes, like public journals, in a sense. Many bloggers reviewed movies, music and products, but rarely for a profit. The main idea was to write about things you enjoy and then sharing with a wide audience. Blogging was also an avenue for budding unpublished writers to expose their work.

Making money with blogs was never the intention.

Of course, things have changed now. Hosted blog sites like WordPress and Blogger have made it possible for the average blogger to add widgets. Widgets allow you to basically add any type of monetization code to your site; this makes it profitable.

Sounds easy, right?

It sounds easy, but not quite. But, if you are willing to put in the time and brain power required to learn the correct techniques for blog monetization, you can make lots of money blogging. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

There's one golden rule, though. And I'll tell you right here and now exactly what it is.

Do not let making money with your blog become your number one objective.

If you turn out your blog pushing each single product under the sun, you will not catch your visitor's attention.

Information overload, unfortunately, is a major turn-off.

Instead of going for the affiliate marketer of the year award, try to connect with your readers on a personal level. Start channeling the matrix and think outside the box. Write about things you love, new things you might have recently learned about, trending topics, news, weather patterns, whatever floats your boat.

The main idea is to settle on a topic and position yourself as the go-to blog to read interesting articles on this topic. Develop a blog following by engaging with your readers. Give away free ebooks on relevant topics as an incentive for readers subscribing to your blog.

There are so many ways to monetize your blogs. And I'm not just talking about sponsored sidebar ads.

I mean sure, you make some money with Google AdSense, but you always one to include at least one monetizing link on your blog.

There are plenty of affiliate marketplaces that you can join that will allow you to make money in as many niches as you think of.

If you are blogging about your favorite brand of lawnmowers, Amazon would be a great place to look for that product recommend it on your blog.

Here are some things to consider when you decide to give making money with blogs a shot.

1. Making money with blogs is a learning process. It will not occur in the blink of eye. It will take time. On the contrary to what you might have been told before: there is no magic button.

2. The more income you want to create, the more content you have to create. Creating content is really not as hard as it looks. If you decided to make money blogging, it's most likely because you enjoy writing. If writing is not up your alley, unless you have bucks to shell out for copywriters, you might want to seek other ways to make money online. I'm just being honest.

3. If you have no clue as to how to have your blog indexed and ranked by the major searches, you might want to start a search on SEO training.

I'll tell you what worked for me. I was taught by an expert. Not a self-made guru trying to make millions off of blogging newbies. I was fortunately enough to find a platform in which it's creater, Dan Miller (a really great, down to earth man) reveals SEO strategies and techniques that the average joe do not have access to.

Remember, the guru bloggers do not want you to know anything of what Dan teachers. Making money with blogs is not impossible. Do not let them fill your head-up with hot air.

I hope this article has helped you come to your own conclusion when it comes to making money by blogging.

For related articles I wrote on this topic, click here!

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Five Great Blog Ideas for the Newbie

Blogging is a great way to share your ideas, interests, etc. However, not everyone is too keen about making that first step and getting a domain and hosting service because in reality, it's difficult to conceptualize a blog if you're just starting out. Read on to find out how to come up with blog ideas that work like magic.

1. Write about your interests. If your editorial calendar is quite ambitious, make sure to write about your interests and not some "popular" topic that you think people will read about. Your personality will stand out better if you write things that are familiar or activities and hobbies that are second-nature to you. It is also much quicker to come up with topics about things that you already know. So avoid tiresome material and go with what you love to talk about and your thoughts will certainly flow smoothly.

2. Invite guest writers. Knowing a popular writer or blogger to guest post on your blog is a great way to attract new readers to your site. Ideally, you should invite guest bloggers / writers who are authorities of your chosen topic / s. This will lend additional credibility to your blog and content. So do not hesitate to send out invitations to your potential guests. Who knows, their popularity may rub off a little and improve your blog readership.

3. Interview SOMEBODY. Interview "somebody" about a current "hot" topic, and by "somebody", I mean someone who has authority or is a major influencer who can talk about a particular issue or idea that you want people to know about.

4. Contests and coupons. Break the monotony by holding exciting contests once in a while. Readers love a good challenge and this is a great way to interact with them and get them to subscribe to your blog. Rewarding your readers is an excellent way to keep them coming back. Make sure to give away freebies or coupons that they will be interested in.

5. Recycle content . Spin, rewrite, recycle. Whatever you call the process, it is NOT bad to talk about the same topic again sometimes in the future. However, make sure to keep recycled content at a good distance from the original and write it in such a way that it is not similar to what you have previously written. Blogging platforms have tools that you can use to measure how many readers like articles / blog entries. Recycle popular content if you think that it describes another round of attention from readers.

These are five things that you can do to spice up your blog. Remember, do not overthink when looking for ways to fill up your editorial calendar. Just think of a problem that needs a solution, chances are that a number of people are looking for answers to that same problem. Your readers will find your blog relatable if you write about issues that normal people encounter on a daily basis.

Take your time when writing content and building your blog. Blogging and content creation is not a race, but it is more like a test of endurance and the best blogger is one who ends up writing and updating the longest.

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Are You Considering WordPress For Your Blog Or Website?

More and more people are switching to WordPress, while others are wondering why. If you are considering changing or starting one, then you will enjoy learning the advantages.

Do you hate programming?

When the Internet first became popular, websites require extensive use of HTML and other programming knowledge. Many beginners would take a look at the long lengths of code and quickly turn away deciding this was not for them. Things have changed a lot.

Many people now use WordPress because programming knowledge is not required. There are people who have no programming education yet they use this program daily.

What if you need something different?

To say WordPress is versatile is an understatement. People have used it as a blog format for years. Yet people are starting to move their websites to this easy to use program. Others are finding that for Content Management Systems, this is the new way to go.

Sites that have forums have already found it is now a good format to use. With recent developments of powerful new membership plugins, even Membership sites are starting to switch. Both forums and membership sites have found the easy of use is great for both the owners and the visitors.

What are Plugins?

Speaking of Plugins, these handy micro programs can be uploaded and added to your WordPress site to create even more diversity and adapt it even further. There are plugins that help your website do even more, or bring in more visitors. Add plugins into your sidebar and your visitors can see an event calendar, archive list, connect with your other readers and follow recent comments.

Is it easy to use?

Perhaps this should have been the first thing mentioned, but you already realized that by all the above advantages. WordPress has taken away the fear and hesitancy felt by many, and turned it into joy. This simple blog format has changed the way websites around the world are run with its low learning curve.

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How to Add ShareThis to Your WordPress Blog

ShareThis is a vital tool allowing visitors to share your blog posts and web pages with 2 simple clicks. The blog graphic and beginning lines of the web page or blog post will show up on Facebook profiles, MySpace and many more social networking sites. ShareThis is free to download and quick to use.

First, go to and select the service you wish to use. I use both. One option is a browser toolbar that allows you to share great content from any web page you visit. You can choose the from Firefox or Internet Explorer versions. Downloading takes less than a minute. You'll need to restart your browser to see the toolbar appear.

The second choice puts a ShareThis icon on your web page or blog post, inviting visitors to share with their friends. This option is called ShareThis for Publishers. There are variations for WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, and a generic version. Once you choose your application, you'll go to an instruction page. Unfortunately, the instructions there are outdated.

Here's how to get where you want to go:

1. Register to receive your reports by clicking the link and adding your email address.

2. Customize your icon settings by choosing whatever you want a simple green symbol or a rotating image that shows all the social networks you can share to. I chose the simple one because moving objects on a page are annoying to me. Then you can choose the tabs that will appear when your icon is clicked. You can just leave those checked and move down to Choose Your Social Web Services for 20 or 36 different social networking sites.

3. Get your code by clicking the button that says, "Copy to Clipboard."

To add the icon as a widget in the right column of your WordPress blog:

1. Go to your WordPress blog and log in to the admin area.

2. Click on Design.

3. Go to Widgets.

4. Go down the left column to Text and click Add.

5. A new Text bar will appear at the bottom of your widget column to the right.

6. Click Edit on that bar.

7. Paste the HTML code for the ShareThis application into the Text Box and click Change.

8. Drag the text box toward the top of your widget list so the icon will be readily visible.

9. Click Save

To add the ShareThis icon at the bottom of an individual post like this one (my preference):

1. Go to your WordPress blog and log in to the admin area.

2. Click on Write.

3. Paste the ShareThis code into the body of the blank blog post

4. Type ShareThis Code in the header line.

5. Click Save.

Now the code is in your draft box, available for you to cut and paste it into any blog post you'd like to promote.

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Blogger Vs WordPress – Which Should You Choose?

If you’ve been on the internet for any length of time, then you’ve certainly run across many blogs. Maybe you’ve even read a few blogs consistently. You might be thinking that starting a block could be a great asset for your business. It could help you to connect with customers, share information about new products or services, and enable you to do some free or low-cost advertising. If you’ve gotten this far in the thought process, you’ve probably realized that there are two basic options when it comes to blogging. You can choose to use Blogger, which is owned by Google. Or, you can choose to blog using WordPress, which is open source software. Each of these choices has advantages and disadvantages, but as usual one comes out ahead when you consider all of the factors involved.

Like everything else that Google touches, Blogger has been instrumental in bringing a practice that was the privy of the technologically savvy into the mainstream. In this case it is the habit of keeping an online journal. Blogger’s advantages are that it is extremely easy to use and very quick to set up. Because it is owned by Google, Blogger integrates well with the full line of Google applications. You can add your blog link to your Google Chrome page, add it to your bloglines feed, and find all sorts of add ons that help blogger to run better and do more things. Google has kept up well with the newest waves of technology and now allows you to purchase your own domain name for $10 per year and host your blog on your own domain name. This is obviously more professional-looking than having and is an automatic choice for most business-minded bloggers. Although the option for using your own domain name does bring Google back into the mainstream, most people consider a Blogspot blog to be less professional-looking than a WordPress blog.

Unless you are very interested in having your blog integrated with other features of your Google account, WordPress is probably the platform that you will want to use for your business blog. Because WordPress is open-source software it is constantly updated. The basic code is very light, and the flexibility is in the add-ons that can help your WordPress blog do almost anything you could possibly want. WordPress prides itself on being easy to install and brags that you can have a blog up and running in just 5 minutes. Even if you opt to pay for a domain name and web hosting WordPress makes this easy by recommending several well known hosting services. There are a multitude of templates available so that you can make your blog look exactly the way you want it to.

If you’re considering starting a blog to promote your business, you’ve probably realized that the choice mostly comes down to using Blogger or WordPress. Blogger is a great option for beginners since it now offers the option of registering your own domain name. However for flexibility, professionalism, and ease of use WordPress still comes out on top.

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