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Affiliate Marketing Tips – Making Projections

A question I get asked a lot is this one. “How much can I make selling a particular product?” While there is no way to absolutely project income from affiliate sales, there are some things that you can do to get a fairly decent handle on what you can expect to come in. This article is going to go over a few of the things that I do in order to estimate how much I can expect to make from an affiliate promotion. Hopefully, you will find these helpful.

First thing I do is take a look at the price of the product and the commission percentage. If a product is selling for $47 and has a commission percentage of 60%, that means that for every sale that you make, you’re going to get about $28.20. For me personally, I won’t sell an item unless I make at least $25 per sale. Of course this is just a personal preference. You need to do what you feel is best for you. If that means you won’t sell anything that pays less than $100 per sale, so be it.

Next thing I do is take a look at the sales page. After a while, you can get a pretty decent idea of how well a sales page is going to convert. Forget about listening to merchant claims. You really have to take them with a grain of salt. A well written sales page with all the “necessary” ingredients, should convert at around 2%. That means in order to make one sale, you need to get 50 people to that sales page. So the only thing left in the equation is estimating traffic. That’s the hard part.

I estimate my traffic as follows. If I’m using pay per click and my costs are 10 cents per click (the most I will pay for a keyword) then I know that 50 clicks will cost me $5. That means that for every sale I make of $28.20, I’m netting $23.20. I can live with that. But how many clicks will I get in a day? The only way to determine that is to run your campaign for a few days and see. If I find I’m getting an average of 100 clicks a day, that means I’m spending $10 a day or $300 a month. However, I’m also making two sales a day or 60 sales a month. At $28.20 per sale, that’s $1,692 a month. Take out the $300 expenses and that’s $1,392 a month net.

What if I’m using article marketing? In that case, I’ll write an article on the subject, submit it to directories and see how many views I get per day for the article and how many clicks on those views. If I find that I am getting 100 views a day and 30 clicks per day, then that means at the end of the month, I’ll have 900 clicks through each article I submit. That’s 18 sales per month for each article. That means each article generates me $507.60. If I want to earn $3,000 a month promoting this product, then I have to submit about six articles.

Naturally, some articles will perform better than others and as I said, this isn’t a fool proof method. However, it will give you some idea of what you can expect to earn from the product you’re promoting.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

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How Does Affiliate Marketing Work? 6 Simple Steps to Get Started Today!

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money from home. Let us have a look at what exactly affiliate marketing is and the steps it involves.

Several merchants online need people to promote their products. When you promote a certain product in such a way that it leads to a sale, you earn a commission. This relationship between the merchant and the affiliate marketer is mutually beneficial and is referred to as affiliate marketing. The merchant is bale to sell his product without putting in any effort and you don’t have to create a product or a niche market for it. In simple words, you make money for recommending a product.

Some people are not able to make money through this method because they jump into it thinking that it is easy and they will be able to manage everything. However, it is not enough to have an overview of the process; you must know the basics of how affiliate marketing does work?

Affiliate marketing involves 6 simple steps:

1. The first most important is finding an online marketplace. There are several affiliate-marketing programs available on the Internet. You can select the affiliate program based on the type of products it deals with and the mode of payment (commission or fixed rate). Different affiliate networks have different commission rates. In addition, make sure that the online marketplace offers help and support to affiliates.

2. The second step is signing up on the website for the program. When you register on the website, you are given a unique affiliate ID that is used to monitor the sales you make.

3. The third step is the selection of products to promote. This is a very crucial step and to help you select a product websites have several tools.

4. Once you have selected the product you want to promote, you have to start promoting it using various tools. You can create a website or a blog, post articles on websites, circulate newsletters, send emails, use PPC, search engine optimize your website and try several other techniques.

5. The fourth step is where the customer purchases the products through your link. The affiliate website keeps a track of how many sales you make via your affiliate ID.

6. In the final step, you earn your commission for selling the product. The company may either send you a check or wire the amount directly into your bank account.

Finding the correct online affiliate marketplace and the product to promote are the most important considerations. If you go wrong here, your online venture may not be profitable. It is important to be persistent and not give up, even if, some of your products don’t give you profits initially. Affiliate marketing, like any other business, requires dedication and hard work.

If you use your resources well, you can easily make money through affiliate marketing. Thousands of people around the world are earning money as affiliates and more are joining them everyday. If you are good at it, you can earn a living solely by doing affiliate marketing.

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Good Affiliate Marketing Tips – 2 Cost Saving Tips to Get More Affiliate Cash

Most people who started this affiliate marketing business will want to get the most profits with the lowest possible cost. In order to do this, you will need to have the right knowledge that you will know how to do it correctly. Besides having the correct knowledge, you will also have to invest your time to implement these strategies. Here are the 3 cost saving tips that you can use to get more affiliate cash.

The 1st tip is to make your marketing tool as viral as possible. This will ensures that you will be able to get lifetime benefits for the one time work that you have done. When you have written articles and submitted to the top article directories, your content will be syndicated and get distributed all over the internet. As more people will make use of your articles on their own website, your article will have the viral effect as you will get more traffic when more people distribute your articles around the internet. You can also create report and have give away rights so that people can freely distribute the report which get more traffic to your website.

The 2nd tip is to focus on onsite and offsite SEO. For onsite SEO, you will want to put the keywords that you are targeting on your website intelligently. Be aware that the only party that will comes to your website and purchase your recommended product is the real human being. You must make sure that the content that you put on your website is readable by human. Besides onsite SEO, you must also factor in the offsite SEO which is to build backlinks to your website. The easiest approach is to make good use of article marketing as you will naturally build backlinks and drive traffic to your website at the same time.

These are the 2 effective tips that you can use to grow your business to the next level. It will be worth your time to put in the effort to implement the strategies as these are long term strategies that will bring long term traffic to your website.

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Affiliate Marketing Plan For Success

If you desire to make money online as an affiliate marketer, you first need an affiliate marketing plan for success. There are many affiliate marketing resources and great opportunities available, but you need to have the proper mindset and goals set before you even begin.

Most people fail at affiliate marketing and internet marketing in general because they have no plan, no goals and no strategies other than the fact that they want to make money online. Going in head first is kind of like diving into the deep end when you don’t know how to swim. You either learn how to tread water very quickly or you sink. Developing a plan that will work for you will bring in the bucks a lot faster than the trial-and-error method.

What’s the Plan?

We all know that the ultimate goal of affiliate marketing it to make a sale, but how do you do that? How do you make traffic come to your page? What are the best products? What are the best companies? What products are selling?

These are all questions that should have been answered before you started your website or before you signed up with the affiliate marketing networks. Most people who fail start searching the affiliate programs, find a product, sign up and throw the product up on their website and wait…and wait…and wait.

First, you need to look at the market. It makes no sense trying to sell seeds in the desert. You need to find out what people are looking for. Google Trends is a great place to start. It will show you exactly what the top searches are. You can look for things in your every day travels, on television or just by listening to what people are talking about. Even with the tough economy, people will spend money on things they need, so find something that is a necessity. Since people are often seeking a solution to a problem, you be that solution and you will be successful with your internet business.

Do Your Homework

Research is mandatory; there’s no getting around it. Find out what problems people have, what people are looking for, and what the solutions are to common problems. It doesn’t have to be a physical product, if could be information. Let’s say someone has acne. We all know that’s not pleasant and no one wants acne. So what if you had a solution: an e-book with home remedies to cure acne overnight. Do you think they will buy it? Sure they will.

By taking the time to create a solid plan for your affiliate marketing business, you can be certain that you will receive visitors because your product is something that people are searching for. Now it’s up to you to create an inviting page compelling enough to convince them to buy.

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Affiliate Marketing Tips – Surviving the Economic Meltdown

Okay affiliate marketers, listen up. You’ve probably noticed lately that you’re not making as many sales as you used to, that’s if you were making any sales at all. Well, it’s no secret that the world economy is having a meltdown and people are holding onto their money. Fortunately, I haven’t been hit as hard by this as others simply because I have my act together. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for over five years and know how to drain every last drop out of the well. In this article, I am going to give you some tips that will help increase your sales during these difficult times.

Let’s start off with the most important tip of all…giving value. When you’re competing with other affiliate marketers for the public’s hard earned dollars, you have to give more than the other affiliates are willing to give. So, what I do, and this works very well, is I offer a bonus to anybody who purchases an affiliate product from me and NOT from John Doe. It doesn’t have to be the greatest thing since sliced bread but it does have to be valuable and something that will complement the product. Doing this will increase sales. I can almost guarantee it.

Another thing you can do to increase your sales during this difficult time is to spend more money. That’s right. Not less, more. See, advertising is a strange thing. The more of it you do, the more sales you make IF you’re selling a proven product. It’s just a question of the numbers. If you’re already doing PPC and your budget is $10 a day, increase it to $20 a day. You’re still going to achieve the same conversion rate so the sales will now come in faster instead of slower. Now granted, this all depends on how good the product is that you’re selling…which leads to the final tip.

Make sure what you’re selling is a proven seller. There are a lot of products out there that aren’t doing squat, either because the products are not sought after or the sales pages don’t do a good job of selling them. So make sure you have a winner on your hands and not a loser to begin with. Otherwise, you’re just throwing your money away…no matter how much you’re spending.

Believe it or not, you CAN survive this economic meltdown if you promote wisely.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

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Affiliate Marketing Strategies – How to Get More Affiliate Sales to Boost Profits

Many affiliates will like to know the secrets of how to get most affiliate sales that they can get more profits. The honest fact is that there are no way that you can get more sales without investing your time and money into your business. If you are going to think that this model can get you rich fast, then this model is not suitable for you. But if you are willing to commit your time to work this business, here are the 2 highly effective strategies that you can use to boost your profits.

The 1st strategy that you can use is to make sure that you grow your own list of subscribers from day 1. This is very important as you should have heard many people mentioning that the money is in the list. You will want to build up your own list, communicate with them consistently so that you will be able to build a good relationship with them. Most customers will only purchased products from someone that they have a good relationship with. Ensure that you give them quality values and they will reciprocate back by purchasing the products that you are promoting.

The 2nd strategy that you can use is to track the sales conversion of the affiliate product that you are promoting. The first thing that you can do is to contact the merchant as ask the merchant the sales conversion of the product. You will want to go for products which have at least 1% in sales conversion. If you are able to find another product which has 2% in conversion, you will want to promote that as this means that you will be able to get double more sales from the same number of traffic that you send to your offer. You will want to at least check the number of sales that you have for every 100 visitors that you drive to the offer.

Here are the 2 highly effective strategies that you can use to grow your affiliate sales. Do apply it to your own online business as it works very well if you do it correctly. Start taking action today and get more profits.

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How to Write a Simple Special Report For Affiliate Marketing

After reading up many affiliate marketing websites and online forums saying so much good about having a simple special report, you are convinced this is something you must do next. How do you go about writing such a special report?

Your Domain Name

You do need a domain name and hosting account so that your special report has to place to go. In most cases writing a report comes after your website has already been set up so this usually is not an issue.

Make It Attractive and Useful

As the name implies, your report that you are going to create is special so make it useful and unique to your readers. Take some time to think of a very interesting topic that is something you want to teach them.

Do Quick Research

Once you have determined your topic for your report, you should now do a quick research whether there is any demand for this report and specifically what you are giving away. A good place to find this out is by visiting some of your favorite online forums specific to your industry.

Keyword Research

Your report should contain certain keywords which you would have used in your sales page or your affiliate marketing website or contents found on your blog posts. A good special report has to be well optimized to reach out to your targeted audience.

Provide a Solution

It is important that you make sure that your special report discusses and provides a solution to a problem. This problem should be of some significance to a good number of people that you have found in your research.

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What Does It Really Take To Succeed In Affiliate Marketing?

Though affiliate marketing can provide many benefits as in earning unlimited income and flexibility on managing your time, spending more time with your loved ones and enjoying life, they will only happen if you know what and how to do it correctly.

Because if you don’t, you could end up in square one and the sad fact is that when people are in that situation, they gave up their dream of achieving financial freedom and internet lifestyle and go back to their 9 to 5 jobs.

Even sadder is that when they become parents and their children want to be entrepreneurs, they objected exactly the same way their parents did. Hence becoming an obstacle to what their children want to do rather than helping them.

Having watched webinars of various successful internet marketers such as John Thornhill whom I subscribed to regularly, these are the important things you need to know and implement if you are serious about achieving success in affiliate marketing and live the life you want instead of just daydreaming.

1. Having The Right Mindset

This is by far the most important of all.

Most people want to make money but they have the wrong mindset in regards to the process of doing so.

They see internet businesses as get rich quick ways like lottery and betting.

Just because they see other marketers earn thousands and millions in their salesletters and videos, they have the misperception that if they signed up for their courses, they will earn the same amount by tomorrow or in a week or month.

Because that is what most hyped up salesletters and videos say.

But if you are a mature adult and entrepreneur, you know as well as I do that is not going to happen. Like any businesses, you need a lot of dedication, hard work and effort to get to where you want to be.

And if they don’t earn, they will either give up or signed up for another course with the same mentality.

2. Stop Buying One Internet Marketing Course After Another

That brings me to the second point.

That was also my mistake when I first got started online. It is also what I defined as Newbie Trap or Shiny Object Syndrome.

What they do is signed up for a course and tried out for a while say 1 or 2 weeks or just 2-3 days. And if they don’t make money, they bought another program.

And this trend could continue and do more harm as they spend more and more money without making any in the long run.

If you are a complete newbie in starting your online business, you should read again and take note of this so that you will not fall into the same trap which could ruin you as it had for others financially and emotionally.

3. Investing Into Your Internet Business

As much as it is important not to earn your hard-earned money buying one internet course after another, it is just as important to invest into your internet business.

In contrary to what most average and lower income earners especially family and friends, one thing I like you to know – according to what I learn from my mentor friend and Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad – is that there is a difference between spending and investing.

To put it simply in internet marketing, if you buy courses after courses just to learn everything without taking action to achieve success, you are spending your money for nothing.

But if you put your money into one proven course or system by a marketer who has succeeded in what you want to accomplish and genuinely want to help you as well as tools like autoresponder, domains and web hosting, you are investing your money into what can make you more money in the long run.

Just like you have an office, shop or cafe for offline businesses, you need those things for your online business as well to grow your income and customer database aka subscriber lists.

The only difference is while offline businesses require thousands of dollars in capital, you only need 20 to 30 bucks to start an online business.

4. Follow Instructions And Do The Necessary Things

Just because you have taken the first step to signing up for a course by proven mentor, it does not mean you are on track to achieve your ideal income and lifestyle.

Another most important thing is to be able to follow your mentor’s instructions and do what is necessary to accelerate your success.

In order to do that, you need to forget and let go everything you need to know or think you know about making money online.


Because those things you learn and even implement so far does not really generate full time job replacing income into your bank account.

Moreover because your mentor has gone through various trial and errors and actually achieved success, he knows what is best for you and you to do what he says.

5. Staying Focused And Productive

As you are working on your own, it is very easy to get distracted by all kinds of things be it on-or-offline.

Unless those things help to generate thousands of dollars for you regularly, they are not really productive.

As your own boss, you should stay focused on the essential things that mattered. This is very important as it helps you to not only accomplish what you need to do faster but also sets a good example for you should you decide to hire people and run your own company.

6. Set Daily Schedule For Your Activities

This is another critical factor.

Besides working hard and being productive, you need to be able to do so in the least amount of time.

It does not make sense to spend 8 to even 20 hours of your time but not being able to achieve the results you should have as compared to what another people can in just 4 hours or less.

This is what I learn from reading a book called 4 Hour Work Week.

You need to set certain amount of time for each of your tasks aka your work and the time you need to spend with yourself and loved ones as well.

7. Stay Healthy

If you have to, turn off your computer for 2 or 3 days a week and engage in healthy activities like jogging, swimming and working out at the gym.

Also take note of what you eat as well as having a healthy and balanced diet are just as important for you to remain productive in your work.

8. Network With The People Around You

Besides families and friends, it is also essential to network with the people around you.

Besides socializing in sites like Facebook and iPhones which everyone does these days, you need to go out and connect with people.

Although you can research on your niche and target market, nothing beats communicating with real people and hearing what they have to say.

Especially those in your niche.

You can take part in your local community club activities and events such as the ones in Meetup whereby people either conducted or joined outdoor group activities to get to know new friends.

9. Giving Value To Others

Zig Ziglar once said: You Can Have Everything You Want In Life If You Helped Enough People To Get What They Want.

This is especially true when it comes to running internet business.

You see, most people get into these just to make money for themselves.

However one thing I need you to take note of and understand is that as much as it is important to make money for yourself and loved ones and pay bills, it is just as important to give value to others.

As in what they can benefit from buying your products and services rather than your competitors.

According to what I learn from my Facebook friend and successful entrepreneur Sant Qiu, people don’t just buy products and services.

Besides buying based on their needs and wants, they buy from marketers they liked, trusted and saw as the go-to-person or consultant.

10. Keep It Short And Simple

Though there are many ways to make money, you do not need to learn and know everything to make money.

What you need is one way that you feel comfortable and confident with and stick to it until you are making enough money to replace your job income consistently and regularly.

Then you focused on other ways.

Makes sense?

Someone once told me in my early job interviews that it is better to be a master of one than to be a jack of everything and master of none.

Though there are many others, these are my 10 core factors on what it takes to succeed in affiliate marketing.

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Revealed – The Secrets of Affiliate Marketing Through Amazon Affiliate Links

The right type of marketing strategy is through the use of Amazon. This company has been around for a long time and has a great reputation. This is important when choosing a company to work with in this type of income producing venue. Having a name means more people are apt to purchase items through them when links are placed on your blog. It is also very easy to add these links when blogging. When working with this type of marketing strategy, you will be amazed at the increase in income when compared to the banner advertising you have been using.

To incorporate the Amazon affiliate links into your blog, you can add entries discussing the latest products and how great they are or how bad they might be. You can create a blog that offers reviews to the reader on the latest technology such as computer equipment, DVD’s, etc. The important thing is to add an affiliate link to the bottom of the blog that will lead to a specific product on that pertains to the entry.

You can also choose to write on celebrities or other important people the public is interested in. Again, add the link to the entry. Blogging can be fun and still be profitable. Take for instance the use of stories about your vacation or life and the products you use each day. If your kids love to play Nintendo, talk about this but add the Amazon affiliate links for the Nintendo. Simple is it not?

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7 Tips to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer

Ideas on How to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing, over the years, has become more sophisticated. New strategies are developed and more ways are now available for marketers to be successful. Unfortunately, new and aspiring marketers get in the game with lots of enthusiasm only to have their hopes dashed. To avoid joining their ranks, below are seven tips to help you find continuous success in the industry:

1. Set Concrete Marketing Goals

To be successful in any endeavor, you need to know what your goals are first and oremost. You need to be specific and not just say you want to earn thousands of dollars through affiliate marketing. Be specific. How much do you want? Is it $10,000, $20,000 or $100,000? Also set a deadline for attainment. Set the goal and make a detailed plan on how to achieve that.

2. Your Niche Matters

Once you know your goals, find a niche that you are passionate about, or at least a niche that you feel you could get passionate about.. It has to be something that you trust and will willingly promote. No matter how hot or how in demand your product is, if you don’t have enough enthusiasm to sell it, nothing will come of it. You need to find a good niche, focus your efforts, then promote and sell it well.

3. Know Your Product

Liking your niche or product is good but that’s just one aspect of affiliate marketing. To be truly successful, you have to know your product by heart. That way you can give your target market the right information to convince them to buy what you’re offering. This also means you need to continually learn about your niche so you can constantly provide information that will help solidify your authority and credibility.

4. All About the Mailing List

When starting as an affiliate marketer, one of the first things you need to think about is your email list. If you’ve stumbled upon statements that sound like “the money is in the list”, that’s completely true which is why you need to build your list from the start. Quality lists usually mean higher chances for conversions, a good sign that your marketing efforts are working. The best lists are comprised of quality people who are responsive to your offers.

5. Focus on Building Traffic

To be successful with affiliate marketing, you need to earn money. To earn money, you need a lot of visitors to your site. If your website has high targeted traffic, there is a greater likelihood for you to turn them into referrals. Building traffic, however, is always a challenge. It will take time and effort but it’s worth it in exchange for conversions.

6. Provide Quality Content

Another excellent strategy to attract visitors to your website is to give them quality content. Don’t add more junk to the web by posting content just for the sake of it. First time visitors are more likely to come back if you have something worth reading or following. It’s very important to give them something of value. It’s not just a great way to hook them but it will also build trust. Ideally you will provide the content via a blog platform such as provided by WordPress.

7. Keep Up With Changes

Affiliate marketing was not as ubiquitous as it is now. Since it started, numerous changes have come and gone. While old strategies still work, you should also welcome and embrace changes. You need to keep up with what’s happening so you can continue keeping your piece of this multi-million dollar industry.

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